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  1. xrpn.io will be upgraded this weekend. performing O.S. updates and backups right now. next step!
  2. thanks jn_r for that link I can see mine xrpn.io too using that validator link as verified dispite I can't see it at validator chart br
  3. Hello all! It's an easy question After configuring my rippled node two days ago and working now with an uptime of 19 hours I can see it up and running rippled-1.0.1at xrp charts It makes me happy to see it located on the map but despite I can geolocate right on Spain using the ip and web tools I can't see it on topology map. I've sent validation form yesterday and peer_private is configured by default 0 for broadcast I can't find more info regarding this topic. Do I have to configure something more? Thanks all!!
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