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  1. There already is a thread about this topic with the same link. Hard to miss actually.
  2. bartender

    JP Morgan Rumour?

    I don't know if the IcoJournal is a trustworthy site, but with rumours like these it's not unusual that when they hit streetlevel, what's actually happening is already a step further. i.e.: rumour about talks starting soon; but actually talks have already started.
  3. bartender

    Yahoo summit 14th of june

    Afaik these summits are for discussions (and pr, obviously), so don't expect a huge announcement.
  4. bartender

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Could I also get one, please? My last one was also denied unfortunately.
  5. bartender

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    What's going to happen?
  6. bartender

    Lurker joins

    I'm a long-time-lurker who finally joined the forum after about one year of lurking. Let's see where the xrprocket will take us, hopefully farther than the moon