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  1. I am no body language expert but watch how he looks toward the camera a second after mentioning Amazon. He knows what he is doing and saying.
  2. Koichiro Fukui was the Japanese Ambassador to Bulgaria between 2004 and 2007. Bulgarian Government holds the second largest stash of Bitcoin in the world. He has written papers concerning economic modelling for the World Bank. He is an independent director of San-In Godo bank which is part of the SBI conglomerate. Too many coincidences for me.
  3. I saw that. What was interesting is that in the exact same couple of days 2 other 'insiders' came out with exactly the same narrative - 'we are just having fun, we didnt think anyone would take us seriously'. In my opinion such insiders got rumbled and were warned/told to cover there tracks with these stories in order to prevent them being sued for breaking of NDA's. Believe me i am pessimistic and very pragmatic by nature and so not easily taken for a fool. However, the information that has been 'leaked' throughout 2018 is so specific it makes me take notice. I have not been able to find any information so far to the contrary.
  4. Hi guys, Long term XRP hodler and lurker, first post. Ok Kichiro Fukui. Does anybody follow him on Twitter? He claims to be an 'insider' and over the last six months has dropped a few clues and hints regarding what is going to happen. Unfortunately since his account is now private (since December) it has been difficult to get a rundown of these leaks. However, he was/is adamant that the price of XRP will leap to $50 in the blink of an eye (24 hours to be exact). Like many others he claimed this would happen by eoy 2018. I decided to do a little digging and i have found someone who fits the criteria perfectly. His name is Koichiro Fukui and he sits as an independent director on the board of San-In Godo Bank (part of the SBI group of banks). His resume is impressive to say the least - https://www.gogin.co.jp/www/contents/1000000044000/files/29_114c.pdf (go to page 9 for his bio). The point i am trying to make is does this person lend any credibility to the Kichiro Fukui Twitter opinions? Are they related at all? What are your thoughts?
  5. ..the date of which ties in nicely with this too... https://openid.net/2018/07/12/the-uk-open-banking-implementation-entity-adopts-the-openid-foundation-financial-grade-api-fapi-specification-certification-program/ Without being over optimistic I am too expecting some kind of positive price movement before the year ends.
  6. All I can find regarding an SEC decision on September 1st is regarding a BTC ETF. I cant see how that relates to XRP.
  7. Powered by Ripple...? Didn't someone say that like sending emails you don't need to know how SMTP works. Consequently someone sending large remittance cross border doesn't need a full understanding of Blockchain and ILP. Excuse my ignorance.
  8. Thanks guys. Roll on SBI VC and crypto regs hey.
  9. Hi folks, having just registered I thought it would be polite to introduce myself. I’m a 43 yo male from the UK who first bought BTC @ around £8.00 im 2012. If only I knew then hey....? I invested a considerable amount in May 2017 and have been riding the rollercoaster since. To date I am 55% XRP, 20% XLM, 10% ETH and then a few other speculative alts. I follow XRP community/development on a daily basis and in my opinion it is the strongest project out there. I’m here to learn more and contribute where I feel I can. I wish you all the best. Mark
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