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  1. What’s absolutely hilarious is I am still WAY UP in profit even today and I’m bitching bc XRP is an absolute dog, but you’re sinking in the red but defend it? It’s quite the conundrum for you mini...you defend your hopium.
  2. I’m not cashing out until this snail gets to $1.00...I appreciate the sage advice but my dca is $0.09, so thanks for your input. I’m just cathartically venting and I apologize if it gets anyone’s panties in a bunch, but if you no likey, ignore me. This da is just underwhelming 99% of the time.
  3. That sentiment lasted for 5 weeks and has been a complete dumpster fire since that tiny blip that everyone with hopium coursing thru their veins latches onto. THIS IS A STABLE COIN. Nothing more, nothing less. 1 YEAR AGO - NOW BTC $3.8k - $10.1k ETH $143 - $280 XRP $0.31 - $0.29 (WTF?) BCH $134 - $413 LTC $46 - $77 EOS $3.18 - $4.59
  4. Look at the total market cap then $129B vs $294B now and you’ll see the only interpretation is we’re getting passed by. We don’t move out of the third position only because of the extra 4 billion coins released from escrow which increases our market cap and holds XRP in that position while remaining grid locked between .28-.31 mf’king pennies. Ala stable coin at its finest.
  5. Would these prices from a year ago add more disbelief to your plight?
  6. Pretty demoralizing seeing the prices from a year ago...ETH up over $130 and BTC nearly $7k whilst our precious is relatively the same. Time to admit XRP is a stable coin. Completely wish I sold over half of my heavy bags and put it into ethereum. Anyone still holding on to get dumped on some more for the next 10-15 years?
  7. This DA is immature and preemptively unsure if it can or cannot be a a currency, bridge currency, or anything in between. Whichever it immolates, it is moot simply because it will be replaced in every regard by big gov. The wave this market has created is on notice and you are as well.
  8. I'm throwing a bone to investors of this DA and you mock...I put many thousands into this market when it was sub pennies and you act like you know what's what which is typical of your kind. Pop your head out and towel off the placenta from behind your ears kid, this is a warning shot to help people. The max derivative is 3.33333 and you need to know when to exit. Big GOV will not allow anything or company to control a currency, so get that out of your thick skull.
  9. Traffic is increasing yet the price continually drops systematically? Does this not register and/or compute with simplistic logic? David nosedives his sell-off without second thought as "Ripple" increases their customer base of now 300+? No TA will ever seize this complex modality and yet holders are foot the bill. Ripple has continually distanced themselves from their native "XRP asset" to prevent any future litigation from any and all investors. Simply put, we have been duped as fundraisers for Ripple to propagate their xCurrent utility software and nothing more. Prove this statement wrong.
  10. This is not “FUD,” it’s actuality, and when you stretch your imagination to match your dreams, it’s called something entirely different. (HOPIUM)
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