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  1. That wasn’t the Bitcoin symbol, it was for the Thai Baht,
  2. It’s so hard to stay on the sideline and decimate hopes and dreams but this “investment” will not be what you think. There’s hopes and dreams but then there’s reality. I can attest and assure you that XRP will flatline within five years close to the derivative of $3.333333 Within that market share Ripple will reach maximum velocity along with the re-occurring daily transactional use-case to remain not only effective, but elite in their “cornered” market. This is not “FUD,” it’s actuality, and when you stretch your imagination to match your dreams, it’s called something entirely different. Please make a plan and exit intermittently to cost propagate, but do not exit completely. Ripple needs your holdings to remain intact to uphold the highest standardized deviation until sell-off.
  3. Gotcha! I configured some numbers everyone should enjoy! How many zerps you’ll need to be a millionaire at $589 before (1,697.79) & after tax (2,122.25): 1,697.79 x $589 = $1M 2,122.25 x $589 = $1.25M - 20%(long term capital gain tax) = $1M This is so much fun! I hope everyone has fun with this and has a great weekend! And yes, I’m a blast at parties 😎 as I’m sure you are as well 😎
  4. So don’t make suggestions to have a spreadsheet that’s actually worth a damn or is that too serious for you?
  5. Thanks for the chart but can’t everyone do these simple calculations in their head? You also left out the tax implications on the investment along with long or short-term capital gains numbers.
  6. I hear 20k XRP could be life changing or wife changing, maybe both.
  7. Given this news is pretty dated, is anyone else a tad reserved on their price expectations for XRP? The daily volume has increased exponentially from 300M to 2B+ and price movement has fluctuated in both directions with a delta of +/- $0.05
  8. First purchased June 2017 "I'm still here since 4/5/2019"
  9. 2nd Quarter 2019: $0.42 USD 3rd Quarter 2019: $0.40 USD 4th Quarter 2019: $0.55 USD I'll go a step further for giggles and grins (or laughs): 1st Quarter 2020: $0.64 USD 1st Quarter 2021: $1.49 USD 2nd Quarter 2020: $0.60 USD 2nd Quarter 2021: $1.33 USD 3rd Quarter 2020: $0.75 USD 3rd Quarter 2021: $1.39 USD 4th Quarter 2020: $0.98 USD 4th Quarter 2021: $1.50 USD 1st Quarter 2030: $10.44 USD 2nd Quarter 2030: $10.52 USD 3rd Quarter 2030: $10.60 USD 4th Quarter 2030: $10.75 USD
  10. What's MC for this? Supply? #Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Change (24h) 67 NSD Nasdacoin $81,395,848 $4.38 $1,395,193 18,585,228 NSD 128.39%
  11. Anyone here tracking this movement of NSD??? I've never heard of it but even NOW in this red market, it is skyrocketing. If someone has insight to this please respond! It has risen from $0.11 in August to over $4.00+ in three months
  12. Would it be wise to convert a few thousand XRP that I can easily spare into XLM given it is the first token that shares a close utility to XRP that has been deemed a non-security? So far I am solely invested in XRP since early 2017 and have had a hard time justifying putting money into anything else, but with the link above, it shows a massive support for Stellar.
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