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  1. Think there is a good change we have hit bottom below 30 sats today and Altcoin season is around the corner. Bitcoin dominance is at a 19 month high just under 70% like just before the December 17 bullrun. Bitcoin looks like it will take a breather so Alts can take over for a while. Even Barry Silbert tweeted today that he thinks bottom is in and Altcoins season should start soon. And when he says that we should take notice. Cheer up things can only get better from here
  2. We are so close to a major rally...I think everyone must relax and buy some popcorn Looking back at the last bullrun in December 2017 bitcoin's rally was almost over before XRP started its own bullrun. Looks like to the whales run with bitcoin till the top and then pump into XRP and other ALTs to make some more money and run up their bull market. Look at the following charts, you will see what may be on the horizon when bitcoin loses steam and money gets pumped into XRP...On December 11th 2017 just before XRP started pumping it was @ 0.235 and BTC was close to $17500 already and topped out few days later. (Courtesy of Barcharts.com)
  3. The XRP/BTC chart setup also looks promising. If history repeats XRP will have a nice run soon.
  4. When looking at the ledger payment volume being at 683 million vs almost 1.1 billion XRP trade volume it looks like xrapid is in production atm.
  5. I like all the positivity after doom and gloom last few weeks but it is way too early to tell... Look at the daily chart and check wat happened middle August after price rebounded.
  6. Saying all the right things with so much confidence...he is still a brilliant ambassador for Ripple like main chief BG.
  7. Just an observation...XRP/ZB that was at 32% volume recently when XRP price drops occured are now down to 10% and Bitbank are in lead. Also volume are picking up. Really hope it spells we are turning to the upside and that the whales are done with their selling...
  8. What blows me away is the fact that he is part of Weiss ratings but did not know about all the pro's of XRP ? He had to be convinced by the XRP community...how can we take them serious.
  9. Dollar cost average your buys. For myself I did not expect XRP to drop below $0.42 after it held that support level after being tested many times...think we may have made lowest point now just above $0.40 but who knows in this manipulated market... One thing I know for sure at current price is a bargain and bear market can't continue indefinitely
  10. XRP had the biggest loss from ATH up to now that others in top 20 are overtaking us. XRP -88.79% Cardano -90.49% Tron -89.67% NEM -92.20% Dash -87.77% Zcash -94.34% VeChain -99.85%
  11. Other coins from top 20 have dropped more than XRP from the ATH now so XRP are holding up very well...
  12. How I see it they may check how the market reacts by how many people jump on the band wagon when they manipulate the price upwards. If there is not enough interest they may hold up for a while taken into account that this is just the start so most people haven't even noticed yet and real fomo will kick in at later stage.
  13. Whales are doing a run testing the waters...XRP/BTC was at +11% few hours back as XRP overperformed BTC as in previous bull runs when it decoupled. We may be at the start of something...
  14. Think it is a good time now as the floor has been tested many times and it did not go lower than $0.42 more or less. Also RSI is at an all time low from January as it was in Dec when bull market started . There is a bullish divergence on the chart over last month as seen below is confirming we should go up soon. Another thing is the Bollinger band on the chart is compressed and when breaking it to the upside at 0.50 it should get explosive. When looking at BTC/XRP we are now just over 203 days from the peak of January 4th and the same period from peak in May till beginning of December bull was 201 days...we are getting close and I believe it is a low risk entry to buy at these price levels. Credit to JolleyCrypto at Tradingview who's chart I used...☺️
  15. @Moonraker we all made our investment choices on the information we had at the time we bought. Keep on buying at the currect discount prices if you are able to put in more to decrease your DCA and check price only once in a while. XRP will come back to its ATH hopefully sooner than we think.
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