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  1. It's negative because in your opening post you segued from what i considered a relevant helpful post into an attack on the Zerpening club which has no relevance to SBI's current trading status. Nice work on presenting the twitter thread. Thumbs down for following it with a negative diatribe about other forum members completely unrelated to the topic at hand.
  2. GrumpyDon

    XRP Bounce!

    Welcome to the forum...and my block list.
  3. GrumpyDon

    Boston Consulting Group and Ripple

    Guessing he didn't understand Oz's post was sarcastic and was responding to Oz's list of fud.
  4. Merxy just like the other uber pessimists here will just call anyone who disagrees with them permabulls and echo-chamberists to make it seem that they won the debate and make themselves feel better.