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  1. essexboyracer

    rPI Zero Blinkt! Binance API

    An rPI Zero W & Blinkt! pulling percentage change data from the Binance API every second import urllib, json, time, blinkt from blinkt import set_all, set_brightness, show, clear url = "https://api.binance.com/api/v1/ticker/24hr?symbol=XRPUSDT" try: set_brightness(0.1) priceChangePercentLast = 0 while True: response = urllib.urlopen(url) data = json.loads(response.read()) priceChangePercent = data['priceChangePercent'] clear() if priceChangePercent < priceChangePercentLast: set_all( 255, 0, 0, 0.1 ) elif priceChangePercent > priceChangePercentLast: set_all( 0, 255, 0, 0.1 ) else: set_all( 255, 165, 0, 0.1 ) show() print "Current Price: %s Last Price: %s" % (priceChangePercent,priceChangePercentLast) priceChangePercentLast = priceChangePercent time.sleep(1) except KeyboardInterrupt: print('Manual break by user') Obviously not as impressive as connecting an rpi to the ILP to control a light switch, but fun though
  2. essexboyracer

    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    Isn't this in connection with the M103 messaging from SWIFT connecting via SAP into Ripple.net? Edit: I owned a Volvo once. THe engine wasn't manufactured by Volvo, but by Mitsubushi. Customers of Swift don't really care what powers their backend, just like the Mitsubushi engine had a Volvo branded cover over it MT103
  3. essexboyracer

    Coil Firefox extension available

  4. essexboyracer

    eToro X Cryptocurrency Wallet

    No invite for me, I hope the wallet is retrospective (crypto I bought prior to wallet release can go into the wallet)
  5. essexboyracer

    The new Ripple product is... XSocket

    Wietse Wind needs in on this, it's groundbreaking
  6. essexboyracer

    Inrupt, Solid and Ripple

    From solid.inrupt.com homepage, "Solid was created by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee" Not bebunking TBL, he played his part in the creation of what we now know as the WWW, but he didn't invent "the World Wide Web". Read: http://amzn.eu/d/egS5bCF TBL was a custodian along a very long line of technical innovators, without their work no WWW would've happened.
  7. essexboyracer

    Industrial Revolution Comparisons

    Mechanising Paper Manufacture In the 1800s John Dickinson patented a machine capable of reducing the time needed to manufacture paper from 4 days to 20 minutes. He was frustrated by the traditional techniques used to make paper which were time consuming and had varying levels of quality
  8. Correct AFAIK. ILP (W3C) is like the open source version of Rippled. Anyone can download it and run a ledger, a bit like anyone can download Apache and run a web server. The difference between Rippled and ILP is that customers get paid support with Rippled. I suppose I was pointing out the similarities between the ILP docs and Rippled Docs, which is no surprise as Ripple (the company) was first and foremost on engineering the ILP
  9. https://interledger.org/rfcs/0001-interledger-architecture/
  10. Think about it, kind of like how email (SMTP) works over TCP/IP. But not, because email isn't encrypted. I don't know why email encryption hasn't been standardised over the years? I know Email spec has been tacked onto over the decades (attachments, etc) I wonder if ILP can be used for 'email' (or a new version of) to include encryption. Rather than transferring value, transfer messages instead?
  11. From the Ripple Docs: The most fundamental principle of inter-ledger payments is conditional transfers. Multi-hop payments have a risk problem: the more hops in the middle, the more places the payment can fail. Interledger solves this with the financial equivalent of a "two-phase commit", where the two steps are (1) prepare conditional transfers, then (2) fulfill the conditions to execute the transfers. The Interledger project defined a crypto-conditions specification to standardize automated ways to define and verify conditions, and settled on SHA-256 hashes as a "common denominator" of such conditions. Solution: The Escrow feature makes the XRP Ledger ideal for bridging multi-hop payments using the Interledger Protocol, because it natively supports transfers that deliver XRP based on PREIMAGE-SHA-256 crypto-conditions, and it executes those transfers within seconds of being presented with the matching fulfillment.
  12. essexboyracer

    Poll: XRPTipbot on XRPChat

    +1 to this. I already have 0.000553 XRP from my COIL enabled website via my xrptipbot handle from some stranger in Amsterdam (thank you Wietse Wind) EDIT: I wish he would've tipped me 0.000589 > icing > cake
  13. essexboyracer

    Coil and Wikipedia

    I think I got my first ILP payment from my Coil enabled website today !