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  1. The amount of energy is huge to achieve a price increase, with all the investors continue to focus on the dream and not forget it
  2. If we continue to expect something from xrp price, it will remain 0,30 cents forever
  3. I think XRP can even reach more than 1000 USD, but even for 100 usd I think this will happens when OP ( thread ) like this one disappears completely from the web , no offence here, I think is just a " natural law "
  4. I hope to build my own farming on private ground with XRP
  5. when I forgotten my bitcoins I was able to buy a lot of ganja with huge discounted price !!!
  6. Yes, but is a single app with huge infrastructure behind, not 7 employees only
  7. This is old new https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/exclusive-swift-denies-integration-rumours-with-ripplenet/
  8. There are a lot of forgotten connections with xrp coins. Tenemos connecting swift, and many others..
  9. It's an online " one man work " website bank
  10. In the event that these progressions happen, XRP may reach $1.20 before the finish of 2019, to be a traditionalist. It may even reach $2, predicts the experts. Maybe who wrote the article is right with this price prediction, but it's not nice.
  11. BibleChronologyXRP

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    Ok, I do not think markets are so irrational, markets are irrational for small fishes, but I do not think for everyone.
  12. BibleChronologyXRP

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    people think to know more than you , will betray or try to deceive you. This a bible commandment for me someone never learn , even if adult
  13. BibleChronologyXRP

    40+ Companies using, accepting or testing XRP

    I don't know, SBI is not small and may have serious investors, so I do not know...
  14. BibleChronologyXRP

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    I first heard this " the first thing " when I was 11 years old, from a schoolmate. No comment. I just don't trust anyone talk this way, no offence, just personal taste.