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  1. you too, live in the present moment, because it's all we have, maybe you will end up crushed by a truck while crossing the road in europe or maybe in your country. Your is a positive way to live and enjoy the life and to give other people positive vibs, thank you so much. ( omg ) Maybe I can also reach my target with xrp, and enjoy my life in the future . When you think evil things for others your evil is at your door. I visit the Vatican State 3 times a months to receive blessings, and all the maledictions always came back to the sender.
  2. I do not know if that me. I missed bitcoin, and I can't forgive myself, I was online when bitcoin was few cents, I found the website, I studied it for few days and my decision was to don't buy. I missed litecoin, and I missed ethereum, and I'm talking from the beginning, I'm not talking when these cryptos was 5 usd or 10 usd, I have seen these coins sold for few cents on my screen, I do not know if I'm just " straight-up gambler " . When I decided to buy something, there was hundreds coins online, so the necessity to decide what coin to buy, I selected XRP based on my web research. Maybe you have no idea how dull is the mentality about " cryptocurrency " this is fantascience for a lot of people, and if someone think to make some money investing on this is seen as a stupid sucker person, some here need , maybe , to compare this new technologies and market to everyday mentality life, that is not online... this is sci fi. If I was a straight- up gambler , I was on slot machines right now, but I'm not. Straight - up gamblers are playing a lot of money on slot machines right now, and are missing another coin, maybe the last....
  3. Bitcoin is from cyberpunk ( cypherpunk derived from cyberpunk ) and I really don't see a true " freedom " from value based on nothing like bitcoin is, that a rip off for me. Blockchain , Ripple and all the financial system are running on gold, not only for the store of value, but, because is a fundamental component of computers. I can also say that ripple, blockchain xrp and all financial system are running on iron , steel , aluminium and plastic. I do not think gold like a material easy to replace on computers, because it's widely used and is very valued material. steam locomotive is the guru of eurostar. Bitcoin have nothing to teach to other cryptos, because is an obsolete technology only good for the museum , this is just dull comunist ideology.
  4. Gold have a lot of industrial use, computers use gold for example, it's because gold exist if we can have digital coins now , there is a lot of gold in computers, other use are chemical industries, superconductor, audio industries, medicine, and so on... gold is very very different from bitcoin. http://www.sellgoldhq.com/industrial-uses-for-gold/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a19670/refining-gold-from-old-computer-parts/ https://blog.dell.com/en-us/how-much-gold-is-in-smartphones-and-computers/
  5. Or you are a big whale with a lot of money you can afford to lose and know what you are doing, because you have " first hand information " , but if you are a small investor like me, only crazy people with ADHD can enter a market like this one with all the money saved, because here nothing is guaranteed, if the market change and a global scale real utility is reached, maybe this market can also attract small investors ADHD free, but righ now too conformist small investors and people stay away miles and miles from a market like this one, this a scary market for crazy people, I hope it change. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the feeling is like investing in bitcoin in 2009, just hope to became " a new standard " in the face of all the conformists. PS: I'm not so crazy, I noticed someone here wrote worst things than me, so I now feel free to write what I think.
  6. I do not understand how bitcoin can be a " store of value "when use cases are very limited, if you store the value in something that is not used anywhere in the world, or the use cases are limited and poor, you can lose your value " in a blink of an eye " this the reason we need xrp adoption in real world of financial institutions, you can't store the value in something that has no utility in real world economy, store of value in bitcoin is absurd for my eyes .... I hope something change , this bear market and xrp not used anywhere is exhausting. Just my point of view.
  7. I haven't an exit number, because I have to pay 26% to "revenue agency" ( taxes ) , that is a lot, I like the digital accounts , my plan is to use xrp as a " store of value" but I'm scared by volatility, anyway, Bitwala accounts are gold for me and I'm already verified, because you can exchange crypto to fiat and use it with your bitwala debit card and legally no taxes to pay if your average annual stock is less than 5000 euro. The xrp volatily is a problem, I hope with xrp use cases the xrp coin can reach a good stable price supported by use cases , because now is really scary for me.
  8. What success ? the xrp price or xrp technology worldwide adoption ? bitcoin price was few cents at the beginning, I suppose if you purchased bitcoin at that price, today price is really a success, but I do not see any success in worldwide adoption of bitcoin... is obvious xrp fully adoption can take some years, but this do not means is possible to reach a good xrp price level starting this spring or summer , as I hope.
  9. Keep it up. It must be the ADHD. I think most people in the crypto community have ADHD. Finally, we are going to rule the world
  10. What disturbing in negative articles about xrp and the ripple coins, if you really believe in ripple technology, only if you have serious doubts negative articles can scary the people, all the crypto market is currently a ****, I'm not so very happy, but I think xrp is still one of the best performer coin.
  11. We are regressing in infant mode style thoughts here
  12. When people depressed, need something to switch on again the brain, so , write something good how about xrp and ripple are good... and well researched stuff, the only effect and contribution is on your brain, but no effect on real market or XRP price. Web community are public places. Living an open eyes dream.
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