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  1. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    @Excerpts looks like you chose your buys well. At least when we bounce, it won't be a dead cat bounce like btc, it will be a lion taking down a giraffe
  2. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    For those holding off buying until it drops some more, I just threw some money at it so it's guaranteed to drop but not quite as much as it does when we get good news.... Adjust your buy orders accordingly.
  3. It makes things easier if you are actively trading husd/xrp and do not want to have usdt lying around the account.. as soon as poloniex offered xrp/usdc I changed my bot right away to get away from usdt. Previously had a large amount similar to the nostro problem that xrp is designed to solve
  4. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    @retryW Waiting for Fiat to clear, than I'll be making the same post....
  5. Arrowfletch

    Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM

    @ejsdon Literally just ran into this. About halfway down the page it has xrp/xlm. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/
  6. Arrowfletch

    Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM

    Well credit where credit is due. Doge is no 1 and green at this point vs USDC. Maybe Brad realized that every bank needs a good watch dog 🐕
  7. Arrowfletch

    Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM

    Thanks @xippix ,misread the op post. Another possibility is https://www.cryptocurrencychart.com/chart I use them to compare btc moves vs xrp moves so I know if I need to celebrate or throw party
  8. Arrowfletch

    Ripple contact

    @Petr I would send a message to @peebo38. They are ripple community manager and have some Twitter contact info in the bio. Good luck
  9. Arrowfletch

    xRapid - General Consensus on Volume

    So long as we are pegged to 2x of stellar than nothing has changed. The price may vary but that's just the spectators trying to make rent
  10. Arrowfletch

    Let's talk bots

    As a person using their own bot I agree with 90% , of what @DavyJones said. They did a good job talking about the risks so I will talk about the advantages. Humans are flawed , we have these things called emotions that really don't belong in investing. Using a bot (derivative of a constant value strategy) takes this weakness away and forces me to trade programically. It also allows trading to happen while I'm sleeping or unavailable etc. If you decide to try to write your own you first need a back tested strategy. I used a free language called python to program in and found a API interface on GitHub. All the risks davyjones mentioned are reasonable ones but for me , the satisfaction on having my own creation make money is worth it. Now I just need xrp to go up a little more....
  11. Arrowfletch

    Deleting topics for dummies

    Thank you
  12. to be honest , I've been thinking about trading USDT against polo's version of fiat but i think xrp will moon faster than usdt will crash. Hopefully....
  13. That may be the best way to go but would require new exchange and redoing the API, that was a pain the first time , not a fan of doing it again but probably is the best way.
  14. Arrowfletch

    Deleting topics for dummies

    So I just somehow started twol identical topics. I flagged one myself and asked for deletion. Forum search under deleting topics didn't offer anything but I'm sure the mods have better things to do than clean up stupid people tricks like this so is there a better way ?
  15. So looking for thoughts here ... I have a bot that trades on poloniex , the two pairs I can trade against are usdt and btc. I think btc has a first mover advantage but long term will die out. Usdt on the other hand is failing at it's one purpose , to be pegged to the US dollar. Given that I think there will be several boom bust cycles between here and 589( :) ) . Which do people think would be the best pair to trade xrp against btc or tether ? What I've done in the mean time is taking 2/3 of my holding away from the bot , however I've been thinking about the problem most of the day. Cheers