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  1. Arrowfletch

    Xrp, coil, twitch and amazon connections and use case

    My speculation is that amazon is watching how well/ badly coil and twitch work together. Coil paying twitch has been stated by coil. When I go to a twitch site, my coil plugin activates. I assume that payment is being/will be made to twitch and then eventually the creator. Does that not happen with your coil account on a twitch page ?
  2. Background for those unfamiliar : Twitch. Com is a streaming site somewhat similar to youtube and vimo aimed at the gaming community. Content creators make money mostly from monthly subscriptions and ad sales. Currently every amazon prime member can get one free channel subscription as a benefit. In 2016 twitch was acquired by Amazon. In 2019 Coil is making micropayments to twitch creators. I think this could be considered as a small scale test of the xrp ecosystem by the amazon payment ecosystem. Therefore i would suggest that every coil user tries to find a twitch channel that they can watch even a small amount each month ( they have some general discussion talk show channels) . The higher the twitch /coil volume the better the chance that Amazon will spend more time investigating what else makes sense for it. https://www.businessinsider.com/amazons-970-million-purchase-of-twitch-makes-so-much-sense-now-its-all-about-the-cloud-2016-3
  3. I've thought about playing xrp/usdt and xrp/usdc myself. I decided that I'm not smart enough, you may well be. My two cents though would be to continue to back test your strategy so you know it's strength and weaknesses. The greatest weakness a trader can have is their emotions so if you can codify your magic you'll do better than if every evaluation is a 'my gut tells me....'
  4. Even ripple has multiple wallets, imo people should have a trading stack and a complely cold stack. We all do stupid things and both good luck and bad luck find us but like wall street says wallet diversification is our friend.
  5. Arrowfletch

    It's Happening?

    And with your amazing record for accuracy you can amass a twitter and other social media following, just think with each correct reply people could tip you as you rise up the influencer ranks!
  6. Well this is the one i use, and i am still buying although my alcohol budget is now exceeding my investing budget... Buy when the streets run red, sell when the roses bloom.
  7. Arrowfletch

    Crypto got boring

    Two points Almost all of us are adrenaline junkies or we would never have gotten into crypto in the first place. So yes i need my fix now! Second, as boring as this is at least we have a use case, lots of other cryptos don't even have that. Third, well, someone know any good jokes?
  8. Arrowfletch

    Coil invite

    Got invite code just now, directions were easy to add coil to chrome browser, I'm watching twitch right now. Looks like I'm donating about . 3 cent a minute, it starts and stops so there may be some behind the scenes lag . They only have a 5 dollar tier right now so I'll be interested in seeing what happens when I exceed my 5 dollars. Edit coil faq says it pays about 30 millionths / dollar /sec
  9. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    Easy way to tell if a move is real or not, if doge moves the same or more, it isn't real....
  10. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    No doubt, bot is having fun stretching its sell circuits for a change, they were getting rusty....
  11. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    So mixed emotions, while I'm happy to see xrp green, as long as we correlate with btc than this move is just speculation driven. Trader's gonna trade...
  12. Arrowfletch

    Best way to keep XRP safe?

    I keep 1/3 on the exchange and the rest in a paper wallet. 2fa unfortunately doesn't protect from attack via the exchange itself. And all the exchanges are run by humans.... Interesting to hear others viewpoints
  13. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    Sooo, My fiat had finally cleared, my polo account was flush. I was ready to take another bite out of the xrp apple. I entered my buy order, I confidently hit execute. And then noticed that the cursor was in the sell section!!!!! So yeah, don't be me !
  14. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    @Excerpts looks like you chose your buys well. At least when we bounce, it won't be a dead cat bounce like btc, it will be a lion taking down a giraffe
  15. Arrowfletch

    I just bought more

    For those holding off buying until it drops some more, I just threw some money at it so it's guaranteed to drop but not quite as much as it does when we get good news.... Adjust your buy orders accordingly.