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  1. Well I am not into XRP as a religious fanatic. I am an investor like everyone else and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is to have a successfull investment.
  2. This could explain the anemic price performance of XRP .
  3. Why would you want pesos in small Britain ? What is the use of pesos over there .?
  4. Can you help me understand? Three weeks ago bitcoin was around $4000 and XRP was around $0.31, now bitcoin is around $5000 , up 25 % , and XRP is around $0.32 , up 8 % ! How is that explained ?
  5. Price manipulation is detrimental to all and should be called out every time. Also by joining together in denouncing these mafiosos maybe we can get the SEC to try and take action.
  6. The idea of otc trading is to skip the high commission fees. At 3% it's higher than exchanges fees. Helloooooo
  7. Why don't we forward that one to the SEC
  8. That would not cause a 5% drop in 5 min. And please note it's the middle of the night in America.
  9. Only holders of huge amounts of cryptos can move prices that much so quickly.
  10. Price movement of the markets always happens in a few minutes spikes which clearly shows manipulation by whales. The SEC has clearly stated that manipulation of the markets is a major obstacle to the approval of cryptos ETF's. What do you think is the solution to that issue ?
  11. This is not a projection it’s real time chart. Meaningless.
  12. How do you reconcile the need for a ‘ business to drive things forward ‘ and the need for decentralization for xrp not to be classified as a security ?
  13. I don’t think you see anything at all. What is that Coinfield exchange ? In what city are they located ? How long have they been in business? Who are the people behind it ? How do I know my money is safe there ? The whole thing doesn’t mean anything if it’s sponsored by Ripple.
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