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  1. XRP is not even threatening the Venezuelan Bolivar
  2. I’m just curious how it would be interpreted in a court of law .
  3. Ok but I bet in those 45 minutes you probably made a hefty gain
  4. Ok great looks like a win win for me . I can always use a new car
  5. Ok go ahead and buy all the XRP’s you can buy and get back to me in six months
  6. All I am trying to do here is to save people from loosing their hard earned money in this dead end scam .
  7. I got in at $0.18 in the summer of 2017 and made a fortune. Now I am making a fortune with Bitcoin
  8. Ok I am sorry , but I can’t help looking at bitcoin ´s price
  9. The XRP project itself is going bankrupt. The way things are evolving with all the Stablecoins projects coming it will be extremely difficult for unbacked cryptos like XRP to make it . Bitcoin will always be there , everything else is gambling. Even Garlinghouse is presumably trading his own Zerts for Bitcoins. What’s up with that ?
  10. You are kidding me right ? I am all in with McCaleb now
  11. I am . I am just here to bug you
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