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  1. Just a last ditch attempt to suck up a few more millions before the whole thing shuts down and holders loose everything.
  2. If they can cut the supply in half overnight they can just as well double it next year. Total lost of credibility. Ripple could do the same thing with XRP and same result , total lost of credibility. Not possible with Bitcoin. Food for tought.
  3. Are Microsoft employees allowed to buy Microsoft stock ?!?!? Huh ?!? Hellooooooooo
  4. Well said. Actually YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all work with the government even if it’s aggressively denied.
  5. It’s legal in a sense that there’s no law against censorship but it should be implied undemocratic. Otherwise all the censorship in China is totally democratic right ?
  6. Twitter , Facebook and Youtube all use censorship. That is totally against the definition of democracy.
  7. Why should I be panicked, I don’t own any XRP at the moment . On the contrary it’s starting to look like a good entry point right now. My point is that cryptocurrencies are still in early development and none of them are in use yet. Also comparing XRP to BTC is like comparing apples and oranges. BTC was never meant for payments, it’s meant as a store of value. Like digital gold. But keep in mind that everything is tied together, if Bitcoin sinks everything else will sink with it . If you’re bashing Bitcoin you’re shooting yourselves in the foot.
  8. It really is a lot of good news but the price is not moving. The whole crypto currencies market is paralyzed . Not until institutional money comes in will we see gains . The issue is that there’s still too many uncertainties and volatility for big players to get in .It’s not my spare change that can move things.
  9. Ok , you’re standing in front of a judge and he or she’s asking for your consent or else 10 years in the bucket ! What will you do ?
  10. Bla bla bla bla , the only way out of it is to airdrop everything , I mean all of it period.
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