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  1. Just switch back to btc and forget about it. Hodl for a few years .
  2. The man can say anything he wants , Ripple is a private company subject to very few rules . The question is , how much can we believe?
  3. I wish I could quote you all , but let me just say this : Either you guys are extremely naive or sponsored to write those things. I find it so completely unbelievable, it’s ridiculous.
  4. I am 60 years old and just playing with you
  5. It’s another sign pointing to a possible scam or should I say pointing to a frivolous project .
  6. Ok guys , I understand your frustrations but if you want to save that ship we have to work together
  7. Ripple needs to do something to reestablish credibility. The first thing they should do is to destroy all the XRPs in their possession. The second thing is decentralize. The third thing is decentralize. And then decentralize, decentralize and decentralize. That’s the only way to save the ship.
  8. Ripple and company took advantage of an unregulated environment to create XRP . It would be unimaginable to do anything like that nowadays.
  9. Who profit from XRP ? For the creators of XRP it’s 100 % free money. Ripple is pocketing 100’s of millions of free dollars that they use for development and enrich themselves. They just waisted 30 million dollars in Omni . Jed Mcalleb from Mt Gox was a co creator of XRP and then he just disappeared with his stash and now making millions from it ! Looks scammy to me !!!
  10. Just a last ditch attempt to suck up a few more millions before the whole thing shuts down and holders loose everything.
  11. If they can cut the supply in half overnight they can just as well double it next year. Total lost of credibility. Ripple could do the same thing with XRP and same result , total lost of credibility. Not possible with Bitcoin. Food for tought.
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