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  1. Bla bla bla bla , the only way out of it is to airdrop everything , I mean all of it period.
  2. So if I understand correctly , we will now be able to trade Bitcoin on the Ripple network ? Right ?
  3. Well the whole thing smells fishy and ripple is playing a very dangerous game .
  4. Bonds both government and corporate are going negative yields . There’s 17 trillions US dollars worth of negative yielding debt around the world now and your asking for interest on your XRPs !!! My best offer is - 1%
  5. It’s with the ‘Invest2lose’ mentality people that I make my profits.
  6. But I have to admit it’s true of all cryptos, there’s no real demand for any of them even bitcoin. Nobody is using any crypto for anything . It’s still all speculation.
  7. Not so . XRP needs to be demanded for it to be successful. It’s now being oversupplied with very little demand. Elementary.
  8. The whole thing about Ripple and XRP is very opaque and more and more suspicious. I feel sorry for the people that got in at the high price and are now loosing everything.
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