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  1. Sorry, I meant 2017, silly mistake , was just days before the big climb began
  2. To be honest that's how I understood the system to be,the idea of putting the remains of a month into a new month without topping up the last currently planned month to 1b just seems insane
  3. Just a little south of Durham for me ... held XRP since early December 2016 (got in at $0.20 originally, averaging about $0.42)
  4. https://baft.org/events/affinity-sponsor-program Also they are a conference sponsor (down the left hand side)
  5. We all (ok, most) knew this. (IIRC Open Labs started the XRPL and gifted Ripple Labs (as it was called) the majority of the XRP) XRPL is the ledger and is opensource and Ripple has no direct control over it, that is self managed via consensus of validators RippleNet is a suite of proprietary software that can interact with the XRP Ledger - this software is aimed at financial institutions, not consumers If Ripple went under, it would effect (probably very seriously) the price of XRP, but we would still be able to create any transactions on the ledger as long as there were validators out there. Thats about as simple as I can put it, any additions from anyone?
  6. To be honest I really wasn't planning on getting anymore, but this type of "off script" during a earnings call certainly encouraged me to get a few extra - all thanks to XRParrot too
  7. If I remember correctly, I cant be bothered checking right now, the one for Mustard Foods the other day was a saving of $73 on approximately $5000, that would roughly correspond with direct scaling to ~$1M to save $13,000 EDIT: Checked numbers £79 on £3500 so approx $100 on $4600 so with direct scaling again (I know its not accurate) 132x4600 = $607200
  8. Just looked it up actually it wasn't an Audi, it was a Mercedes c class (in my defense it passed me at speed and I was trying to get my.kids to be quiet too) Not a huge car guy so if it mooned I'd probably eventually get round to replacing my aging near base spec polo with a newer highish end one
  9. Saw a white Audi in teesside (a19) today, reg plate RI PPL .... Anyone owning up? I was driving otherwise I'd have taken a photo
  10. I'm from a bit south of Newcastle (in fact just south of Durham) UK North East XRP group ? :-) well at least a massive session if/when moon :-P
  11. $2.17 but if i'm wrong by being significantly under the value then Ill be happy to lose
  12. Whilst I agree, I think it might be seized upon as a Headline grabber if XRP price does grow significantly "even ripple exec estimates max price of $8.23" despite them actually saying "with this model, if its a success, on our low ball assumptions, the value range is $6.37 to $32.91"
  13. - yes doesn't immediately look good - but interesting choice of corridors - what if MG are effectively being used as a front onto xCurrent/xRapid for Visa direct - ie Visa Direct tell MG to Pay Bob Smith 50USD worth of MXN - MG then buy 50USD of XRP and Sell it for MXN to be passed immediately to Bob Smith - MG at this point no longer need large amounts of funds in Mexico as long as the liquidity is there Visa Get shielded from having to say they are using blockchain tech whilst reaping much of the benefits / MG gets a nice big reputation boost and some middleman fees/ XRP volume increases
  14. Heh, I'm new to XRPChat too, think my expectations are a little bit more tempered than some (would be more than happy to get back to ATH), though hopes are stratospheric ? Been topping up as and when funds allow, and am now close to 2K over my wallet, Revolut and exchange balances - grabbed another £100 worth just this morning Think my average is around the $0.60 mark now (first got at about ~$0.20 early december) Andy
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