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  1. https://ripple.com/insights/pnc-bank-embraces-blockchain-and-joins-ripplenet/
  2. I loved this piece! It was a good change from the scriptet, same answer, heard it before type. I think BG handled the pace and questions flawless. It worked for me atleast!
  3. As the title says! Don't think i have seen this yet?
  4. I'm 31years young. As i feel that life really don't start before this age. And what a great time to be at this age. I'm lucky enough to have grown up without much technolohy, and yet, will most likely be put inside a VR elderhome! If we even get old and die 30years from now? The advances are so amazing, and it goes so fast, and faster for each year! Hell, I'll proabebly live to see we start building new futures on other planets! Again, what a great time to be alive!
  5. Well, i just bought more, so it will most deffently drop now! Just a heads up.
  6. In the deep red (~$1.42) But it's at its darkest, before it dawns! (Or something like that) ? But i'm bullish on XRP mid term. And i belive these current values will be dwarfed in the future. Even @ EOY.
  7. I buy more every month. Started small in November last year. And gradually increased the sum of fiat i buy with. I buy low, and i buy high (top i bought was $3.4). I gues i could be smarter, and wait for dips and so on. But i'm no expert, by far in this marked. Currently own some 10k+ XRP, would like to add another zero to that. So, i got a long way to go before i'm done...
  8. Well, i felt like this was a fun idea, and a way for the comunity to interact with one and another. It might not have a "point", but does every thread in here have a crusial "point"? Can't we talk to eachother unless it resolvs around news?
  9. If it helps, i have been here since before i started investing (mid November). But felt like engading with the comunity, so finaly registered. And i don't see the problem? It's not like i was asking how much people invest, what/where or how they keep their XRP? I thought it would be fun to see where the avarage member was standing ? There is not like you are forced to answear? ?
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