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    OneViking reacted to Trentsteel in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    I'm certainly not looking for a daily dose of hopium every time I come here and welcome real news stories with negative tones regarding XRP but I can't be arsed to be reading every tinpot conspiracy theories being banded about....99% unsubstantiated without any credible facts to back them up
    BTW 99% of these bad news stories are from the same group of people who peddle their lost hope on this forum
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    OneViking reacted to Julian_Williams in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Emotions are infectious and pessimism is destructive.  I like debate, scepticism and informed argument.  This word hopium is not helpful; no one should be made to feel ashamed of having hope.  FUDsters are using this word with malicious intent.  I would add that Bearable Guy style euphoria is also bad for the forum.
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    OneViking reacted to Tyvole in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    You can counter these arguments. I dont know what is a problem you prefer constant happy place?   i mean if you do, just head on to youtube. People in here can look from both sides, hardly a bad thing. If people here would be just providing hopium and blow small things out of proportions you wouldn't complain 100%, isnt that funny?
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    OneViking reacted to Trentsteel in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Everywhere I look on this forum over the last few weeks there are doom and gloom stories at every turn. People seem to be losing hope and instead of selling and being done with what they perceive to be a sordid business, they come on here to spread their despair with the hope they can find solace with like minded people....it's right what they say "misery loves company"
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    OneViking reacted to Socrates in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Failing to see the point of this thread, except for venting and scapegoating due to the frustration of not understanding investments and thinking we would get yet another big bubble (or larger).

    From what I've been able to read, some company over 3 years ago bought XRP as part of a basket to back their token. Ripple had little incentive to sell it below the market price because even if the company didn't agree and went to the exchanges, Ripple would just sell it there. But even so, let's assume they might have done a small discount OTC (as with any bulk purchase of anything). So what?

    If one is complaining because an entity has bought it cheap, as many others also did in the open market, and has been taking profits, then what is that person planning on doing with their XRP? Digital collectible?

    If one is complaining about Ripple having an OTC, then I've got some bad news for them: if one wants the big banks and investment firms to come along, where does one think they'll start getting their XRP from?

    Will it be bad for us that they won't be buying from unregulated exchanges with mostly poor AML/KYC? Might seem so at first, but that would mean they are in, they are trading, they are using it, be it for cross-border transfers, futures, ETFs, ETNs, ETPs, derivatives, bonds, etc, and these are just direct usage. That'll be another milestone achieved, because eventually their XRP will be traded along our XRP as exchanges bring their regulatory compliance up to speed with any other more traditional trading platform.

    In the mean time, be it OTC, investing with other companies with XRP, it's XRP getting into the market and circulating, reducing the hoard Ripple has while having the money invested back into the ecosystem that will be the foundation of utility (directly using XRP or indirectly), which is more one could say about block rewards and transaction fees in other digital assets.

    Has Ripple made mistakes? I'm sure they did. If you are not making mistakes and failing, you are not trying hard enough, not going far enough, not pushing the boundaries and redefining them. Hindsight 20/20 but reality is that we make decisions based on the information we are able to collect at the time, to the best of our knowledge then.

    Digital assets are still a very high risk investment. If one doesn't understand the journey they've signed up for when they bought XRP as a long and doesn't have the mental stamina and clarity to endure these swings while keeping their sanity and able to handle any frustration that arises... Then seek help from trained professionals to advise on what to do.

    Going to leave here two images of the XRP/USD price from CoinMarketCap, looking at the reported consolidated prices from 2013 up until April 2017 and the second one from February 2017 until December 2017. Please note that the scales of the two images are different and also note the decimal places on each also.

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    OneViking reacted to NightJanitor in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    I don't know about this old deal.  But I do notice that almost all of the deals I see, lately, have the word "committment" in them - which is an investing term of art that means "yeah, maybe, if you clear some hurdles and meet some milestones, we'll actually release some amount of funds to you" - which indicates higher quality risk management (on the infrastructure investment deals).
    (I realize nobody wants to hear that, because it's not a prediction that XYZ will be $333 by 12/25... but it's a sign of maturity and prudence, in Ripple's dealings, nonetheless.)
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    OneViking reacted to Finesse in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    S*** you dont have to tell me, way ahead of you.
    And i pray from the bottom of my heart the price continues to drop some more.
    Im greedy when others are fearful.
    Post like yours make me bullish.
    The amount of posts like yours lately make me VERY bullish.
    Get back at me around 2025, ill buy you a car or some S***
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    OneViking reacted to Finesse in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    One of the most disgusting things someone can do imo is try to spark fear and then feign white knight. As if you truly give a F*** about what people have going on.
    Now you just cemented your status of a troll trying to spread FUD.
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    OneViking reacted to Parabellum in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Sorry, I am an Airbus maxi already. 
  10. Haha
    OneViking reacted to Sharkey in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Capone cone?
  11. Haha
    OneViking reacted to Capone in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    All I am trying to do here is to save people from loosing their hard earned money in this dead end scam .
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    OneViking reacted to Parabellum in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    We have a battle scarred veteran here 
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    OneViking reacted to namini in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Capone, lol ok dude, hopefully I kept my xrp during armageddon back then and not listened to doomsday prophets and did well (not a financial advice I have no idea what the future will be)
    interesting theory, I'm glad Ripple decided to start lowering their sellings last month, what would be interesting is  to compare selling pressure compared to others cryptos with mining, I remember it was not that bad actually
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    OneViking reacted to Finesse in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    Did all the other maxis have a convention and send you guys to xrpchat?
    Stablecoins are no threat as they have counterparty risk xrp does not.
    Xrp is backed with real liquidity aka fiat.
    Bitcoin and other PoW systems are outdated, also bitcoin is centralized and able to be attacked by 51% and double spent on making your btc's useless.
    Garlinghouse never said he was trading xrp for btc he said hes long bitcoin but that is just a PR move nobody with any background in IT wouldnt be long btc since its a flawed system not able to scale, able to be attacked with 51%, and centralized in china.
  15. Haha
    OneViking reacted to Capone in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    The XRP project itself is going bankrupt. 
    The way things are evolving with all the Stablecoins projects coming it will be extremely difficult for unbacked cryptos like XRP
    to make it . 
    Bitcoin will always be there , everything else is gambling.
    Even Garlinghouse is presumably trading his own Zerts for Bitcoins. What’s up with that ?
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    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    @nikb in the house! Now this forum is rocking!
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    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hey @nikb!  We met in Vegas during DefCon. Had that great Neapolitan pizza.
    How are things going?
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    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    OK, in the spirit of txID or it didn't happen. I submit: 4E1D594E045A92CBFDB6BC1698D3AD50F939B51D4DA0B6F1FD3F34D3CF2D7482
    I noticed some unnamed individual sent me a XRP yesterday. So I sent it back to him.
    If you are still suspicious, I set the destination tag to "23155" which matches my profile on this site.  https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/23155-bobway/
    I also set the invoice ID to: 486920585250436861742E636F6D2049276D20426F6257617920202020202020
    If you are too lazy to decode that yourself it says: Hi XRPChat.com I'm BobWay
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    OneViking reacted to GiddyUp in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hello Bob, and welcome!  Please don't worry about talking too much, we are always thirsty for details 
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    OneViking reacted to hammertoe in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Or, one of you tied to a chair, gagged and a copy to todays Times newspaper in shot?
    Sorry... just thought this was getting to sound more and more like a hostage situation!
    Bob... thanks ever so much for your insight, it is great to get a feel for how Ripple works a bit more and someone to talk about some of the historical elements of the company. I agree about the 'Ripple have an amazing team with the markets and products teams' bit. I have worked in software long enough to know that too many project fail for reasons unrelated to their technical aspect... you can have the best tech in the world, and unless you get it in the right hands then it will never go anywhere. I have yet to see any cryptocurrency besides XRP that has a company such as Ripple putting so much effort into all the 'other' aspects needed besides just the tech.
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    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Yeah, I knew that was coming. I just thought the shoe on head thing was funnier!
    The only reason I haven't is that I don't keep my secrets on this computer. I need to go dig them out of cold storage. 
    In the meantime, anyone is free to check out my blog at http:/bob-way.com. I listed it in my profile. If you are an admin here you'll see that I used an email address at that domain to validate my account here.
    Also, does anyone here use KeyBase? I've be thinking about "owing" all my social media accounts using KeyBase cryptographic validations.
    And if none of those are sufficient, @JoelKatz or @nikb would know these posts are unmistakably me. Step up guys!
  22. Haha
    OneViking reacted to VanGogh in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I don't know either or you, but I still believe Bob is who he says he is, and is very intelligent. Perhaps we can ask the other 12 Apostles if Bob truly was born of a virgin and later resurrected? 
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    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    It really depends on what you mean by "mass". At the moment the focus is not on getting XRPL wallets for all 8 billion people on the planet.
    The more immediate goal is to have all 8 billion people's international payments routed through XRP as a bridge currency. To make this work requires exchanges and traders (on ledger and off) to acquire and trade XRP. It also requires connecting fiat-in and fiat-out service providers to that core network.
    Traders are competitive folk by nature. When it becomes clear that other traders are making piles of money making XRP markets, then you'll see a mad rush of new traders wanting into the game. The is the kind of "mass" adoption I'm looking for.
    Keep in mind, traders making bridge currency markets are NOT looking to profit on XRP's price appreciation. What they are doing is profiting on the spread as payments go back and forth. One of my friends at a major bank, developed a system that trades more than a trillion dollars a day making markets. The spread (as a fee) adds up pretty quickly no matter how small it seems.
    However, you can speculate on potential side effects that happen in response to "mass" XRP market making. The most important thing is that it makes XRP very liquid to more and more currencies. Here "liquid" means that you can sell larger amounts on demand without moving the price in the market. This fact alone MAY draw people to use XRP as a longer term store of value. As they move in and buy up XRP, the increased demand MIGHT drive up prices. Again, as everyone here has witnessed, sometimes when prices begin to move for a sensible reason things can build on themselves.
    I've said before in this thread that I'm personally bullish on XRP adoption (in the above sense) this year. But like everyone I'm just speculating. Please don't trade on my opinion.
    My opinion in NO WAY reflects inside information about what Ripple (the company) is currently working on or going to announce. In fact, for the purposes of these forums, I'm much happier not knowing because it allows me to speak more freely without inadvertently saying something I shouldn't.
  24. Haha
    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Just to give as well as I get...
    Anyone can accumulate fat stacks of XRP. But can you accumulate THIS!

    If you look closely at the two pictures, you notice that I'm wearing the original Ripple t-shirt from 2013.
  25. Haha
    OneViking reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I'm offended. What do you want me to do, put a shoe on my head?

    Come on! Let's have some fun here!
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