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  1. 2020 guys... Not 2019... Banking industry takes time...
  2. Can you say where these new deals of Trump are good or bad? You put words in my mouth
  3. Why would you idolize a person that lied to the American people(Clinton) on live cable about his incident with Monica and ruin the American economy with horrid trade deals then yes. However he was the greatest liar and manipulator of any President in American History, which is why he is a speaker.
  4. Bill Clinton in fact ruin the American economy. That is factual... The trade deals he sufficated the United State people on led to the extinction of the modern middle class family. Again why they made Clinton the keynote speaker was ludicrious imo. Cause it ran off any new US investors.
  5. Obviously I have to put it in lamens terms, " He is a keynote speaker for many venures, but in terms of Ripple it has no voice".... What is the point.? His speech was void and nobody cared... He makes millions making keynote speeches, why? IDK... He was an impeached President that created trade deals that destroyed the American Economy, which are finally being destroyed... I almost look at Ripple more in terms of a scam(its not) with Clinton on board. Solely my opinion.
  6. Yea but he does it daily... So the realms of positivity with him talking are 0 percent. Been best to bring in another figure... As since you missed my first sentence noboy likes him in the states. Why be excited about a President that was impeached?
  7. Nobody likes Clinton in the states so this speech will do more damage than good. Also everybody knows Clinton will talk anywhere for money. He does it daily.... So who cares imo
  8. I agree with that. Anymore when I go to horse track I always bet the 2nd best horse(in terms of odds). Do a win/place bet... Have made a profit on horse racing last 5 years doing this lol.
  9. Still don't understand why US wants to diverge themselves away from crypto when its easy to see its the future... This is the issue of having a bunch of 70 to 80 year old white men in office who have no realm of reality in whats going on in mainstream world.
  10. Maybe I miss understood it as sarcasm. I apologize... But all the missing puzzle pieces are coming together.. I really see $2.00 to $5.00(atyh) by 2018.
  11. May I ask why you wouldnt buy and hold at $0.60 and less? Seems like an awesome invesment. Opinions are opinions... I'm not the one that degrades others
  12. Literally everybody wasn't predicting the +multi billion dollar bull trend we send earlier this week(except xrpnewbie.com). Everybody was expecting a small bullish trend to $0.35... To make this simple so many people are endulged into what writers say about Ripple when realistically and factually they have no clue. Nobody was expecting billions in new volume even up to 4 billion. Writers have no intellectual knowledge of what investors know in the crypto world and for this reason I'll never listen to another writer ever in my life, because they have yet to be right. But in a positive manner its easily visible how quick XRP can explode.... Really can't wait to see all the resources of XRP Products going live down the road... We really have an exciting road ahead... Too cashout now is comparitive to cashing out when Bitcoin was $0.01(my opinion solely). I say that cause I pretty much did(but a little higher than a penny lol)
  13. I gladly can. But anymore people don't like reading facts etc. They just want to hear the feel good stuff that will explode investments the following week. But yes I'll gladly update it.
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