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  1. I agree. I was just noticing the tremendous change in the scenario of Bitcoin .. but roughly it makes the macro idea
  2. Great! Thank you so much Let N
  3. Hi guys, I follow you from several months and I very grateful for all the information I can find through your knowledge. Here in Italy a small cryptomania is emerging and interest is growing every day more. I need your help for something simple. Several times in this forum I have seen some graphs of various nature that perfectly give the idea of the proportions between the value of the stock exchange, of the largest companies in the world, of the circulating gold and other world assets compared to those of the altcoins. Where can I find them? tks Noodles
  4. Yeeeeeees! I had an illumination and I typed the password correctly (in Italy it's called "botta di culo"). Fortunately, it was one of those passwords related to my daughter's name and date of birth. Okay, it's okay. But I want to treasure this experience for the future. Thanks to everyone and above all to tinyaccount for advices. Although I agree with tiny that thieves should be far enough from understanding this type of technology/arguments, I have to make sure it does not happen anymore. I only have 2 questions (always ignorant who I am): 1) Now that I have the password, can I recover my recovery key (32 characters)? Is it in my Gatehub's profile settings? 2) Tiny said it would be much safer to open a Ripple wallet, can i briefly know how to do it? Thank you very much for your availability. Grazie grazie
  5. I wrote to them, I'll keep you informed. You are my only salvation! Meanwhile, in despair, I remembered that I did 2 transactions in August from Bitstamp to Gatehub (I moved 11,000 xrp). So I have Transaction IDs and destination addresses (a combination of 33 letters). Excuse my ignorance, but this combination should not be the address of my Gatehub wallet? If so, is it possible that if I have my address there is no way to retrieve my account (and my xrp)?
  6. Last night the thieves stole my pc bag from the car. Unfortunately, in my purse there was also my agenda with all my personal codes. I can not access gatehub any more, since to recover my password, I'm asked for the recovery key I obviously do not have anymore. How can I do? Who do I have to write? Please help me
  7. Hi precious guys, what are your thoughts about this article? http://treasurytoday.com/2017/07/ripple-vs-swift-payment-r-evolution-ttpv
  8. hi guys, as your knowledge is safe to continue to store my xrp on gatehub
  9. I had the same question, thank you guys!
  10. Hi thunderw, I'm from Italy, can I translate and use your excellent work to get a presentation to various people looking for investing money?
  11. Anch'io, ciao a tutti!
  12. Hi, I'm new on the cryptoworld. I've a question, I'm triyng to withdraw some ripple from Bitstamp to my wallet. There is a request named "Destination Tag" (a number, I suppose) but I don't know what's about. Can you kindly help me? Tks
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