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  1. When it indeed goes to 28k, he'll tell you it could go to 20k Just saying.
  2. Wel, wel, well, BTC.D broke upward. Convincingly. Will there be a rendezvous at around 45% and it comes down or go straight up? @Plikk
  3. So the dude aka nuke aka nude guy still allowed to pontificate garbage in and garbage out? Can we just cancel his abuse of free speech for a little while?
  4. Is there even a single utility coin that is actually in use? or just some with such narratives?
  5. This is the turning point. Either the 4-year cycle theory is right on target and we’re officially in a bear market; or this is the last shake off the weak hands and it goes up from here.
  6. Not sure this is a descending wedge, looks more like a triangle with a straight support line.
  7. Also BTC.D meeting resistance here. There will be a final down turn before BTC goes SOLO at the expense of all alts especially big ones. Expect BTC.D goes up to over 50% before alts booming again. What say you? @automatic @Plikk
  8. There are millions of coins that can replace BTC, function/scalability/security wise, but no coin can replace the liquidity and market making of it. Period.
  9. That's when the market was down to the toilet, again. Coincidence? Or he's part of the propaganda machine working in circles?
  10. Narrative Frame! Narrative frame!Narrative Frame! When the price was rocketing, where was this guy?????
  11. It’s unfair someone buying at $40700 gets less likes than who bought at $41200. Just saying.
  12. Bought $1000 worth of BTC at $40700, in the spirit of BTFD.
  13. Two down trend lines broken. We're off to the race. Next 8 hours is crucial.......
  14. Everything is hanging in the balance. Who's teasing us? Bears? Bulls?
  15. Hi @Plikk you've been quiet for quite a while now. What's your take on the stage the market is at right now? when will BTC.D going down under 40%? Thanks.
  16. All I know is the longs have clearly capitulated after such a big down spiral. Whales are snatching all the cheap coins. Buy more!!!
  17. If you can “expect” the price, the whales would have been dead instead. I am buying more……..
  18. Nah, it's all from the propaganda machine, using it as an excuse The real reason is that the market had too much liquidity, in their greedy crooked mind.
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