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  1. Very funny, haha Will go vertical soonish on daily.
  2. Seven green days in a row, followed by a red candle And somebody is panicking and looking for reason to do so. Priceless.
  3. Alts sats value will come down(maybe pretty hard) after the current run, then go crazy again at the final parabolic BTC run(3-7days before it blows off the very top)
  4. BTC upping, BTC.D downing, ALTS upping more! @Plikk
  5. If it's not BTC, then what? Since every other network seems better, cheaper, faster and more scalable than BTC?
  6. Tell me why gold and silver are reserve precious metals. There are many, many metals way more useful and way better than them.
  7. Care to shed some light on how rigged the system is?
  8. 650k here we come! Shitcoins will be rocketing off soonish before BTC parabolic move
  9. Lots of alts are still 4-10x their bottom even after retracement. Probably in about 4 weeks, alts will go crazy again, perhaps those that haven't really gone up from their very bottom yet will have a field day.
  10. LOL, from what rabbit hole did you pull that off.
  11. Can we say we'll never see BTC under 30k ever again?
  12. BTC continuing the upward crusade. Higher highs higher lows. Another bull flag about to finish and leg up in the afternoon.
  13. It's how you miss the train all the time
  14. Warning: BTC big green dilddo incoming!
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