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  1. Alts as a whole started to out perform BTC on Jan . 2nd, when BTC.D took a significant plunge, my friend. That’s when you should have moved from BTC to alts, some alts at least , because alts pump take their turns, money flows from one set of alts to another.
  2. Taxes likens death. Can't avoid it as long as you can take more profits overall
  3. I continue to stand firm to move some XRP to OMG
  4. Propaganda machine is FUDDING When FOMOING again?
  5. He's just exaggerating a little to make a point
  6. You spend too much on your reckoning, my friend
  7. Spanish sounds gayish, 'migo! Just kidding
  8. Volume not that big Bouncing soon This is a long due dump. Healthy correction You'll see many like this along the way
  9. Shitcoins long liquidation party. BTFD of shitcoins, now!
  10. LOL, Thanks for your advice. I don't believe your narrative, either
  11. So you are saying XRP is gonna take over BTC anytime soon? OK, heard this 4 years ago. Good dream. Good luck. By the way, XRP isn't really doing shit, if XRP takes over BTC, it'll become an unbearable monopoly. No government, no crypto market will let it happen.
  12. You lives south of the 38 line. At a lot of spots in the north, there isn't much electricity available, at least at night.
  13. You're going from one extreme to another Never forget the first mover advantage and what coin is storing the most capital and what moves the market. Think about gold silver platinum and other rare metals.
  14. What bull run? XRP? all Alts? BTC? The whole crypto? BTC goes to 40-50k and we would be more assured to have a longer bull market
  15. Go back to the Roman republic and empire please. Julius Caesar cheated, Caligula cheated, Commodus cheated And the DemocRATS Nancy Peloci/Joey Briden cheated, big time
  16. What does this mean? Your German is ineligible, mate.
  17. Yes. But this cycle is a little different, i.e. BTC stays stable or slightly up but Alts keeps pumping The players are different now. Traditional crypto players switch from to BTC to alts, but new players the institution money pours into BTC, so that BTC price hasn't plunged.
  18. So my $650k prediction is not far off after all?
  19. I think Mods need to ban xrpDeslie and all of his psedoname accounts
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