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  1. Anybody noticing XLM catching up with XRP hard? When one door closes, one window will open for ya. Never forget that.
  2. Your turnover:assists ratio is at 64:100 now, soon it'll be 100:100 Congradulations, my good young fello!
  3. Is it just me or OMG will have a huge upstrend within a week to 10 days, a 4-6x run?
  4. XRP/BTC will go down further before it goes crazy. Next march/april.
  5. We are in the gradual ascending stage with much more volatility and a few more extraordinarily big swings. Not quite parabolic yet. The ascending mean stays within the orange line. Not that the orange middle line can be extrapolated into next year. We'll take the ATH late Dec/early Jan. Between now and then, it's a long time.
  6. Going too fast. A much needed correction is bound to happen.
  7. I say that because clearly when BTC is having a run, all alts are being sold off to BTC, all of them, no exception. There will surely be a point when the money will flow from BTC into alts. Institution money is in for the profits not for holding forever.
  8. But when people see more money to be made in Alts, they'll certainly just jump from BTC to alts
  9. Well that's the point. BTC runs first, all alts falls to as low as possible until BTC is 25k. Then watch ETH leading alts go crazy at the expense of BTC. The summer Eth leading is just alts recovering to a decent level with BTC, not means for a real run.
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