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  1. LOL, from what rabbit hole did you pull that off.
  2. Can we say we'll never see BTC under 30k ever again?
  3. BTC continuing the upward crusade. Higher highs higher lows. Another bull flag about to finish and leg up in the afternoon.
  4. Some shitcoins shooting up with huge volume and retraced a little Perfect time to get in now
  5. It seems that most legacy coins would not reach its previous ATH, sats wise impossible. The reason is simple: sats will divert into new coins, thousands of them. Some will be pumped into unimaginable high, take away more sats from traditional alts. There is only one pie to share. Find your new shiny coins next round and there will surely be plenty of hints.
  6. I am not convinced anything until the great @automatic speaks!
  7. Put in 5k it’ll go up in a hurry
  8. Where is my money! Where is my money! Give! Give! Give! hahaha
  9. Notice how big shitcoin money is flowing into mid-cap shitcoins and small shitcoins We're still in the alts season, fellas, the periodical retracement is finished.
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