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  1. I am confused, where exactly are we in equivalent to 2017? Is there a period in 2017 that BTC rose as fast as the past two weeks, except the parabolic stage? I hold mostly BCH/LTC, and a quarter of BAT now. They are down a lot against BTC. Of course I also hold 53k xrp. Maybe doubt that in one week
  2. How about BCH? It has fallen for quite a well. Against BTC anyway.
  3. Nothing worth mentioning but hey there are two time zones in Texas. Have you ever been to El Paso?
  4. If Bitcoin has the problem of scalability/cost/speed, the so called glass ceiling, the same can be said to XRP. Just to a less degree. IOTA/HOT/ELASTOS/QKC are better. He's obviously propping up XRP.
  5. Is there anyone here who's not international?
  6. Where are we exactly comparing to 2017/2015?
  7. But... but BTC is still growing relentlessly. SCARY!
  8. XRP did not outperform NANO during any period in 2017
  9. To what low will it pull back to from 7k? 6k?
  10. Don't be like some XRP holders here. Only XRP this only XRP that. As a matter of fact, there ARE other projects with great potential and plenty of users/traction already. ENJ/DENT for instance.
  11. Why not? The brave browser is really awesome. It's got millions of users already. I can see it replace google chrome in a hurry and take over the online ads market from google and facebook some day. They can leave Ethereum network and go their own route, BTW.
  12. As it goes, there is this small bloodbath. Is this kind of volatility too early?
  13. No you won't dare to buy at .31. You'll expect it to go lower.
  14. What are those decoupled coins again pls? Enj? BAT? RVN? BNB?
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