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  1. I thought about putting all my stack in BTC two weeks ago, but still put 30% in "shxtcoins". Now it's hard to get out of them because the liquidity is so low. I'll be at the end of the line even if I want to sell them now. Those are DENT/HOT/XHV. VET is decent. I also have a big stack of casino coins that I'll blindly hold until the end of the horizon. Most "Shxtcoins" will not pump until BTC reaches over 20k, I firmly believe. Any pump is a fakeout between now and then. It's hard to time it perfectly but the time WILL come.
  2. Wondering where we are now BTC wise. Consider BTC just crawled out the very low from last cycle, we're at the end of 2015; Consider BTC is so close to previous ATH, it's at the second half of 2016; Or everything is condensed and speeding up, that gap could be negligible......
  3. You're already there since you stated that you only put 0.5% of your net worth in crypto, unless you want a 500x return in crypto.
  4. So China is designated as currency manipulator by US treasury department。 What does this mean to BTC price?
  5. The earliest possible rise should be before swell in November. If not, then when BTC passes ATH a second time. If not again, XRP is dead and we call it a cycle.
  6. Yang also mentioned that blockchain technology can be used to eliminate voting fraud during the election. starting 27:00.
  7. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang calls for guidelines on cryptocurrency. Interesting. He is surprisingly not that bad a candidate, BTW.
  8. To pump BTC without enough new money coming in, whales need to dump altcoins into BTC. Altcoins will not pump anytime soon, I am afraid, until BTC has really big liquidity. Any sporadic altcoin pump between is a fake-out, to lure buyers in and force them to sell at a lower BTC price. The end results? Whales get more BTC, and at the same time buy altcoins for cheap. They get the long sticks on both ends. Why is this happening? Aren't the whales afraid that the retail buyers recognize this pattern and take advantage of it? Because the scheme is beautifully choreograghed by trading bots to maximize their profits and they are not afraid to make money. Well that's just my conspiracy theory. Take it with a grain of salt.
  9. FIXED IT FOR YAH! (By Eric) Well LedgerX beat Bakkt to the punch. Main stream financial access to Bitcoin has been all but assured. https://www.coindesk.com/beating-bakkt-ledgerx-is-first-to-launch-physical-bitcoin-futures-in-us ETF's are next - which will enable your rich old relatives to be able to call up their brokers and say buy me some "shares of bitcoin" LOL. Who doubts that other digital assets will follow? ETH, LTC, XRP etc. Once there are ETF's and physically settled futures for XRP could you imagine what the price will be? Bitcoin is moving as expected. Things are looking good.
  10. Brilliant piece again, although conducted in a different threatre, maestro Eric!
  11. LOL, Low intellectual skills, that's all you can come up with? You ignore the fundamental truth that XRP can succeed wildly one day or it can go to zero, and you insist there is only one possibility, which is success. Who's a hopiumer here? Who is lack of the basic understanding? I am not here to educate you upon why xrp price is still so low and so suppressed. I only take reaction like yours to gauge the market sentiment.
  12. Because your tender heart can't handle one single possibility?
  13. H-O-P-I-U-M You're hopeless to treat xrp as a SURE thing Are you that desperate?
  14. This is the most likely senario what will happen: BTC gradually rises at the expenses of altcoins until passes ATH--->Dump below ATH--->rise passing ATH again----->dump again---->Altcoins go parabolic. There will be no GRADUAL, stable rising for Altcoins till then. Only exception is that XRP could go 1X or 2X right before Swell. And then dump. Any occasional pump for altcoins between is a fakeout.
  15. Yup, English is my second language. German third, Japanese fourth. What else?
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