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  1. All I know is the longs have clearly capitulated after such a big down spiral. Whales are snatching all the cheap coins. Buy more!!!
  2. If you can “expect” the price, the whales would have been dead instead. I am buying more……..
  3. Nah, it's all from the propaganda machine, using it as an excuse The real reason is that the market had too much liquidity, in their greedy crooked mind.
  4. If they disclose this earlier, how the heck the "vaccines" could be even sold to make billions and billions of dollars?
  5. I don't know anybody personally who died of Covid. I have no idea if I have ever had covid. I never tested. I never took the vaccines and probably never will. There is just too much misleading and coverup for the whole thing. It's been used as a weapon to launch a cultural revolution world wide we've never seen before, i.e. mask vs. unmask, vaccine vs. non-vaccine, in the name of science, in the name for the common good of us all! And then it does not matter who's right who's wrong as long as you are divided and fight against each other. If they can force you to do this blatantly anti-common sense, anti-science, anti-constitution garbage, they can force you to do anything, soon we'll all become the flesh battery in the Matrix. Then, where is our NEO who can lead us outta of this prison? One thing I learned from the thing, is that how easily you can manipulate the sheeples into submission. Just a little scare tactics will do. And the massive propaganda machine repeating the lies a thousand times and the lies become truth. The go'ld Amurika is largely gone and is gradually becoming a dictatorship right in front of our eyes. An uni-party is officially born this year. There is no DEM vs REP anymore. The senate is becoming a circus house to show off debating semantics but get nothing done stop nothing. The supposedly impartial judicial system including the supreme court is bribed and blackmailed. The military is woke. The education system is going backwards. The constitution is just a piece of paper in the eyes of the deceitful democratic communists. Think Rome. Think Julius Caesar.........
  6. Now you most likely get better immunization than the "vaccines".
  7. PCR test tells you basically nothing. Ask Elon Musk. Can't believe this whole PCR test hoax sells that well to the public. People selling it knew it's a lie, people got sold to knew it's a lie, yet they still believe it. Whatever it is, get well soon!
  8. OMG is hovering around $16.5ish. The previous resistance seems to be becoming support. If it stays here for a little while, another leg up should follow and we could see New ATH.
  9. And this nuk(d)e guy still talking schmarck?
  10. You compare MC of Crypto to that of Stock market? Right!
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