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  1. Hello the alts season you refers is when ALL alts start off at almost the same time, SATS VALUE wise. This ongoing alts season refers to sats value increase, money flowing from one batch of alts to another. Most will top out sometime in June, with a few deep into September/OCT. I agree it's time to switch from BTC to ETH, or ADA/DOT. We'll see BTC.D break the support line soon.
  2. This must be the first joke I read from you for the entire 4 years, as serious as a lawyer and crypto trader as you are.
  3. There are four kinds of coins that always explode: 1, Everybody else's coin. I am all in xxx coin and xxx coin is my savior. 2,Thought it's cool but bought just a little or none 3,The coin that I just sold, made a nice 20% profit, then it went on a 5x run 4,Set an low order but it never came down enough to fill my bags What else?
  4. Trust "Q"! Trust the plan! But Q is probably a Roger Stone style operation On Richard Nixon. The deadly shortcoming? It doesn't involve the mass who have the real power. On the contrary, it discourages it. It's a dilema they can't overcome.
  5. Lots of alts has run 3x, 12x already sats wise since 01/02/2021. I thought the alts season already started. It's just some started earlier than others. Or It's the same in the beginning of 2017? But the official alts season will be more dramatic, more volatile than ever if it plays out as all we anticipated, IMHO
  6. Nothing is justified in crypto, my man The algorithm says go forward.
  7. No. They're trying to suppressing the price so they can load up themselves.
  8. The only thing thing I want know, how much real capital has come into play in crypto Say BTC get a 20% increase overnight, and that's a 200 billion MC increase. Is there really 200 billion poured into it? Guess not. 5 billion maybe a good guess. World wide that's peanuts, with all the fiats watered down badly
  9. XRP so bullish, ready to fly Buckle up you degenerates!
  10. Nothing is working now. Rigged game. Can't handle this kind of volume? What if the volume increases dramatically in the coming months?
  11. Sky is the limit Remeber BTC is 2x ATH, ETH 1x ATH, XRP 1/7 ATH It's XRP's turn. Let's go to $3.5 first!
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