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  1. No doubt BTC will take off soon. Just trying to shuffle between alts and BTC. Timing the change of tides is pretty difficult, though. For me, that is.
  2. @djdhrubs @AlejoMoreno I agree with you guys here. It's very rare to see BTC/USD and Alts/BTC increase at the same time, except in a parabolic run. Usually big BTC/USD move will rekkt Alts/BTC value. Alts/BTC will get a brief breath after being rekkt when BTC/USD stays relatively stable or decreases a bit. Big price been paid to get a hold of this from experience. I was just referring that djdrubs has different opinion on BTC dominance in the next 1.5 months from OP. Thanks for the link. Makes a lot of sense.
  3. So in either case, BTC dominance will increase instead?
  4. Interesting. What's the likely scenario, BTC stable/Alts up, BTC down/Alts up or BTC up/alts up more? What makes it plausible that BTC dominance decrease so much before BTC/USD did not increase that much in 1.5 months?
  5. I say it's going to the Lala-Land of 264 sats before correction. At least not until a 20 sats daily green candle. For what it does, it's still dirt cheap even it's 1c. It happens beyond the wildest imagination, right?
  6. Did XRP go crazy during/immediately after those three periods?
  7. Although the timing was when BTC went up crazy and there's enough money flowing into Alts. And now BTC is dry and lifeless.
  8. Another dump being attempted. Somebody REALLY wants to destroy the price at the moment. It's sheer hostility with a passion
  9. Got out VET with a small profit before the sudden move up this morning. Reckon there is another leg up?
  10. This thread is now closed(if some of you don't behave)
  11. Here is the fact: since 10/25, almost every other shxtcoin went up in sats value except XRP, maybe also IOTA, RVN, Ox & Link And those went up significantly before the BTC sudden rise, almost in synchrony.
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