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  1. Dead cat bounce. There is no reason for XRP having a big enough run before BTC Better sell now harvesting your newly gained BTC.
  2. It's weired to see every altcoin is green. Haven't seen this since Jan 2018. Is this the start of long-depraved alt season or just another periodic, short-lived fakeout?
  3. Ripple can buy xrp from the open market after they burn the escrow. Nothing will stop the projects involving XRP from working. Just perceived to have too much money in their hand.
  4. What answer are you looking for? They announced CSC/BRM will be used for online gambling with goodgaming. It's in progress and may very well go live soon. To me this is a very significant direct use case of CSC.
  5. As well as several token deals. The foundation definitely has a couple relatively big announcements under their sleeves.
  6. CSC!CSC!CSC! Lots of moonbois. Nobody wants to sell because of the imminent use case.
  7. Also the foundation took measures to freeze the stolen funds, most likely to burn the 722 mil tokens forever. CFO stepped down. Both CFO and CEO Sunny Lu will forgo half of their 2020 compensation. https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-foundation-public-disclosure-c9bb03855d0e VET triple bottomed. Barring major BTC moves, VET is alright moving forward.
  8. We'll continue to talk about VET and other coins in this thread. The OP, Doc, Manbearpig, Madmax, etc. You're obviously very sour. You let it get into your nerves, you illogical, egotistical, fragile piece of work! Get your garbage outta here.
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