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  1. BTC went too fast for the beginning of the year. In 2017, BTC didn't reach the 3x ATH until the first week of June. This year it got to 3x ATH in March already so BTC has a lot of room to go down or just hooving around like now before it retakes 60k. If it breaks up, it will probably come down soon after. In a word, BTC price will be more or less the same for quite a while. say 2 months before going SOLO up again. We're now in a full fledged alts season, remember? So can we be sure the bull market will not end in the summer now? @automatic @Plikk
  2. That's not true. Over half of the shitcoins are still sitting at the very bottom sats value wise.
  3. You are one among many who believe what the propaganda machine feeds you. Key word: "black man" "Police" "Injustice" "Rascism" Very nice.
  4. NAH, BTC.D never up sharp all in a sudden. It will most likely stay where it is for some weeks and let money rotates between alts and let some mid-small capped alts catch up.
  5. Absolutely. Now it might be the good time to get in since it already dipped to 1/3-1/4 of the recent high. MC still only 800 mil.
  6. FCT appears to be dying since no exchange is trading it except Bittrex. And you forgot DENT, it's still 12x away from ATH after a 132x run from the very bottom. It's gonna be a 1000x coin
  7. Tell me one coin pump is not artificial, btc included. Did xrp pump because it creates real value so far? You xrp moonbois are laughable.
  8. lol, how about DENT, it ran a 60x.
  9. If you think XRP is hard to hold, look at OMG. It’s still pumped less than XRP.
  10. 10% is not much for BTC or any single coin, but if it's BTC.D it will make a HUGE difference for alts
  11. It might go to 25% this time around
  12. **** Joey Briben. He and the evil DemocRATs stole the election, control the MSM, judiciary, big tech, and is doing everything possible to lie, to gaslight, to ruin ordinary American’s life. They’ll all go to hell one day.
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