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  1. MQB

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Ripple wanted to fire Corey because Corey did not do a good job. His position is eliminated simply to save his face. Not sure ripple absolutely needs such a specific position. What Ripple needs are good public faces. Could be anything. Brad & Mr. Chubby are the best ones so far. Corey has been the only major ripple employee who I thought was a misfit. Good riddance.
  2. MQB

    2019 is winter

    What's the sentiment then? People were complaining 2-3 times increase was too little.
  3. You're rekt pretty bad Amigo 'cause you came to the game a little too late during the last round?
  4. MQB

    2019 is winter

    This thread is now closed for further discussion.
  5. Lies, Lies, and predictions from moon bois and fudstars
  6. Hear Hear But I won't sell, don't be cynical
  7. He specifically said "Bank" not "financial institution". The stupidity of the hopiumers has been enormous.
  8. Even this "fudstar" predicted there would be a spike to $1-1.5 EOY 2018. She's eviscerated to death. Look what we are now. And what happened to brad's "I have every confidence that at least one major BANK will use xRapid by EOY"? Which BANK? Is it going alive tomorrow?
  9. MQB


    Over the years I've learned that never argue with a lady about anything. It never ended well. A woman can never tolerate the filthiness of a man and a man can never tolerate the pettiness of a woman. So before you call me a sexist I'll say nothing else and just put you in my ignore list and wish you do the same. OK?
  10. MQB


    Oh yeah, sis. From now on I just need to think out loud part of my real thoughts except that J Katz is obviously a smart guy with great vision. As to who is gonna be the favorite lady's guy in the room before you know their net worth, I'll leave it to Leo & cohorts.
  11. MQB


    HAHAHA, guess who the cat is and who the mouse is.
  12. MQB


    When everybody expects so I am pondering the other way around.