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  1. Thanks for clarifying. Used the flare tool website or whatever it's called and all seems good.
  2. I've seen this thread a while ago and want to make sure I did what I had to do. I had already set FLR address and it says: "Spark claim: FLR xxx" Now I tried the procedure mentioned and it failed but that's probably because I already did it? I was under the impression that I had to do a new step now. Can someone confirm I did what was necessary? EDIT: and what date would the FLR be in my ETH wallet?
  3. Call has ended. Judge will look into the MOU issue. no further issues will be discussed.
  4. Do you live in a pineapple under the see? Or next to the pineapple under the see? Moron
  5. MercuryFX would not exist without Ripple. Or am I confusing them with another company? Don't think so.
  6. But honestly, I don't see bitcoin becoming outlawed. Typical FUD. Luckily Visa and mastercard will use the XRP ledger. Oh wait. that's Ethereum blockchain Bullish!
  7. It has been denied here continuously. I have been asked to bring proof that I've said this before and I said that it's even mentioned in those documents but some people just refuse to read anything and just accept what any yt hypeboi tells them. NOTE: I'm not talking about the other points in your reply. This is specific about the fact that FINCEN deeming it a currency does not mean SEC can't see it differently and so it's has no use in court or in any discussion about XRP being a security or about the SEC-Ripple lawsuit.
  8. You seemed to have missed a very important one: agency A can deem XRP 'X' while agency B can deem XRP 'B'. I'm sure it'll be forgotten in a nanosecond.
  9. Has discussed... so what was the conclusion? Not saying it can't be XRPL. But this doesn't prove anything.
  10. Who could have possibly thought that /s But let us search for another excuse how it'll be magically resolved in March, April, May, ... I seriously doubt they'll get to a settlement. And I hope they don't. Let's hope they can make this case one that gives clarity on XRP and bring it to court. If it can't bring clarity this is all just a huge waste of time and I don't see why we would focus on it. I'm glad I already had reduced my stack severely so I don't have to be bothered by the constant good news.
  11. Same shit for years now. Zoom out. Look at the ATH and where we are now.
  12. Chickening out already :s What's wrong with DYOR? Or are you just watching youtube videos from ScamIAm, DigitalAssInvestor and NoDoubtAboutItComonIn-guy? If there's no consequences then there's really no need to waste my time on it. I'll say it again and perhaps this time try to actually READ the sentence (perhaps word by word if that helps you comprehend): I DON'T WANT TO WASTE MY TIME ON IT. I want to make time for it but I don't want to waste it. This comes to mind:
  13. If you agree on getting your account deleted, together with the mods agreeing to delete your account if I prove it I'd be happy to go look for the document though.
  14. hahah not gonna fall for that one. I provide proof in my post history. I can waste my time looking for it, post it here, it'll be ignored and next topic the same will happen. Sometimes I do learn from my mistakes.
  15. Nope, not going to waste time on that as I see you're already failing to read what I wrote (and a lot of members here have dementia). DYOR. But thanks for your useful contribution.
  16. Another great contribution from our easily-triggered Ecne to this forum.
  17. I've mentioned the fact that the FINCEN ruling doesn't have any real bearing on the SEC for years. It was always laughed at. I believe it was even mentioned in the FINCEN document itself. Yet they intentionally and knowingly disregarded this. What strikes me though is the timing of this lawsuit. And not only that: allowing this to go on for many many years. I understand how it was seen as the SEC implicitly allowing it. It's not like XRP was some obscure coin. But yeah the SEC talking about BTC and ETH and not saying a word about XRP was a sign on the wall. How the SEC protects investors with this is still unclear though. About the SEC trying to settle: we don't know if the terms were in any way reasonable or not. About the move outside the USA: as everything in this cult this was seen as a good thing. Being cocky against the regulators always turns out great /s I don't know why Ripple said that. It was a stupid statement to make in every way. It was clear it's a bluff and meant to put pressure. But yeah they moved to Wyoming :p /s To me it was a desperate call to action. The SEC lawsuit didn't even ask for XRP to be deemed a security. Still bringing no regulatory clarity. But Gensler of course will just drop the lawsuit the moment he gets the job. There have been multiple statements over the years that were alarming (read: good news). Ripple has lost traction and it all started when Bob Way talked to people from SWIFT and told them what they were building with xCurrent (talking 2017 here when it was clear that SWIFT stole the idea and was launching SWIFT GPI). xCurrent was Ripple's main selling point to get onto Ripplenet and a stepping stone to xRapid/ODL. Then the 12 banks didn't happen (don't claim he didn't say it), ... And there were many more red flags (aka good news). No US ODL volume anymore now. Luckily Ripple's success is not dependent on the US and we have all those other countries that are so eager to use ODL for massive volumes. Wait... they're (still) not using ODL?!?! Even while it's been deemed a currency there and has regulatory clarity?!?! How odd. /s Yet we still/again hear about XRP going to 10 000 to 35 000 $. :s Makes me wonder why this forums is so divided in "moonbois" and "fudders". /s
  18. Or it might not and still go to court in October the earliest...
  19. As far as I know you can't undo history just yet. So how they will undo what happend x years ago with this...
  20. I'll keep it short and clear: No. This has been discussed many times and it keeps on being a stupid idea. If you want out of XRP or don't like it: sell your xrp and take a random other coin. I disagree with a lot of moonbois here but forking xrp ... Why you would even remotely think that @JoelKatz or @Wietse would be in on this?
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