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  1. Yeah I've seen that as well. I think those numbers are way more reasonable. At highest 100 or a few hundred$.
  2. I do get your idea. The problem that I have with it is that these valuations are always acting like XRP will take 100% of all type of transactions in the world. It'll not work. TPS is too low for doing "all transactions", Other blockchains might still take a significant part of value or the value might not be moved on XRPL but on private ledgers or be netted instead of grossed. I'm not going to act like I know. There's just too many factors to make predictions with. Especially if we're talking about new systems and a completely overhaul. Do you see Russia, China, ... all use XRP? From a USD world to an American XRP world? Secondly the chance of XRP succeeding is not 50%: it's not either XRP wins or it looses. Chances of succeeding could be 1%. There's no way to tell. Also making valuations based on what volume/use case might be there in 10 years is silly. Nuclear fusion would have been solved and commercially available decades ago. You don't really sum up both positive and negative. It's not 1000$ vs 0.15$. XRP completely succeeding vs completely failing would be 1000$ vs 0$. And that's a purely theoretic thing. Perhaps a reasonable "success" is reaching 30% of all transactions. In that case it's 300$ vs 0$. You don't sum up all reasons why this would succeed or why it would fail. I'm pretty sure if there would be ANY known private information that XRP will do all settlement for e.g. SWIFT insider trading would already have pushed XRP prices way higher. There's just no evidence yet that this will succeed at large scale, ... So talking 1000$ is possible if X, Y, Z ... is ridiculous. Let's go to 1$ first based on usage. That would already be an extreme success.
  3. Is it me or is the delusionalo-meter getting higher again these days? The sentiment for XRP seems to be on both sides: 1. positive: I see newbies coming in on different channels (XRP chat, youtube, Reddit, ...). Again stupid price predictions. There was a thread here about "the fuse has been lit" and boy has this kid been wrong over and over and over again (I believe over the course of multiple years). 2. negative: most people who've been in this for 3 years. This gives me flashbacks to bg123 589+ riddles and the following 2k$ May 2019 predictions. Just zoom out. 5 years chart. And see where we are before talking about 1000$. That's extremely unlikely even if (a random) youtuber with (no knowledge whatsoever) tells you so. Even if XRP does very well I see this as impossible. Unless the whole galaxy switches to XRP of course.
  4. Yeah Ripple doing market manipulation would be really stupid.
  5. If you're using the bithomp transaction explorer: this seems to be broken. It worked in the past but now transactions do process but are still "not found" or something similar.
  6. Just incredible how the last pages are barely on topic just discussing how XRP/Ripple is bad/good and succeeding/failing. Again the trolls trying to derail every conversation. Now waiting for a mod to close a well intended topic...
  7. They should be but they aren't. Welcome to the real world I'm also very sure you know we're not talking about people with contrary opinions. We're talking about those who tend to derail the whole topic after which mods sometimes lock a topic and the conversation is over for those who actually want to debate.
  8. Discussing news that has no impact on the price is perfectly fine to me. And I also agree on permanent topics for "Is XRP a security" and "Is Ripple a scam". On the condition that people get banned from they topics if they don't bring anything to the conversation and if they're just hostile/name-calling (from both sides).
  9. EDIT: nvm. I know what you mean. They use a character that's very similar so visually it looks like ripple.com while in fact it's a different domain. Anyway. The moment they start talking about staking you know it's a scam. Same for giveaways. Same for when they ask for private keys.
  10. Not only that: he's clearly steering away from the topic. There should be a possibility for mods to ban a person from a topic once they get too toxic and steer the conversation away. That's how we can revive XRPchat. Not by making every topic how Ripple is a scam and XRP is a security. Those have been discussed in countless topics over a year or 2. If you want to discuss it again because you got new information then he should open a new topic.
  11. Apparently not since nothing happened for the past 7 years. Or do they wait for that 10th year anniversary? Still completely off-topic. Just copy paste your messages and put them in all threads you can find.
  12. What does this have to do with the topic in any way? You're one of those people that derail every topic into a fight. You really wish for some reason XRP is going to be deemed a security (it's not, the SEC and others had years to intervene if the 3rd largest crypto was a security).
  13. So from gold to fiat or from crypto to CDBC. We have that right now. Well in the end they save money. They don't really spend it. Using money to get more money doesn't mean you're spending it. Nor does any of those wealthy people go anywhere near 100% in stocks or other risk assets. Yes they save. Either in fiat, gold or bonds. Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on 137 billion $ of cash. Basically all millionairs and billionairs are in gold (directly or indirectly). It's only the lower and middle class that would take tremendous risks (like us in the crypto market) by having their vast majority of wealth in risk assets.
  14. Yes seeing a lot of people that I didn't see posting the last half/full year come out of the woodwork. I like it.
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