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  1. True. But IIRC it's based on the volume from last week or something like that. So the moment the momentum goes away he still gets that amount of XRP to sell. It might indeed net out in the end.
  2. So what you're saying is that the volume does not correlate with the price right? You can think there's a delayed reaction of months or that there's just no correlation. For XRP we always have a counterweight for price being Jed's sales. The higher volume we do, the more he can sell and push down the price. Anyway he'll get rich.
  3. This also proves something else: 50x the volume apparently doesn't move the price to 22.5. So volume is clearly not a factor or still way to low to make a dent in XRP. Yes the price got higher the last few days but there's nothing to back it apart from speculation. The price after last rally was the same as before the previous one: approx. 20 or 30 cents. So it seems more logical to expect that it can reach the previous ATH. Perhaps higher since crypto is more accessible and accepted but still nothing to back the price Although I would be happy if it went to 22$ :p
  4. Indeed. might stop at 50 cents, 30, 20, 10, perhaps even 1 cent?
  5. 589 EOY 2018! 10k May 2019! Ow wait, it's 0.6 EOY 2020. Just a small miscalculation Perhaps that's why nobody cares.
  6. Yeah liquidity index/utility-scan is up over the past few weeks. But not by large amounts. I wouldn't correlate that increase with the increase in price. I wonder if it would have to do with people using XRP to go in and out of BTC. BTW the utility volume is still insanely lower in comparison with total volume.
  7. The price going up is just gambling/speculation likely. Or someone with insider knowledge but I doubt that since I expect people with this kind of money that would move the price to be more sophisticated and so not buy all at once. I do see a small uptrend on ODL traffic but that's still waaaay to low to explain a pump. And that growth is not exponential either. Feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hey last time BTC went to 20k XRP went to 3.5$, and now it's lower than the start of the previous rally so it has more room to grow. I'm not saying it couldn't go back to previous ATH but a
  8. I think I did back in the days. But can't recall anything that was in it so I'll reread
  9. I guess I read that completely wrong. My apologies @xerxesramesepolybius
  10. Did the price of XRP more than half from Q2 to Q3? net of purchases is "equal" while ODL sales more than doubled.
  11. Why is it a bluff only now? If Trump == certainty why would they do the effort to move or bluff to move? And so for Biden == uncertainty: if it's not bluff they'll move right away. There were 4 permutations, 2 ruled out and only them moving proves it was not a bluff. I doubt the president has that much to do with this. The tune around crypto has completely changed.
  12. I feel sorry for them too. That's what annoys me so much about the youtubers and the general mindset here. It's as if this was a done deal 3 years ago and without risk. The talks about crazy valuations based on simplistic views, ... And to this day it still seems to be the case. And it's probably people who needed the money the most that are more likely to have fallen for this. Everybody hopes for a bull market. "fill your bags when it's cheap" Let's hope XRP is one of the key digital assets with high value.
  13. No worries. 589 EOY 2018 bruv! It's remarkable that people start topics about other forum members because they disagree. Shows what a nice and useful community this is OP should be banned and this topic removed.
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