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  1. Well say that we're tracking it wrongly. And we're off by a 100 fold (since they flipped the switch and we can see all transactions but we still fail to notice that they did /s): is that good news? Or even worse news? Hey we have 100x more demand than you guys think but price is still completely defined by speculation. And if it's even less that's bad news too. However you turn it there's no increased demand for XRP. These corridors are not growing. Apparently Ripple had a great thing going using ODL for doing treasury payments and it was hugely successful (that seems to have been the con
  2. I'm sure some "TA expert" will tell you all these charts are uberbullish and they're clearly pointing upwards to XRP 10 000$ november 2020. Just the flip of the switch by the IMF during SWELL (hope this year they fix the button). For now the price is suppressed of course. Just keep on buying the flash sale while it's cheap :p
  3. Quick message scamiam and the like: R3's mentioned so it must be XRP and XRP only! Next conspiracy incoming.
  4. Moonboi logic right there I'll create an XRP clone and make 100billion tokens. I'll lock up none of them and then say that there's definitely demand because 100billion are in circulation :p
  5. A month or 2 ago I said something similar that we're not out the downwards spiral yet. Then all of a sudden we had a market rise. I still see no reason why it wouldn't go to 11 cents (which is still way overpriced since adoption has not picked up and usage is still extremely low).
  6. So are you using "that" API yet? I don't really get how this great API with all these ODL benefits has not taken of yet. Or perhaps still is under development. You export 200 000 000 ? Or 200 k? Do you have small or bigger purchases? That number doesn't say too much unless it's 200m (I bet it's the first). This could all very well be true and be positive but my main point it stays what it is: future potential. At some point that potential has to turn into something real. Again, I'm not seeing it yet. And Ripple first spending time on trying large treasury payments and then pivoting t
  7. Of course I'm still waiting for fundamentals dummy :p you really don't want any of that? We're in the hype moonboi phase again so fundamentals sadly don't matter for the time being. I'm waiting for your roulette money for now though. And then after the bubble bursts again and we go back to x million actual utility volume per day I'll go back in. I'm sure you'll hold and ride it right back to 20 cents together with the x million in daily volume. Noticed the volume going up any week after they've shut down that extremely hugely successful XRP promotion? You might have some different charts
  8. Haha, sure you've done some very HARD RESEARCH LIKE BRAD KYMES. Why so upset over an asset that goes to 10000$? Your POST HISTORY shOWs all the REALLY HARD reSSEArCh you've DOnE. for sure come on in no doubt about it.
  9. Exactly my point. I'd doubt that too. It would be very negative for their image. But that operational expense seems to come again to the point where the system is not self-sustainable at this point. While some argue they're buying back XRP because they'll go public, which I think is ridiculous.
  10. Well they do have like, I dunno 60 or 70% of all XRP? So why buy it when you have it to sell it? Every month 1 billion goes back into escrow. Why would they do that if not for manipulating (and perhaps stabilising) the price?
  11. Well there is no mass retail XRP adoption. :s There's just speculators. Ripple is not working retail use-cases. And they're the most likely to drive price for XRP. Even people in crypto don't use crypto to pay for things (please don't start about those very few exceptions as we're talking about "mass retail adoption"). I'm not talking about xrpchat. I'm seeing the moonbois and ridiculous numbers are coming back up and pie in the skies over all crapto-media. It has died a bit out for a while but they're back. This is the next wave. And they'll end up here again creating topics "the fuse
  12. That was posted like more than a month ago. I had it with a transaction I did. I tried some others from the past that also were processed and had the same issue. The XRP already arrived but still gave me that error. Can't and won't give transaction information Perhaps it was a temporary thing.
  13. I'm aware but thanks for confirming. Usually hypothesizing is on the positive side here. It could be negative too. This will literally be the source for another 10 conspiracy theories since they left out how much, why, ... If it's for stabilising the price this is not good news since they mentioned they didn't want to manipulate the market but they would now be doing just that. It would mean they had to remove that principle to make the whole chain healthy again.
  14. For a minute I thought you were serious :p
  15. Don't lie to yourself No 10 to 100 people company is likely to use RippleNet. You can't just count the number of SMEs in a country and say they're going to join RippleNet and use XRP. A huge part of those SMEs are national or within euro zone or USD. So you only have the medium sized businesses left. If they want to spend a few million on joining RippleNet and then probably a few 100k$ to implement it in their workflow. Of course the grocery store around the corner with 10 or 20 employees will implement RippleNet and do cross border transactions :p /s Most of these companies haven't
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