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  1. I don't mind your opinion but I do wonder what you're doing on a xrp centric message board.
  2. I don't get why this is posted here. I don't understand why the title says "Ripple avoids securities question" while how I read it it's quite the opposite. They say it's not a security. So they don't avoid it.
  3. So SWIFT doesn't service Pakistan? To be clear: I don't know. But if they are on SWIFT I don't see an issue with being on RippleNet.
  4. Also best to use a LiveDVD (can also be made for USB or MicroSD) so you're sure no modifications have been done on your system. And verify the checksum.
  5. I suppose there is a deadline for the court to make a decision based on this. So either say it's valid and dismiss the case or decline the request to dismiss and wait until the actual trial. Just like there is a deadline for Ripple/... to respond.
  6. How long could it take for further action from the courts because of this update? A quarter? A year?
  7. So if market volume goes x4, that means the volume Ripple can sell next week (when the market is back to normal) is also x4. So logically that gives downwards pressure (more than someone would initially think). Luckily they've lowered the programmatic sales and don't do it based on CMC anymore. Don't have the exact numbers so I might be totally of.
  8. Is there any way to save these videos? (I mean on my hard drive or something) The crowd asked some really interesting questions that shed some more light on how this all works. Really nice video.
  9. You're right. I thought there were no specific plans to roll it out though. I should go back to that thread about the patent in Bobs Book Club.
  10. I think he said there was no (immediate) plan to deploy it and that it was more a defensive thing. It was a method and they patented it, but they don't have to use a patent. When they say in this video that MMs are interested even without the incentives I don't know if it'll actually be deployed. Although it could speed up liquidity build-up.
  11. Great catch! Thanks for sharing with us. This makes me feel bullish long term again. Hearing her say that MM are already interested without incentives from Ripple means they're having the engine started.
  12. These crypto sites are unbearable. Always bending things.
  13. I think that was Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. The liquidity needs to be built, so yes it won't immediately be fully up to speed. But if it's only MGI using the corridor I believe we'll have a limited liquidity increase (there's only x amount of payments in each corridor). We need more companies in each corridor for the network effect to take place. Indeed and this utility volume is a good thing. There's weekends/holidays/EOM/... which make it obvious this can't be a straight line or just a parabolic graph. There's also only x amounts of MGI transfers (it's not like all of a sudden migrant workers earn double and therefor transfers double). We just can't expect to keep going up. We might hit the ceiling (for one corridor and having only one major xRapid customer in this corridor) sooner than some expect.
  14. This is something that's not appreciated in this community: telling that XRP is a bigger risk than they're portraying and that it could as well go totally south. But let me get my positive pants on: SBI said they will be using XRP for cross-border transactions and MGI is using XRP on the ledger. I have to say that's very positive news in my eyes. Let's see if they can fire up more corridors. That would prove it's beneficial and might trigger others to start using xRapid as well. So I'd wait another Q or 2 and see where we are at that time. But having the legal status not cleared up could allow competitors to catch up with Ripple and XRP (again something that's not appreciated when you say it). I hoped this would be resolved last year but obviously I've been way to positive on that
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