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  1. Yeah but the article above insinuates that the 22 percent rise is due to ODL. So that's clearly a lie just like 95% of the crypto news. Calling Finblr "Ripple powered" is even a lie as they only have a deal and nothing of actual work done yet. Perhaps it's good to have a crypto "news" ban list for sites as these that continuously spread false information for clicks.
  2. I thought the medical issues were going better, that he was recovering, would fully recover and that only some values were off but the tumor was successfully fought off. I'm not on twitter/... so I might have missed some updates he posted elsewhere. Hoping for the best then and keeping fingers crossed!
  3. I hope before 2022 I see a sign of accelerated adoption of ODL. And after that banks that use XRP directly (which I think is still pretty unlikely). Let's hope we get some regulatory clarity in the US but this could push XRP/Ripple back another few years. In the mean time this allows others to bring something else to the market.
  4. Just wondering after looking/waiting for new stuff to come on this book club and hoping Bob would come back if this club is just dead or ... It's been since August or earlier. I hoped for the XRP community to live up again with Bob Way "leading the way" and making people enthusiastic about the XRPL again.
  5. There's no way to know if that will repeat and if it does if it'll be 33x. But I'd be very happy for sure :p
  6. That's an intermediate step to the final solution: holding XRP as treasury. Then using ODL to go from XRP directly to whatever currency you want on the fly. Or even just send XRP without conversion anymore.
  7. He/she might just be a sensible person and keep it in the middle. Still it's not because that's his view that he could be missing out on the potential there is. Even we do not know the potential. That potential might be smaller or bigger than we think.
  8. That quote indeed doesn't look good. On the other hand I do wonder, how do we know Ripple did not overshoot the amount of XRP? It was semi arbitrary. We don't know if there will be demand for that much XRP. XLM is already a long time dead in the water to me. XRP and Ripple isn't. But we don't have a crystal ball.
  9. I think that's factually untrue. If they made the tokens inaccessible that's something else than going against the protocol's rules that there's X amount of tokens. To create more you actually need a protocol change. For reducing supply you don't.
  10. Interesting stuff. Didn't know that. So how do you know it's a blackhole address? Is it an address to which the private keys are thrown away? How can you be sure that it's no longer accessible? Or is a keychange done to some obviously bad private key (like all zeros)?
  11. I think they're a bad example if there's actual utility and possible future supply is reduced to half then I do believe that allows the network effect to kick in earlier. It will give more trust that value will not be diluted. On the other hand I do worry more about the influence of the holdings of Jed and Kris tbh and how they affect sentiment.
  12. Why sue Ripple? It's a company. They don't own the XRP ledger :s This makes no sense.
  13. Me neither. But it's not a crypto so it's logical :p I don't mind the guy. It's good to have some opposites on a panel.
  14. Ripple is one of the parties that BoE is working with. BoE wants a level playing field and want to enable a system with multiple players in the market. Ripple is one of them and it's not exclusive. Have you been listening to youtubers that claim Ripple will rule everything? This is way more risky than many are claiming (talking about XRP mainly here).
  15. Ripple plays into market demand. That doesn't mean the crisis is a setup. Or do I misread your comment?
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