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  1. So won't competitors be able to read it anyway? Other projects could pass it to people which are more knowledgeable on patents (because they file themseves). So is the better approach not to have mentioned it in the first place?
  2. That was one of my questions ( unanswered comment in your introductory post). I've never seen anything really reliable. SamIAm is expert in taking him seriously.
  3. I honestly think this is way to optimistic thinking. Yes the derivatives market might be 1.x quadrillion in value. It doesn't mean that 1.x quadrillion of money is flowing around. Derivatives can inflate something of 10$ value to e.g. tenfold by having multiple contracts that equal each other out. Sorry I'm not very good at explaining this but having 100% of the derivatives market does not mean 1.x quadrillion will flow around.
  4. SquaryBone

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay, Sorry if my comment is inconsistent. Just too many things are going through my head and it's difficult to write these down in a coherent story. First: Thanks for joining the forum and answer so many questions. I hope your health issues will soon be over (this is not just being polite, I genuinly hope everything will work out and I truly believe your health is someone's most precious possession). For me Ripple has mostly been publicly embodied by David Schwartz and Brad Garlinghouse so far. You'd almost forget that Ripple is full of top-notch talented people and I'm happy seeing you on this forum (together with the silly picture: nice heels btw ;p). It shows that so much more hard work is going on at Ripple behind the scene. After being a month into crypto I realised XRP and Ripple are the way to go (at least to me). For these reasons: - use-case (major +) - customers - top notch team (with people at the top of their industry; major +) - working with the system (major +) - not just a crypto but a product around it (xRapid, xCurrent, xVia) - no need for me "bugging" people about it and help adoption (I don't need to talk about crypto to anyone or convince them to buy and hold X or Y; I'm very reluctant to get anyone involved into crypto because if it goes south they'll blame me for sure :p) - value will come from use and not just speculation or "pump and dump" - liquidity - on-ledger transaction speed I'm aware XRP is much more than Ripple however I still feel like they're going to be the major value creator for it. So these are my questions/rants/... : - Although I'm really bullish on XRP and Ripple I "fear" IBM/Stellar. I've seen a video a few weeks or so ago and it seems they have the exact same pitch and use-case as Ripple with the exception that they don't "endorse" any specific asset. So it could be CBDC, Bitcoin, Lumens, XRP, ... I actually felt quite offended that it seems like they just copy-cat Ripple. IBM is very big, has a lot of resources at its disposal and has existing connections with a lot of banks. With Stellar being so similar to XRPL it does make me wonder. Does it worry you? What's your view on this? What's your view on Stellar? How far apart are the IBM solutions from those provided by Ripple? How do you think Ripple differentiates from IBM/Stellar? I'm aware that you're not very keen on talking about this but I think it has to be addressed. One positive side to this is that it really proves Ripple has a valid use-case. - Is Ripple doing a top-down or bottom-up approach? So are they looking into integrating their software with major players and so smaller players will automatically be involved or getting the smaller ones on the wagon first. The latter seems like an implementation nightmare. - Do you feel Ripple is really competition to Swift? - How do you see the partnership with R3? Is it because Ripple feels some heat and so they have to move forward to keep the edge? - Do you feel the regulatory issues/uncertainty takes away a strategic edge of Ripple? So do you feel that it allows competitors to close the gap with Ripple and XRP? - Did you or other Ripple employees ever discuss BG123(bearableguy123)? To clarify: an anonymous person makes riddles with all sorts of outlandish claims. Of course these riddles are easily interpreted in numerous ways. Some say he has been predicting major things(although I've never seen any proof of that happening except for broad interpretations of vague riddles). One of his claims was that XRP would hit 589 EOY (EOY 2018). That clearly didn't come to fruition. Some even believed that this would happen in the last (few) day(s) of the year. Now there are claims of +2k XRP by May. Some people strongly believe he's an insider at Ripple (I honestly think that's horsesh**, probably he's making some educated guesses). What's your view? I don't even think XRP could ever hit 589 USD (or at least not in the coming 5 to 10 years). Anyway this sounds extremely unlikely to happen. Some youtubers have been feeding into this ****. SamIAm is one of them (although he has some other content that explains some theories). There have been videos from Suzy (Esoteric Trading Solutions). At first glance she sounds legit. I honestly thinks she has the experience she claims. She was talking about an initial evaluation of 3xx USD per XRP. She basically said XRP would be deemed a security and based on that she made a valuation. I believe she's wrong but at least she gave some insight in some of the bank processes (I don't think I've seen anyone else ever cover that). In your view, do these claims rather hurt the XRP ecosystem or do you see no harm? I honestly am not very positive about the youtube community we have (well actually for crypto in general). They jump to conclusions, are totally biased, everything that happens is positive for Ripple and XRP, seem to not understand escrow release transactions, any valuations are usually very simplistic, ... - There is a PDF paper with XRP and bitcoin valuations based on some models (there was actually some kind of calculator as well where you could tweak the parameters). The paper was written by Ripple or at least someone who was appointed by Ripple. (I have the shortcut somewhere but I'd have to search for it so let me know if you'd need the link). In this pdf there was a valuation of 30$ XRP in 5 or 10 years if Ripple had X% of the market. That was in case Ripple would be very successful in executing their idea. Do you think this is too conservative? These still seem like great returns to me but I usually get headwind when mentioning this while others seem to expect 100, 589 or 1000$ USD XRP. - Marketcap: what do you think about the marketcap metric in crypto? Do you think it is a valid metric? I know what it means: number of tokens * last traded token value, so it doesn't equal to the amount of fiat that has entered the market. Still I think that high valuations of XRP like 100 USD or more are unlikely due to a psychological barrier. Do you think this will be a barrier? Same goes for Jed's holdings (sorry to bring this up). With those holdings he might become one of the richest people. - BTC vs XRP: what always bothered me about XRP is that nodes need a UNL. 1) this list will likely be the default so only the nodes on the default list are relevant. Doesn't this UNL pose a threat? If a new version of the XRPL software becomes available nodes need to update within a week or 2. If you don't agree with these changes you don't update. Not updating "removes" you from being part of the ledger. You might now have reduced the UNL to nodes which might have a different agenda and push their own changes. This mechanism has never been really clear to me. 2) XRP does away with the mining but that mining gives some very specific properties that I still feel like XRP doesn't have. I don't have too much issues with this per se due to the "work within the system" mentality. You'll likely need to trust some peers anyway. This seems very true for financial institutions, central banks and the like. As you mentioned yourself BTC can be operated fully by anonymous nodes and to me that seems like a more resillient/decentralized system. I'm aware about the mining being xx% in China but I still feel that's magnified because bringing up China to some Americans seems to be stopping critical thinking (just like Russia) I want to emphasise that I don't mean to disrespect anyone. - Do you feel that XRP, if it wants to be or becomes a supranational currency, would need to be backed by something tangible (like gold)? - BTC vs BCH and BSV: do you feel like there's any right for BCH and BSV to exist? I'd say that if BSV or BCH become successful it has proven that BTC is a failed experiment. BTC should be resillient to all sorts of attacks and BCH and BSV are to me an attack on trying to take control over bitcoin by using the brand recognition while bringing little to no added value. - If you'd had to choose to either have Ripple stocks or XRP, what would you prefer? I honestly would prefer stocks. - Can XRP be adopted around the world by major nations like China, Russia, ...? Would Ripple, being an American company, refrain these countries from adopting it? I still didn't see anyone mentioning the patent that explains a method to distribute XRP without it pulling the market down. Thank you very much to read this far and I wish you a splendid day.
  5. But they don't use the public ethereum ledger if i understand correctly. I think they just used the source code and deployed a ledger internally.
  6. By the time they go live it'll be 1 trillion in nostro vostro [emoji14]
  7. Actually not very impressed. basically everyone heard about cryptocurrency last year. It's was continuously all over the news.
  8. That's a good number of people. They'd feel ok. Doesn't mean they intend to buy it.
  9. Tx for the info but doesn't really answer my question.
  10. No offense but how many similarly sized banks are there in middle east? I have no clue but e.g. there are only 60 it's easy to make such a list so it might be telling very little.
  11. 300 FIs on xrapid brings on the network effect. This is more or less what BG said. No, not referring to the retarded ridler.
  12. It has been told here by many people over and over and over again that these predictions are way too optimistic and based on nothing. They act like what ripple does with xrp is a done deal and a piece of cake and will gain 100000s %. Truth is there is no guarantee on gains. But these down-to-earth replies have always been welcomed by "you're fudding"-comments. I personally believe it'll go well past 2 dollars again however the time frame in which this will happen could be longer than expected. Xrapid is only getting started and regulatory clarity is still not in place. So I'd give it at least another 2 years. Never invest more than you're willing to loose, they say but from what I read this is not the case. If it is you could put it into perspective: you lost "90%" of value, do you want to bet the other 10% that ripple and xrp will be successful in the future? Do you believe they'll be successful? ( I honestly do but my doubt to fail keeps me from putting too much money in this). You can always partly sell your holdings too.
  13. No, he's in a boat running away from the fight. What a hero, dodging responsibility for not paying taxes. Getting a gullible base to save his butt. Idiot 2020! So you're saying he's going to be the next President?
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