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  1. Every bank in that group also uses swift. We jump to easily to conclusions. These banks might be comparing ripplenet with a swift product. Just to see if they would continue working with ripple. I'm not trying to be a party pooper but I believe it's good to also think how this could pan out negatively. It gives a wider view on things.
  2. Because we assume it's using ripplenet. Something might be done behind the scenes that does not involve ripplenet or xrp. And if this would be about xrp price would have already have this calculated in due to insider trading.
  3. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that swift took the idea from ripple to build swift gpi. If they didn't have that ripple would be taking away all their customers. Right now they have less advantage.
  4. Absolutely. And he doesn't seem to learn from these mistakes :s He's just desperate to get confirmation and to get a huge increase so he could say: told you so and saving his ass in the process.
  5. Yeah he's unbearable at times (pun intended).He's so emotionally attached to his "investment" and very biased. These YouTubers will turn any news in good news. They act like this is a done deal and can't accept that there will be competitors in this market. Anything that doesn't fit his narrative he shrugs of and says: do your own research. He still believes in this bearable guy after he failed him so many times. Yet he still says all bg123 said was true apart from the price prediction :s
  6. So for how much volume percentage wise of the total reported volume are these 95 % exchanges responsible?
  7. I've read so many posts, I've probably read it but it didn't stick This space is totally new so I feel like nobody really knows. Those that claim they know generally oversimplify or even if they don't it's still complex, easy to overlook factors and difficult to predict market dynamics. It's very clear to me (even since my first month in crypto) that Ripple and XRP are best positioned for this. It can still fail but this is our best shot. Both from a technical, leadership and vision perspective. (I had posted a comment on your welcome post: There's only one contender for me that has the resources for this: IBM paired with Stellar. (also see my initial response to your welcome post) Stellar is very similar to the XRP ledger, Jed has some knowledge on Ripple, IBM has the people for patents, people to implement solutions, connections with banks, ... They also create a more open ecosystem with WorldWire where they don't "prefer" any asset (or that's at least how they said it). I have actually 3 ways of seeing this in a positive light for XRP: 1) IBM is really not interested in XLM and the stellar team is on their own for trying to get it adopted 2) or they feel another asset will probably be more fit for purpose (at least for now). I'm thinking about stablecoins, XRP, bitcoin (due to the higher liquidity; I've watched a video from IBM and I've had the feeling they said: go look somewhere else and that liquidity is very important). 3) Jed seems to have stopped selling XRP and is leaving the Stellar shizzle. Perhaps he realizes that this is a "dead-end street". What I see as a positive for IBM WorldWire is: 1) they allow any asset and so can bootstrap their network and for potential customers it might look more attractive due to no "vendor lock-in"/freedom of choice (admittedly this is not really vendor lock-in but you probably get my point). Perhaps IBM is not our biggest worry but I still think a lot of us are anxious for Ripple to get things rolling on the XRP ledger (as in seeing XRP adoption). The "Give us a sign" feeling If I understand your remark correctly the patent will allow for "amplification" of the volume/usage of the XRP ledger based on the existing usage. So the more XRP transactions, the more effective this tool becomes, but deploying the tool on itself will not be a magic potion to get things bootstrapped. The patent describes a method that could create an avalanche effect (network effect) when there's enough traction, hence your call out to get the community involved in the ecosystem and don't sit by idle (so that this is still key to get the engine running)? Thank you very much for the tremendous effort you're doing here. I wouldn't/don't have the energy to do what you do.
  8. Yes really. It's a support person. Santander already confirmed it's NOT XRP and NOT xRapid.
  9. How many times does this need to happen :s It's ridiculous that we didn't seem to get more careful after the so many-th time.
  10. So won't competitors be able to read it anyway? Other projects could pass it to people which are more knowledgeable on patents (because they file themseves). So is the better approach not to have mentioned it in the first place?
  11. That was one of my questions ( unanswered comment in your introductory post). I've never seen anything really reliable. SamIAm is expert in taking him seriously.
  12. I honestly think this is way to optimistic thinking. Yes the derivatives market might be 1.x quadrillion in value. It doesn't mean that 1.x quadrillion of money is flowing around. Derivatives can inflate something of 10$ value to e.g. tenfold by having multiple contracts that equal each other out. Sorry I'm not very good at explaining this but having 100% of the derivatives market does not mean 1.x quadrillion will flow around.
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