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  1. Yeah. I don't think Alex would intentionally do this though (of course you never know) but I can believe someone could prank him like that. But we don't have any prove anymore apart from a blurry screenshot (it's like when people spot UFOs and the camera automatic-sensing goes to potato-quality). Really difficult to actually validate this was legit or not. I said it before: Ripple could just have ignored him. Having that video up on youtube wouldn't reach anyone of Ripple's target audience. So why do the effort and confirm it's true in the mean time.
  2. Exactly. That's why I believe views should be open. If it's blind faith than there's no need for information. No positive nor negative information. To me information is only useful/information if it's complete. And filtering out information (be it between the lines) that's contrarian makes it incomplete. That just results in confirmation bias. Agreed at some point it's easy to be contrarian. But there has been so much misinformation, connecting the dots, ... that we should be cautious. But I understand your frustration that it's easy to just write one sentence and you'd have to prove yourself. (I had it a week ago but the other side around when I had to prove something everyone being here for years should have seen Brad Garlinghouse say and I still had to prove it, afterwards the thread got closed) It's difficult to have a (balanced) conversation if everyone goes into defensive mode right away. Those who work the hardest to me are the ones that actually do something with the XRP ledger. Like WietseWind, Ripple, SBI, ... But yeah, I do appreciate some people sifting through all these documents. "Ain't nobody got time for that". Sadly that research is frequently pulled out of context, over-hyped and misrepresented. When this goes on for years that makes everyone very skeptical (and rightfully so). And to me it's mostly very thin. But that's my opinion. I'm waiting for the news new corridors and volume coming up. Some "hard facts" of a trend and when one CB actually announces using XRP ledger This document to me is an example that XRP and ETH have the abilities probably because they're broadly known. In the meantime I'll keep my stack and wait. Cheers. PS: I don't dislike what you posted. Just skeptical
  3. Just wondering (I didn't read the document) if you have a specific paragraph or in what sense they're dismissive. Or are you talking not specifically to this document? (genuine questions)
  4. Why would he sell if he wants to hold XRP? There's other use-cases than CDBC, like reserve currency and SDR, ... (just joking) I think what he says is fine and we should be cautious: mentions are not endorsements. Contrarians do add value in removing blind spots.
  5. Every xrp youtuber out there: "Oh boy, here I go speculating again!"
  6. There's an extra chip in the ledgers. It's never 100% secure. But there's no "seal" like on a trezor that has to be intact and that can be faked. As long as you make sure you got your seed from the ledger you're good (so the seed has not been preconfigured, which has already happened). also make sure to buy from the official site.
  7. I'm honestly not that fond of paper wallets either. Ink might fade, you have to print it at some point (either when being online or offline, could be in your printer memory for some time). That's why I always recommend a Nano Ledger. The 24 word secret is generated by the hardware and you write it down in ballpoint pen and put that in a vault at the bank (or somewhere hidden very well with no indication what it is). If either of these gets damaged you still have a very high likelyhood of recovering the the wallet and at no point in time the secret gets in contact with your other electronic devices (not with any operation). All depends on the amounts though. If you have 50$ XRP and you believe it'll go to 500$ (total value) it might (still) not be worth it for you.
  8. Completely agree. I'd say that any company would preferably have "anonymous" transactions unless they are required to be completely transparent. Why would you as a company let someone look into your cards and mine your data? I'd love to hear from someone at Ripple what the intention is about this amendment.
  9. Guess we have completely different opinions Alex is one of the worse ones out there to me. I have to say it's hilarious to see how he gets completely hyped when he sees some candles going up, acting like NOW it'll go to 589. He usually makes me think about text2speech software.
  10. Haha those mistakes are evil. April fools I guess?
  11. Yeah it's really simple. They thought these would have to done by a genius like bg123 so he must have been "in the know". While "anyone" in software engineering could do this. He used some more of those tricks like putting data in images which is a well known thing. Perhaps you were BG123 all along
  12. What about it? I don't see 589EOY 2018 so why is it still being discussed?
  13. No offense but it's like an a/b/c question and your answer is : yes :-p "Q: What color do you want it to be?" "A: yes"
  14. Exactly my point indeed It's like the 2 are correlated. and about the manure, I do wonder how they're going to cash out those 25 million XRP. Won't be through exchanges. Should be in small quantities because anybody with enough cash to buy that would know something's fishy and stay away from it.
  15. From what I understand Xumm would do exactly that. For free. Which is quite astonishing. @WietseWind can you confirm?
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