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  1. That's a requirement for ODL to be effective and efficient. There will need to be a significant ramp up indeed. Now how will they ramp this up? This is what MGI CEO told about: they want to move faster but Ripple can't. It's not because XRP needs more liquidity that it will get more liquidity. I have the feeling these are often switched.
  2. Being in from november 2017 is not that early. Early for general adoption, sure. But where on that curve is a big question. I don't see that much merit in this post. I'm following that same train of thought (but I don't believe this was specifically about XRP). Although I do wonder why they were allowed to run an unregistered security for so long. If it was clear that they sold an unregistered security why did the SEC not subpoena Ripple? It's only the biggest economy in the world, that's all I can't imagine this wouldn't have a major impact.
  3. I like the style. Just a bit tired of that comparison.
  4. Pretty sure this is not going to happen anymore (which I find really sad). Something happened and Bob doesn't seem to be interested in this project anymore it seems (something personal or something Ripple related probably). Didn't hear from him for like 6 months. I'd expect him to have at least at some point a few minutes to tell that he won't continue with this project or that it'll be on hold for half a year or something.
  5. Wouldn't that imply that Ripple will either merge or be bought out? And imply that they'll be merging/bought out by a very big player because the leadership will clearly come from the other entity as Ripple's leadership team is getting smaller.
  6. Let's hope Ripple stays "neutral" instead become a product that's even more competed. Wouldn't a buyout by Google end the journey for XRP?
  7. So taken that this act would be ratified (I don't know the correct terminology), what would it or wouldn't it mean for XRP? Is this what's keeping Ripple and XRP from being used more broadly or ... What's this act actually about?
  8. That's one of the points on which I'm a bit clueless on what to think about it too. At this rate it'll take a very long time to get these reserves on the market, although the demand could ramp up "quickly". Then again, Ripple is in no way obliged to sell at a certain rate. They could just keep it for 50 years. I also believe they said it's not their goal to sell all XRP in escrow. Another idea is that some of that XRP might already be allocated in a contract (this is pure speculation) until there's decent custody solutions/... Anyway, I do feel Ripple can only benefit from a higher value of XRP (especially as Ripple and some employees hold so much of it). So I don't see why they would just dump it. We'll have to see how it unfolds I guess.
  9. The idea of ODL is going to market and buy there. IIRC Ripple is not selling directly anymore. Can't say anything about the contracts they have to incentivize (potential) partners though. I do hope we don't need that 1bn XRP /month to be sold out or we're in for a decade but yeah, who knows.
  10. An individual transaction does not have a net increase in supply and demand. But an increasing number of transactions does. The number of transactions/volume done through ODL will increase when it's being cheaper than the traditional rails. And the more liquidity and deeper the orderbooks the more competitive it will be and so demand for ODL will increase, resulting in increased transactions and increased demand for XRP. More XRP is tied up in transactions and changes hands and stashes need to be replenished. ODL is a bootstrap (what I call phase-2 in total of 3 phases). At the current scale this effect is not there. But I do believe it will be when we're at scale. Only the future will tell. I too try to understand all the mechanics but there's still areas that nobody knows. These are just (educated) guesses. I have some and I'll see how it unfolds. I could be wrong in what I believe, but XRP might still increase 10x in price, which would still be great returns. Or I could be right and it fails and goes to zero. In that case I loose some money. No biggy. Honestly if I had to choose between XRP and Ripple I'd choose Ripple. Crypto is still very risky. Feel free to read all the threads in the forum to bring the context you need.
  11. ODL drives demand. More demand gets more market makers. More liquidity/deeper orderbooks makes XRP more interesting (read: cheaper) to use. Which drives demand. A market being supply and demand it's easy to see that increased ODL volume increases supply and demand. Even if it's a buy and immediately sell. Just keep in mind that "it's an immediate buy and sell" is way to simplistic. This is still XRP changing hands. So if the sender wants to do a similar transaction the sender "needs" XRP again. Either through his own XRP stash, through a Marketmaker, or other XRP-supplier (e.g. retail). I know the term "network-effect" is spread here like a pesticide over crop, but it'll certainly be a factor. Also feel free to remove the 2 in your nickname if you don't believe in it Honestly, 2 years for an investment that you expect to make you rich is nothing. 50k, so you perhaps want to have 1 mill. That's 20$ per XRP. That's 100x from now. If you have only patience for 2 years I doubt your expectations are in check.
  12. Yeah. The part where Ripple said in the case (not exact words): you did not bought your "securities" from us. E.g. I claim an egg is made of gold and I sell it to you for 10k and you complain to the "egg factory" that it's not gold while someone else claimed it was. I generally try to keep it in the middle to keep an open mind but this...
  13. I'd seriously like that effort. I'd just like to ask to keep the body language interpretation apart from the "conclusions" that get made. E.g. @1:17 mentions Bitstamp and smiles, probably because they are happy to have finally got a deal with the USD/AUD corridor. Smiles, --> happy camper --> probably ... Keeps moving on his chair, low volume --> uncomfortable --> ... The reason I ask is that I believe clues could be easily interpreted differently. So I'd rather keep the interpretation clearly seperate from the clues.
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