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  1. Yes it happens all the time but many people seem to be oblivious of that! Although I do think Ripple as a company has already gained a lot of traction, so I just hope that given all the NDAs and information that remain unknown to the public, that their momentum is enough to keep the ball rolling! I actually want to put more $$$ in, but at this point it would be more gambling than anything
  2. I get it! I don't necessarily believe that banks will have a better technology immediately, but the longer regulations take , the more these banks will have to come up with a concept or technology that works similarly! Not saying it will happen for sure but there's a chance! And I have my $$$ all in xrp so I definitely don't want banks to win this one but I would just like US regulations to speed up!
  3. And YOU know what makes a business successful??? Please tell me your non existing experience! You've only named the successful ones ! There are countless of good business ideas/plans that you and I never got to experience because the higher institutions shut them down/stole their ideas/caught up with their innovation! Don't be a delusional fool and think that other businesses will just roll over and not fight! Don't force feed people in this forum this garbage either! We're all in this to make money but I'm not one to raise my hand before the fight is won!
  4. People who live in Lalaland will be hit the hardest when it doesn't go the way we expect! Remember that the result of this race will depend on how fast Ripple gets mass adoption vs how fast banks can develop a similar system! We all see how US regulations are delaying xrp's adoption while altogether allowing banks to figure their **** out! It's not like banks don't have the money, manpower, resources and connection! TIME is the only factor, so don't be delusional!
  5. kryptoroi

    Important upcoming crypto conferences!!

    thats what we're all hoping for
  6. kryptoroi

    Important upcoming crypto conferences!!

    Niiiice! keep us posted if you go. I was trying to attend the DC blockchain summit but the early bird sale already ended.
  7. Below are some upcoming conferences to keep an eye out for. I'm really looking forward to hearing some positive news from either one of these conferences, especially from Ripple. Let's remember that success will only depend on whether the disruptors/fin techs get distribution first (which is being delayed by regulations) or the existing traditional players (i.e Swift or the banks) get innovation first. Won't get into conspiracies as to whether regulations are being delayed on purpose but Im sure Ripple understands that this is a race. Accelerating blockchain(ge) Jan14-15-Notable speakers include (Congressman Warren Davidson; Congressman David Schweikert; members of the CFTC, and federal reserve bank; FINRA) https://www.blockchaingedc.com/page/1371978/speakers CFC in St Moritz Switzerland Jan 16-18- Notable speaker ( Kahina Van Dyke SVP Business & Corporate Development, Ripple;Winklevoss Capital; fidelity digital asset; Member of the European Parliament ) https://crypto-finance-conference.com/en/all-events/cfc-stmoritz-2019#speakers DC BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT MARCH 6-7- Notable speakers (The one and only, can't be duplicated, the man with the masterplan Brad Garlinghouse ; Congressman Tom Emmer; Congressman David Schweikert; Tom Jessop, Head of Corporate Development Fidelity Investments; blockchain Cisco) http://dcblockchainsummit.com/
  8. kryptoroi

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    One other thing that came to mind is that, could Visa strategically put themselves in a position to learn EVERYTHING from earthport! All the trials and testing that earthport learned from Ripple over all their years of partnership?
  9. kryptoroi

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    One other thing that came to mind is that, could Visa strategically put themselves in a position to learn EVERYTHING from earthport! All the trials and testing that earthport learned from Ripple over all their years of partnership?
  10. kryptoroi

    Uphold comments on XRP!

    Yes! It's only a matter of time! Although anything is possibly , especially in the crypto world, everything so far points to good things!
  11. kryptoroi

    Uphold comments on XRP!

    Yes I'm really having a hard time understanding why some still haven't added XRP! I hate to believe that it's an attempt to suppress xrp's success while promoting their personal agenda but it sure looks that way!
  12. Just received an email from uphold and the stats they have on the overall market and XRP specifically point to a bright future! The past month has seen one of the worst sell-offs in digital currencies for three years, with a corresponding collapse in prices. At the time of writing (10/12/2018), Ethereum had crashed to 6% of its peak value, Bitcoin languished at 18% and even XRP stood much diminished at 32%. Yet the reaction of Uphold members to the incipient bear market over the past four weeks may be surprising. Uphold’s Chief Data Officer, Rafael Veloso, picks out some of the trading highlights. Despite the grim market, ‘Buy’ orders outweighed ‘Sells’ by 26% in US Dollar terms, with many Uphold customers using the fall in prices to increase their positions substantially. In terms of net inflows, the big story was XRP. Even with a market cap only 20% that of BTC, XRP emerged as the second most heavily bought asset on Uphold over the four-week period, coming within 98% of the US Dollar value of all Bitcoin purchased. Steady growth in XRP holdings continued and most holders of XRP held their nerve. XRP buys ran at almost six times the value of XRP sales in the month. The past month underlines the continuing rise of interest in XRP,’ explained Veloso. ‘When first listed on Uphold earlier this year, XRP accounted for less than 10% of platform purchases each month. Over the past month, that figure has risen to 43%. Many buyers believe - and Tweet - that XRP has a well-developed use case and is enjoying higher levels of institutional adoption than other digital currencies. Ripple’s xRapid payment technology continues to be picked up by big banks, with XRP providing a liquidity bridge.’
  13. kryptoroi

    Is Ripple buying Swift?

    Although Swift consists of 11k banks, there are a few heavyweights within those 11k who run the show and would NOT allow Ripple to come in and cut into their bonuses and "legal" thefts they've been getting away with!
  14. "We did a test, partnering with Santander locally, and with Ripple to just do cross-border transactions... And in a matter of seconds, through this test, our clients were able to transfer funds in a very transparent and seamless way, from one part of the world to the other one.” 0740 "There is more to come . There’s still a lot of things that need to get addressed with blockchain as a technology. But it’s very promising. …"