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  1. My thoughts exactly. Unless he was really broke and desperately needed the $$$. Or like the rest of us, doesn't know WTF is going to drive up the price. Either way, His "de-risking" excuse doesn't maken too much sense
  2. It's not always the best company who wins. I feel like either there are some pretty powerful people who don't want Ripple to succeed or Ripple has us fooled. Either way, there's some funny sh*t going on.
  3. Who talks about jealousy??? Stop making stupid comparisons. Is or was he ever targeting Zuckerberg institutional, banks and FIs? That's the difference! He was targeting the general public. FB adoption was mostly due to us, regular people who use the app everyday. Ripple is targeting banks, FIs etc who care a lot more about wealth, control, asset distribution compqred to you avg Facebook users
  4. You would have brought equally as much value to this post by not replying.
  5. The point of this post wasn't about how high the price would go. It's about how fast adoption will happen. Even if $10 is the limit, my point is that i will reach $10 faster if we didn't have that hindrance.
  6. you are misinformed. My intent wasn't to make comparison between Larsen and Jed but when there's misinformation, it needs to be corrected. Other employees who were there at the time clarified that Jed wanted to donate back the XRP but Larsen was not on board. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_ECG6JRZs-7TkdBaE5wQkxKR2s/edit See page 2
  7. Well i wasn't going to go there because the past is the past but you guys are badly misinformed. Not a big fan of Jed but based on previous employees Emails, Jed had agreed to gift the xrp back and Larsen wasn't on board with it. See the highlighted portion on page 2 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_ECG6JRZs-7TkdBaE5wQkxKR2s/edit
  8. Not the biggest issue but definitely is an issue. Looking for scapegoats?? i don't know why it's so hard for you to see that it's a little hypocritical and greedy for a company that preaches to be the savior of the "unbanked" gifts it's executives 5B xrp and countless more to other executives. Yes i believe in the long term vision of Ripple and what they aim to achieve, but that doesn't mean that i have to agree with every single thing they do or that their team is perfect. Maybe if you stop trying to defend every move they make and look at things more objectively you'll see where im coming from.
  9. Having all of it in escrow does not ensure that nobody buys it all, it simply reassures people about the reduced risk of a dump. Theoretically JPM chase can still buy up a billion xrp a month over time before controlling it all. The only difference is that it'll take them 4years instead of a few days. You're right i don't have a solution but that doesn't mean an issue shouldn't be brought up.
  10. The ideal thing to do is for NO ONE to have control. The XRP should be out there for everyone and the organic way would be for you, me banks, FIs to use it as we please without having any party controlling sales or distributions. How do we ensure that let's say BAO doesn't buy up all the XRP and take it off the market or control it? i haven't solved that yet but my other issue is actually the amount of XRP some executives personally hold. You don't think there's a little greed as to how much they have? 5B is a lot.
  11. No one even known if Satoshi is still alive and besides, it's totally different. Bitcoin doesn't have a designated purpose other than store of value. XRP specifically targets banks and FIs who are private in nature and like to have control. So the fact that in this model, the control is being taken away from them does not entice them to adopt as fast as they would.
  12. Distribution will take care of itself when everyone is more trusting of the ecosystem and start developing ideas using XRP based on trust. A lot of people do not want to get near it because of their lack of education and misunderstanding about XRP being centralized. Although it is not the case, many people are being misled to believe so. One great way to facilitate adoption and trust would be to relinquish some of that power, resulting in more people coming in. And yes adoption is already being made but, my personal opinion in that it would happen a lot faster is the above mentioned points were met.
  13. I've been thinking about this for some time now. It seems that many individuals who hate XRP do so because of how much XRP is being held by Ripple's executives and also the escrow (despite only releasing a set amount at a time). Institutions are also reluctant about investing in an asset where a large portion is being held by a select few. Not necessarily for dumping purposes because i honestly don't believe that would happen but because of how much power and control it gives ripple. This same sentiment was also being echoed at the recent house financial services hearing, where congressmen and women were talking about downsizing the large banks in the USA because they have gotten too big and powerful. This is the same reason why there's a discussion about how powerful and big amazon has gotten and trying to control its growth. This is also the same reason why mergers like Comcast and time Warner was frowned down upon and i quote, because "Putting this much power in the hands of one company is dangerous". No one likes when ONE company has too much power, especially when it comes to a new player (Ripple) entering a marker full of bankers and FIs who are stuck in their old ways. That being said, I personally think the executives at Ripple should decrease their XRP holdings. Chris Larsen for example has about 5B XRP and a 17% percentage stakes in the company itself. By focusing only on his XRP holdings, his networth will be if 50B, 100B, 250B and 500B if XRP reaches $10, $20,$50, $100 respectively. And again, that does not include his 17% stake in Ripple. Let's be honest, there are a lot of people out there who DO NOT want him to amass that amount of wealth. Also, Why not allow the ecosystem itself decide how to use XRP? If the digital asset is that great, then people will obviously find use for it. I know Ripple makes a lot of money from XRP sales and They can control how and what to invest the xrp sales profits into. But i think that's an issue that should be looked into because it is hindering adoption. Please lmk what you think
  14. Poorly targeted? I think the more you closure the world gets, the better. Imagine the millions of Filipinos or Mexicans who send money abroad, imagine them having 5 options to send that money and seeing one of them saying "powered by ripple". How is that bad publicity or poorly targeted when they're planting their names everywhere and in everybody's head?
  15. Doesn't that apply to every single crypto asset? Investors in BTC, eth, xlm etc are all holding to reap returns!
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