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  1. Exactly my point! People seem to forget that there's always a company ahead for a while until another surpasses it! This happens all the time in every industry so the fact that people refuse to believe that it could also happen to ripple scares me A LOT !!!!
  2. IBM isn't using a crypto for cross order payment as broadly as ripple is! All they've done is stable coin talks
  3. No offense but if we're going to be honest here, your comment has to be one of the most arrogant and ignorant comments ever! There was a time when yahoo, Sears, blockbuster, Kodak were running the show! Don't get too comfortable!
  4. Bitcoin as much as we don't like to admit, has store of value and first mover's advantage! Xrp has a clear use case, cross border payment etc...so if another company manages to accomplish what ripple is trying to do faster, than ripple will simply lose this battle!
  5. Xrp delusional fan base swear that xrp's success is a sure slam dunk! Although all my investment is in xrp , I do understand that everything depends on timing! The winner of this race will depend on whether ripple gets the adoption BEFORE the competition gets their hand on a better technology! and if you think that other companies are not looking at the ripple protocol and attempting to come up with something better, than you're a delusional fan too. Regulations are holding us back, and depending on how long it takes to get cleared, the chances a better technology emerging is still very possible!
  6. "THEY" is any organization who wants to push down the price and demoralize people so we sell, and "THEY" can buy more to strengthen their position! Why would institutions want to invest in assets where regular people like us already have a head start and hold a big portion? "THEY" want to take us regular investors out so they can control more! Crypto and it's underlying technology represent the first time where non-institutional investors got a head start on wallstreet and FIs. And I bet you that has everything to do with the slow adoption at this time! If wall street and Fi were all onboard from the beginning, I guarantee you that we would be a lot lot lot further than we are now! Stop being such a damn fool!
  7. Bakkt-delayed SBI-delayed Fidelity-only going with a soft launch (for now) until they also announce that it's-delayed If you ask me, it's all orchestrated! Why? I feel like bringing out some good news in anticipation of better news, only to be crashed with bad news is more draining and demoralizing to an investor then just having no news at all! So I believe they get our hopes up and then let us down on purpose to the point where we say F*** it and move on!
  8. I don't think ripple will have any problems with filling fees! They've also surrounded themselves with some of the new legal team out there! So in that aspect, I don't think ripple is your average private company
  9. I was thinking the same when i saw the news, but decided to just wait and see since I've been doing way too much speculation lately
  10. https://m.nasdaq.com/article/is-now-the-best-time-to-invest-in-cryptocurrencies-cm1106307
  11. Because at the time eth and eos were going up like crazy! I think around 50% increase in one week
  12. Quiet frankly I'm suspecting a short pump and retracement again! Until the entire market sentiment changes, I don't see any continuous increase . I just wish the SEC didn't restrict our ability to day trade lol
  13. https://blog.coinbase.com/xrp-will-soon-be-available-to-trade-on-coinbase-pro-b14478db7b33
  14. I think we need more money in order for ripple to take us seriously! How about you just send me all your money and I'll invest for us ? 😂
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