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  1. kryptoroi

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    https://www.govianex.com/#!/ Moneygram, xoom and western union who are all competitors of Vianex (powered by Viamericas) will eventually be faced with a hard decision, if they havent made it already, or will lose a lot of their customers.
  2. Yes but Amazon and Ripple havent categorically denied the rumors of working together, neither have uber and ripple or all the other rumors that have been floating around.
  3. Swift was established in 1973, and has over 11,000 financial institutions. As stated on SWIFT website, appr 170 banks have upgraded to the gpi "membership". Yes only 170 banks, and i put membership in parenthesis because only about 54 of them are actually LIVE. But those 170 banks together account for 78% of SWIFT’s total cross-border payments in volume. I was a little chocked at first as to how only those 170 banks could account for 78% of SWIFT volume then i found out that the largest banks have upgraded to gpi system (although not all are live). The list below only focuses on the top 10 largest banks by assets that are members of Swift gpi *Keep in mind that just because a bank is a member, does not mean they are LIVE* ICBC (1) china construction bank (2) Agriculture bank of china (3) Bank of China (4) Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (5) JP Morgan Chase (6) HSBC (7) BNP paribas(8) Bank of America (9) Credit Agricole (10) Keep in mind that the top 4 are banks in China, one of the hardest markets to penetrate and Ripple has yet to achieve that. But looking at the list you can see that Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi(5) and credit Agricole(10) have also partnered with Ripple. Looking further into the entire list the 170 banks , a lot of them have also partnered with Ripple (i.e Santander, Westpac, Cambridge, BBVA, National bank of Kuwait, Siam Commercial Bank etc...) These are the points i was trying to make: 1) SWIFT has been around for over 40years, already has all type of connections and network, developed a new technology over a year ago and ONLY HAS 54 LIVE BANKS. Compare that to Ripple, although 6-7years old , the technology has only seen maturity recently but has managed to partner with 2 of the 10 largest banks in the world. 2) A lot of the banks that have upgraded to gpi are also in bed with Ripple. Im not however going to promise you that Swift and Ripple are working together. The reality is that no one really knows WTF is going on behind closed doors. Maybe Swift and ripple could work together, or maybe banks/financial institutions can partner with both and use Ripple and Swift for different reasons. 3) 170 banks have decided to become members of gpi but only 54 of them are currently LIVE. If it takes that long for a company like Swift who already has the infrastructures and trust of its members to make them go LIVE, why are we expecting Ripple to get banks/FI to go live in a blink of an eye? https://www.swift.com/our-solutions/global-financial-messaging/payments-cash-management/swift-gpi/swift-gpi-for-banks/members?tl=en#topic-tabs-menu
  4. As stated by other players, ripple had attended sibos in the past but I don't know if they were allowed to "display" anything so maybe that might be the difference! Random question, does anyone know if IBM and Ripple were once partners or are currently partners? I saw an old documented source (2016), stating that!
  5. Not an expert but wouldn't the transparency of the ledger make it easier for those malicious attacks to be detected? or easier to track them?
  6. Just to reiterate my point, and I'm sure you know most of this already! Swift is a messaging system used by over 10k banks for international money transfer! So any country who's ban from using it will suffer and be blocked out of properly transacting with the rest of the financial world! So a ban means that Iran won't be able to access Western capital markets! If let's say and a big IF the EUs decide to use Ripple's technology, they will be following "their own international finance norms" independent of the USA! Any banks that agrees to use whatever new payment system that the EUs implement will also agree to follow a strict set of guidelines which will legitimize that payment system, so I don't think there would be any crooked/malicious player allowed to transact with the rest of the legitimate Banks! So technically speaking, the US can still sanctions ALL OF THE EUs because they openly decide to transact with Iran but I don't see how that will play in their favor!
  7. Because of decentralization ! Swift In the past was able to stop/block certain transactions! It is my understanding that Ripple as an organization CANNOT control/stop/block the anything on ledger!
  8. What are you smoking? The USA can by all means influence Swift as they've done in the past by blocking transactions to Cuba and Iran, no other nations has ever done that (that's called influence!) The us treasury dpt has also in the passed used Swift data to gain insight into other operations when other nations can't, that's called influence! Think about the influence the USA can have on Swift's board members then you'll understand the influence they can have on the organization itself!
  9. I was thinking about this as well but not in reference to India but with the EU! For the last few months Germany and other EUs have been aggressively pushing an agenda of using another payment system and completely stop using Swift so they can continue to transactions with Iran.As you all know the US has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and is trying to strongarm other countries to do so but the EU are not trying to pull out.Since imposing sanctions is usually done through Swift , the EUs have been working on coming up with a new payment system where they can transactions with Irian without US influence! I was thinking Ripple should be a perfect candidate since they're already in bed with Germany. But the only problem is, I don't know how the USA will handle an American company, working with other nations in order to bypass American sanctions!
  10. I agree, the frustration is kicking in now but all I can do at this point is wait! Where is the volume though? Brad stated that it's already being used so I'm just curious as to where the volume is!
  11. Ok thanks, helpful! i'll look more into that document
  12. https://ripple.com/insights/siam-commercial-bank-pioneers-ripplenets-multi-hop-feature/ Does it use XRP or simply rerouting nostro-vostro?
  13. kryptoroi

    #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it

    How insane would it be if we go for bitcoin's volume next :)?
  14. Take a look at this link from coinmarketcap, with historical prices of xrp since the beginning (Aug2013-now) https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/historical-data/?start=20130428&end=20180921 Ive selected the 3 days with the highest market caps of each year from 2013-2018 Historically speaking, the highest market caps have always been achieved from Oct-Jan (4months) So if history repeats itself: Scenario 1: Either we’ve already achieved the highest market caps this year based on the jan 2018 highs Or scenario 2, we’re about to shatter the jan market caps in the coming 4months. Of course there are a lot of factors that can contribute to this but it seems like its been happening like clockwork for the last 5-6yrs so lets hope that it continues. I havent had time to look at bitcoin's historical trends so maybe there's a correlation there as well but not sure. 2013 Dec 5th 459,470,016 Dec 3rd 433,225,984 Dec 6th 430,054,016 2014 Dec 19th 863,897,024 Dec 18th 803,708,992 Dec 23rd 791,660,032 2015 Jan 1st 757,566,016 Jan 2nd 755,155,968 Jan 3rd 752,686,976 2016 Oct 24th 334,724,992 Oct 21st 322,601,984 Oct 25th 321,684,992 2017 Dec 30th 85,187,403,776 Dec 31st 81,162,567,680 Dec 29th 55,767,523,328 2018 Jan 8th 130,301,689,856 Jan 5th 127,870,451,712 Jan 4th 120,763,162,624
  15. kryptoroi


    Yes I don't know about rejoycing just yet! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I think the rise may be due to the anticipation of xrp going live but im still uneasy about how fast it's going up! Good volume so I'm not too concerned about a dump UNLESS there's some bad news or no news