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  1. so glad my intuition told me to dump my 300k xrps on the 15th @ 25.4 or so. been a holder since 3.5 cents. After 3..2..1... and after Brads "Cat in the Bag" comment. Plus Stellar Lumens IBM. + all the day traders and all the Koreans and others who were looking to get out bc they brought in high in May/June when XRP was in .30s. I wish u guys all the best but my profits are more useful elsewhere.
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-12/us-threatens-cut-china-swift-if-it-violates-north-korea-sanctions thoughts, opinions ?
  3. your guess is as good as anyones ... at this point.... maybe $1 by this time next year? If things go good. but who knows, !
  4. my biggest regret? having 700 or so ETH last year @ $12 or so. after the DAO Hack, when ETH split to ETC, i got confused since i was brand new and learning about crypto still. I sold everything and pulled out you do the math.. not making the same mistake with xrp and my other bags.
  5. i understand hahaha. but folks have s lot to lose or gain esp bag holders. But, yes I do think some of the way they did it was anticlimactic, however, we have to wait and see. i mean what if Xrp becomes the new standard. who knows. anything is possible. just know that everything takes time.
  6. "Ripple vice president of marketing Monica Long said Ripple still intends to be a sponsor of Sibos, and will continue to host a vendor booth there, but that the startup's aspirations were bigger than the vendor platform"
  7. i find it amusing to see posts about people wishing xrp will drop to record lows "before it moons", no , you had your chances for years and months now.... im happy to see it go straight up for a while now...... it's about time.....and well deserved
  8. maybe we can all start paying each other with XRP with an APP like PAYPAL... hey i can dream right
  9. I'm fairly certain Ripple is very well aware of its support base, how they are perceived, as well as the doubt placed on XRP. My feeling is they are trying to reward the people who believed in them from the start, so they are more subtle and stable with their announcements. I have a feeling that it will be a semi major announcement, possible a merger with SWIFT or possibly even replacement? or it could be that XRP will be/is now being used real time by some banks.... snowball effect , coupled with FOMO, coupled with lock-up and ..... hopefully, XRP will finally break out and go parabolic in a healthy way.....
  10. was thinking same.. btw my dog looks just like your picture XRP to moon... see ya'll at the $2 parity party soon in europe !!!
  11. ide get a ripple tattoo at 10 usd! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. as long as XRP is $5 i could care less how high btc goes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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