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  1. where are all the 589$ guys now lol. posts above are reasonable
  2. can just as well drop to 15cent so best not to be making prediction. 1 dollar sounds nice. I wonder were 589usd a coin eoy 2018 are hanging out now lol
  3. people here will not because they are in denial that a bank as big as jpm would be a threat. they can and will
  4. 11 months can easily be 24 months but hopium does no harm I guess
  5. I ****** up last move to 80cent. was 1 cent from buying back double and boom missed it and all hard work gone
  6. only thing that moves price is speculators. if speculators dont care you can see little movrment. pricr does not need to be high for banks to use it. if no NEW buyerS buy or old burned buyers from 2017 then it's just money circulating... and being recycled in this BEAR market. sooner we accept the more money you can make
  7. no new buyer no new ahh. just Money moving between coins
  8. guys btc ain't going anywhere. institutional money looking at btc and they may be behind the drops... take your btc... then pumps and old btc holders fuc*ed. I dont see bakkt etc talk about xrp although I do lot rule out xrp. btc is not going anywhere. it can drop to 2k. that would be 90% drop from ath that other alts already have witnessed so when btc sees 2k you can be pretty sure alts will see 95 97% of ath
  9. yes security would drop it to less than a cent pretty fast. that is the only thing to worry about likewise if they say it is not.. moon
  10. and if it had gone up to Ath someone else would have posted here to say the same and share a video of random person ( all have crystal balls) that predicted bull run and ath by Eoy 2018
  11. nah dont be fooled by btc drop. but i do think xrp will sit at nr 2 for a good while as eth goes away
  12. wow , came back and my post is now 11 pages. I have my Hope's up so we will see
  13. i thought the same. so you can bet im out in december if november stinks lol
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