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  1. How to use online banking or trading on exchange if you have to connect to a public wifi would you use a vpn service? Anyone uses nordvpn?
  2. Thanks And thanks to wietsewind for this tool https://github.com/WietseWind/XRPL-MultiSignTool/
  3. i tried it on testnet and it works! just looking for conformation from dev that i am not making a fatal mistake if i disable a master-key it still can be used in ( multi sign) to sign accounts just not its original account. my setup is i have 3 accounts with fund account 1 uses 2-3-4 ( 2 of 3) account 2 uses 1-3-4 ( 2 of 3) account 3 uses 1-2-4 ( 2 of 3) i disable account 1-2-3 master keys i can still use the disabled master keys for multi signing @nikb
  4. No all it needs is to "listen" to the ledgar and if there is transaction with "x" wallet to notify . I can check manually looking for automthion
  5. No . I am referring to cold wallet.
  6. Is there an app that i can get a notification if me account balance changes?
  7. It is all comes down to utility If music festival will start to use xrp If you can create an xrp kids wallet with smart contract to restrict payment If you can use xrp for micropayments to read an artical or watch a 2min video If you can send xrp to any country and complete a cross border payment in 5 sec The volume will rise and we will start to talk about xrp in drops
  8. Using Xrp should be easy as breathing air The retail shouldn't care which coin he's being paid he can get whatever he desire and the exchanges should convert automatically . When transaction takes 5 seconds there is no real volatility If holders starts to use Xrp daily we will see big changes in volume
  9. It shouldn't be!! That is my point .
  10. I think that when it will be cheap to buy stuff online with xrp without a middleman and high commission or special debit cards we will see high volumes on xrp and its important for the ecosystem to evolve and for xrp to become The utility coin for everyone not just for cross border and banks
  11. We need xpring to support a project that will connect xrp to all retail sites
  12. https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/intro/mip-online/2017/html/201706_article_tips.en.html
  13. I can't find any cold wallet that support xrp multisig Is there an easy way to set it up for the non tech ppl
  14. Can someone explain how this works? I had an order buy eth with xrp And i see this gcb coin with intermediate payment symbol .
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