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  1. Here you sound really like AB!
  2. Still huge actually, but we don't know how and when the 6B will be used. Possibly a big part of it is already committed.
  3. Possibly king making rule. Extra big bags could disturb mass adoption.
  4. A big whale called xrapid?
  5. When we'll take off BTC will be the new USDT!
  6. Yodaxrp

    BAKKT and XRP

    If the risk is really so high as pictured by him very good, since there's a strong correlation between risk and reward!
  7. You make a very good point here. Question is: After next bull run which retracement we can expect?
  8. The interesting part would be to know how the settlement is organized. Untill we don't have a clear reply is difficoult to say it's Ripple tech or not.
  9. OmG...just buy him a new truck, so he can move his coins too!
  10. Now we may write to Dilip to cool his jets!?
  11. Yodaxrp

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    Including is the key word of the announcement imo.
  12. Yodaxrp

    Moneymatch Malaysia announce they are using XVia

    There was a long topic here about the argument, with a user who wrote to the SEC (unable to find it quickly by now). Fact is that SEC never declared BTH and ETH to be "non security". A member just expressed his PERSONAL opinion about both, nothing more and nothing less (executive summary of SEC's reply). If you find the topic you can read the whole reply.
  13. Come on, you can do better! Too easy the above statement in a +14% day.