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  1. Same email here, but didn't take any action. Fear that exactly when you change your password they'll get it!
  2. Personally appreciate your efforts! If somebody here doesn't see the fact that each TA is based on statistic possibility, well...it's their fault, not yours!
  3. And you should speak at least 4 other languages....FU....D you!!!
  4. Sorry, but the only BORDERLINE here's you!!! Consult pls an online dictionary for the meaning of the word "untill".
  5. Correct, but only untill they don't face trillions of utility induced volume.
  6. To remind the congress of the WSJ readers in general that they're not libra?
  7. Nope! Reason why the concept of "necessary" is very subjective. I can travel economy from A to B, but somebody could find necessary to buy a new private jet to make the same travel...
  8. Thanks mate! You really made my day with this one!
  9. 1) selling the coconuts of my fazenda at a good price 2) usd 120 eoy 2021 3) nothing, they're all fine, I'm the black sheep of the family! 4) not your neighbour 5) the cross I have to take for the several coming years
  10. Enjoy your night... Will have dinner here in few min
  11. Actually would prefere a SpaceX option, but...
  12. If you follow the deals of DS you're really f...ed up. He sold his eth in 2017 just before the big run (read solar panels for usd 54mio), he sold this year something like 2.3mio xrp at around usd 0.33 and the price went up 7/10 days later at usd 0.43. I you want to trade just buy when he sells, looks to me the best strategy.
  13. Yup...especially little donnie! Sorry Tiny, on the cynical trip tonight!
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