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  1. @ maximum solaris...interesting theory!
  2. Chaos theory....and statistic! At the end of the game both are the base for TA...and weather forecasts too!!
  3. I have another opinion, but I respect yours Tiny. I really appreciate Ripple tech side, but in my humble opinion the management stuff is not what it should be, this starting from the "trainer". If you want to long btc (you know who I'm talking about) fair enough, but it's not the reason why I invested in xrp.
  4. Pls go in twitter and take a look at Coinme replies about "when xrp". If these are the projects selected to let xrp ecosystem flourish...well God help us!
  5. Really great project! Financing btc atm (no concrete plan to introduce xrp) is exactly the dream of each xrp investor! Go ahead Xpring... I really love you!!!
  6. Do you perhaps know something we don't and are you preparing us for what will happen? Just asking for a friend...
  7. You can always ask some friends to do the job for you and reward them later
  8. The assumption sounds crazy at the first, but if you consider bots trading activities makes more sense.
  9. Well, if invested in sheeps...almost nothing can go growng!
  10. Yuppp... Just sold my pig for two sheeps hoping to eat lamb next year
  11. https://www.ft.com/content/7e44152a-cabf-11e5-84df-70594b99fc47 Financial Times 2016...seems to me less than 10 years ago...
  12. So they're trying to let us believe they didn't sustain the brl value by selling usd in the last 10 years? Or the trick is in the definition of "dollar reserve"!?
  13. Central bank here is just trying to don't let sink further Brl value to USD. Actually nothing new under the sun.
  14. Same email here, but didn't take any action. Fear that exactly when you change your password they'll get it!
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