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  1. Potentially it's the key word...all the rest is patience.
  2. I guess not further comment to the pic is required. Btc did it, why shouldn't we able to have same growth rate over the years!?
  3. Exactly what I was thinking! Assuming DS really sold we can expect a massive bull run. It happened 2017 when he sold ETH just before the big run to usd 1'450.
  4. Organized the game on order to be able to play it on a time frame of min 24months to 120months from now. Masochism or curiosity...don't know yet!
  5. Me neither, but...what about price manipulation/suppression and luck of regulation in several countries!? The wallets/whealth distribution seems to support the idea that big fishes are enjoying eating cheap zerps. Possibly, just before regulations will be approuved, they'll let the price go up a bit to cut off also the greedy ones. Just my 2 drops
  6. Will give xrp 12 months after USA, EU, RU and India regulations are in place (all, not a single one). If after this period we don't have a significant growth (meaning new ath) I'll consider xrp a failure
  7. I know has not to be exactly right now...but the sooner the better. I was thinking actually at ETH, its run up from usd 6 to approx usd 1'450 lasted 14 months, would like to see the same for xrp.
  8. Why don't we make green months or even years!?
  9. Believe me, they formally care a lot! Meaning laws are very restrictive (like for S in steam coal and coking coal). Application of said laws is in any case "very selective", guess you know what I'm meaning...
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