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  1. Careful...the news about escrow didn't bring anything in dec17 and 5 days later...
  2. Did somebody register here the very negative political reaction of EU authorities to Libra!? Check pls the position of Germany and France about it!
  3. Yup, if I remember good Bradesco and Itau are involved. Considering that Santander is already Ripple's partner they actually cover all major brazilian banks with the execption of Banco do Brasil. Don't consider Caxa and BMG real universal banks.
  4. Yeppp, and the supposed competition, Visa, WU, Swift and so on is now under pressure. Adapt or die...
  5. As somebody duly noticed in tweeter now for WU is adapt or die!
  6. Want to give you more than just one like, but unfortunatly it's impossible!
  7. Sorry mate, I don't get you...could you pls explain it also to an old brain damaged fart!?
  8. I see you're not familiar with certain kind of business... They did actually, but without the pain in the ass of all stock exchange formalities.
  9. Hell yeeeessss!!! Done in a very clever way!!! Pls check the tweets of the Beard and Ripple!!! My personal congratulations to the lawyers who shaped the operation, best form to skip a lot of burocratic work with stock exchange!!!
  10. Fomo money wouldn't last long...what we actually need are tons of utility induced volume, otherwise imo no party.
  11. I'm not honestly one of your biggest estimator as moderator, but this post was over the top!!! Thanks Pablo!!! PS: I was thinking that if you put an avatar with Socrates instead of Maradona I could even review my opinion about your moderation's way!!!
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