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  1. Yodaxrp

    Stay strong!

    Well ... Honestly with a good vodka I cannot be moderate...but that's another story!!
  2. Yodaxrp

    Stay strong!

    Thanks a lot mate!!!
  3. Yodaxrp

    Stay strong!

    Nice sex is ok, but I'm a traditional guy...may I have a good frozen bottle of vodka instead of weed!?
  4. Yodaxrp

    Stay strong!

    Same here... Perhaps over optimistic, but I think that if and when utility'll kick in, xrp could do something similar to eth, with a growth rate of approx 220x over 14 months. Starting from when is just another question....
  5. Yodaxrp

    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    Hummm...not so sure about actually. Don't forget there are powerfull Ripple shareholders/XRP holders outside the US (Kitao &Co.): Do you really think they would support such a solution?
  6. That's exactly what some people miss...the wildest re-evaluation exercise of the story which can create just win-win situations.
  7. Because all we know there's a switch and it's actually connected with Kitao's eye!
  8. Yodaxrp

    Increased circulatin supply

    Yup, and this means...anyone can make his personal considerations...
  9. Didn't read all your posts, but Kudo for this one! Here's the difference between a man and a keyboard warrior!
  10. Above one... The fact that a company selling a good to finance his activity makes the afore mentioned good a security.
  11. Following exactly your logic sir! I actually started approx 35 years ago with St. Augustin, first western writer to admit the legitimacy of a profit and so giving free way to capitalism. But please, let me know what's relevant inside "The whealth of the Nations" in reference to this debate. Always eager to learn something new.
  12. Yodaxrp

    cypto asset as currency.

    Not true. Usually "bad" or more inflationary money circulates much more than "good" deflationary currency. Example Venezuela: Should you have usd 100 or the exactly equivalent of usd 100 in Bolivar (now) you'll for sure spend the Bolivars and hoard the USD expecting a further appreciation of the less inflactionary currency over the more more inflactionary one.
  13. Go ahead! Plenty of time to improve ourselves in this bear market!