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  1. I normally go on the wallet manufacturers site and look for their official reseller in the USA. That way you know exactly who's sourcing directly from the company and reduces the risk of counterfeit items. If you do happen to get duped by a retailer then you can report it to the manufacturer. It'll make them aware of these scam artists at the very least.
  2. Thanks for the support @Moriarty ! This is the CoolWallet S, I'm always in the market for new crypto products and found this during my search. I visited coolbitx's site and found out they were Taiwanese. Then I proceeded to look into their official retailers here in the US and found BitShields. Ordered from their and it arrived 2 days later. I gotta say that I love it so far. I get the convenience of being able to manage my cryptos on the go while having the piece of mind that my private keys are protected with a secure element chip. Definitely highly recommended.
  3. Same, this is my first post here on XRP chat, wanted something to bring something valuable to the table
  4. That's exactly what I use this Coolwallet for, I have a trezor T at home where I keep majority of my holdings and this mobile hardware wallet for any opportunity of everyday use.
  5. Lol nah I've been whispering cryptos in his ear since last June, he actually got so into it that he set up mining rigs in his apt.
  6. Looks like I ****** up, should've waited even more for the prices to get to .61...
  7. You use a little bit of technical analysis and realize that XRP had a decent run in the last few days any logical person would expect some sort of pull back sooner or later. No1 knows the future for certain but everyone can read patterns.
  8. Nope it's a hardware wallet so it's connected to your phone via an app. I conduct all my transactions via the app and confirm on the physical wallet.
  9. This was a way for me to swing trade a bit of the XRP and realize some gains. At the time of the transaction, XRP was at .84 so the haircut cost me $16.80, a 16% discount on what I normally pay for the haircut. Then I repurchased XRP when it dipped at .77 so the same $16.80 that I spent on the haircut now gets me 21.8181 XRP. so now I have more XRP than I started with and got a discounted cut at the same time.
  10. Just wanted to share with the community how XRP can be an everyday use case! I paid my barber 20 XRP for a fresh cut. Hopefully my XRP haircut won't turn me into the new BTC pizza guy!
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