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  1. Ryyy20

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Seems to me like they’re just pruning some low hanging fruit. He was there to help explain the Ripple + XRP distinction and I believe this is them saying his job is done. One of my fav quotes: If you think this is Ripple saying they’re strapped for cash, just remember they are opening offices in Dubai+Hong Kong...
  2. Ryyy20

    Happy new year

    I bought my first XRP a year ago almost exactly to this day (REKT. I know). I know everyone always say they heard about BTC back in 2013, I should’ve bought it! Well I had a friend mining it and I wanted 0 part of it because I didn’t understand it. Fast forward to December last year, everyone is talking about it and I felt extremely dumb for not digging into the space at all, especially with the technical background that I have. So I made it my goal to research everything and anything about this space. I very quickly stumbled upon Ripple and XRP. It was hard to see the value at first as many in the cryptosphere called it a centralized scam, but the more I looked into the company, their partners, and the problem they were solving I was immediately hooked. I started reading through David’s old comments (man is a genius and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, instead we applaud Roger Ver and Craig Wright and worship some fake persona “Satoshi”) and started following quality researchers on twitter like @BANKXRP and XrpCenter who post relevant snippets as well as the sources they come from. I made an account here and started reading awesome threads by guys like @Tehol_Beddict and articles written by @Hodor, @galgitron. After being here for a year, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of noise in this space that can get you caught up in hype but it’s understandable. This is revolutionary technology, on the scale of tcp/ip. People have access to banks now because of projects like Mojaloop and companies like Ripple. They’re creating a global economy. It’s amazing to witness, I used to check the price everyday until I realized we’re still tied to bitcoin. If XRP can reach the levels it did last year based on pure speculation, where will it go once it’s being fully utilized? Whenever I explain Ripple+XRP, I like to use this quote championed by Ripple themselves: “Enable the world to move value like information moves today” https://ripple.com/insights/the-internet-of-value-what-it-means-and-how-it-benefits-everyone/ 2019 is lining up to be a big year for Ripple and XRP, thank you to everyone here on XRPChat (plenty that I didn’t mention, I apologize) for helping and educating new people like myself
  3. Yup, it’s pretty big coming from the biggest tech giants in SV. I’m sure they will get the ear of the Feds...especially amid major pressure from the White house:
  4. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/amazon-google-at-odds-with-big-banks-over-feds-role-in-faster-payments
  5. Indeed, it seems the likes of the big tech giants in US are already pushing the feds to adapt a real time settlement system that can work with big banks current RTP system (clearing house): https://www.americanbanker.com/news/amazon-google-at-odds-with-big-banks-over-feds-role-in-faster-payments they stress *interoperability* and that time is of the essence as we are behind countries like India, UK, Singapore, Australia... Can anyone guess who offers this kind of settlement solution?
  6. Speaking of regulation: http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/x/761446/Commodities+Derivatives+Stock+Exchanges/CFTC+Commissioner+Quintenz+Supports+Revised+CrossBorder+Swaps+Framework
  7. Are they doing the same thing @automaticsuggested Binance is doing? (IE the washer machine)
  8. Ryyy20

    update on my xrp ledger/ripple site

    Vue is awesome, I’m more of an angular guy myself. Great work so far, thanks for putting in the work!
  9. Ryyy20

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    You act like Ripple owes any of us anything. They do not. You do not own stock in Ripple. If you are unhappy about the use of XRP right now, build something and stop crying. If you’re not helping build the ecosystem then you do not have a pot to **** in. Ripple is doing more than any other company in the entire crypto-sphere to help with adoption
  10. Ryyy20

    A word of advice to young monkeys

    I always think this like I must be missing *something*. And then I read some of the content David Schwartz puts out and realize any concern I could’ve possibly thought of, has probably already been covered. This man (and the rest of the staff at Ripple) know what they are doing, and they are at the top of this game. I truly believe what they are doing in this industry will be revolutionary one day. It’s exciting to witness
  11. How does the XRPL connect // interact with the ILP? IE what is the XRPL role, settlement? In that case, is ILP (or hyperledger) just used as a hook in to the XRPL (or whatever ledger you choose) and it tells it which assets it’d like to transfer/settle over XRPL edit: I should use the search function more often, here’s a great run down of ILP, Ripplenet, and XRPL:
  12. Ugh ik, my thoughts on the choice are: 1) Smart Contracts 2) More Liquidity?
  13. Now that is fascinating, I didn’t actually see this until today. Thank you for sharing!
  14. Sure, I would start up first reading on Hyperledger: https://www.hyperledger.org/ very similar to another protocol called interledger: https://interledger.org/ They are essentially protocols that can connect to any type of ledger (blockchain, USD, EUR, World of War craft coin, etc). https://ethereumworldnews.com/how-interledger-plans-on-connecting-all-blockchains-belonging-to-xrp-eth-btc-and-more/ This article might explain better than I can.