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  1. @nikb I appreciate the thorough discussion on the topic both here and on Twitter. I do sense a lot of confusion around the incident still, even with @JoelKatz trying to clear the air. I’m curious whether a postmortem would be useful for others to read. I understand you and the team at Ripple are not responsible for the XRPL, but from an earlier comment it looks like you guys did fix an issue (as seen in the commit https://github.com/ripple/rippled/commit/bd2a38f5844ce824c02cce1ed97e9cf0cd04c019). I did go through it but a lot of changes are due to what looks like an ide auto-format addin
  2. Hello, I cried reading this thread. It’s been so long. Too long.
  3. @Eric123ive been seeing people point out the inverse correlation between $dxy and crypto/metals/stock, over the last few weeks it’s been $dxy up, crypto down:
  4. Intense FOMO and speculation during the ‘17-‘18 bull run. That’s all The same could happen again and it could reach that price again on speculation alone, however many of us here are waiting on utility to kick in (people actually using the asset). Once that happens on a large scale it’s anyone’s guess as to where the price falls.
  5. Revisiting this Fiserv thread after I saw this tweet from VP of payments strategy “Need for payments flexibility” got me thinking what kind of relationship does Fiserv have with Ripple (if any)... Quick google search brought me to this thread by the great @Tehol_Beddict Ohhhhh and would you look at that little breadcrumb, who we know has now OFFICIALLY partnered with Nium... @Tehol_Beddict brilliant stuff man
  6. Here we are just above the levels you were looking at
  7. What has caught my eye is that nowadays, the volume seems to be dwarfing that of the ‘17-‘18 bull run: I mean how much longer is this going to stay under 0.20
  8. I get it...take the contrarian view. I don’t hate seeing opposite viewpoints but sometimes arguing just for the sake of arguing gets old... @DirectorCoulson i can find your name nearly everywhere in these discussions arguing back and forth with someone, at some point it may just be easier to walk away and forget about the price for sometime. It’s what I did and I’m much happier... The market makes absolutely no sense, go open CMC and filter on top gainers and tell me if you’ve ever heard of ANY in the top say ~20: https://coinmarketcap.com/gainers-losers/ In that sense, why
  9. That article was about the shortfalls of POW, XRP uses a consensus protocol: https://xrpl.org/intro-to-consensus.html
  10. Not a lot, have been DCA’ing over the years, chasing that ever so close “bull run” I have a great job that supplies me with enough to mess around in crypto and not miss it. I look at these prices as something I never in my wild dreams could’ve imagined back in ‘18. Just have no idea how much further we have to fall with what’s going on in the world. ive already been told to work remotely at my company as many others have as well...things seem to be coming quickly to a halt in the states
  11. Do we know why Ripple initially bought their shares for something like $4+? Do they just not care short term, and are able to forecast that in the long term the savings+revenue will make the stock worth >$4?
  12. Don’t they still have a call at 9am est? Might get some tidbits in that...I still don’t understand why they had to postpone it from last week though
  13. I’ve seen this explained as happening b/c of a US bank holiday on Monday (pres day)...so the ensuing days had an increase in volume to cover the off day on Monday, and then a return back to normal-ish after. Of course we can only know for sure after more data...can they just slap an official ODL monitor up on ripple.com already plzzzzz (kidding of course, the work @mouradski and team have done has been brilliant)
  14. Guess Texas is the place to be for BTC mining: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theblockcrypto.com/amp/post/52286/sbi-holdings-gmo-internet-set-to-mine-bitcoin-at-300mw-facility-in-texas
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