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  1. “Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”
  2. I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend
  3. Reading this post, it's pretty clear this is not using Ripple or Ethereum. Unless I am reading this incorrectly, im reading this as they've built their own proprietary ecosystem.
  4. Very interesting, and a great find. Anyone have any technical details on how this works, using Ripple and Ethereum was stated in the article.
  5. my god, not this selling point again. its so 2017
  6. speaking of /cc i've got a folder i save my favorite FUD posts too. I hope to one day make my own personal book filled with dumb comments to look to and laugh at.
  7. I see ZB Exchange listed as a market for XRP and i have read numerous reports of them being accused of wash trading. Might want to look into this if you are hoping to present realistic data.
  8. These are the reasons why i am here, these were the stories that made me fall in love with Ripple years ago. Obviously making lots of money will be fantastic, yet seeing the change technology will bring to these countries truly warms my heart more than anything else. It's so funny the hate Ripple receives for being a "Bankers Coin." People love to compartmentalize and to define everything into these easy to understand categories and it always leads to shortsighted vision. What Ripple is about to do to this industry will do more for the good of the world than i think we can even envision right now.
  9. Do you guys ever see those Coinone XRP payments that happen in 4 transfers of 5,000,000 every couple of days. I'm on the east coast of USA and i see the transfers happen generally later at night 10-12pm or early in the morning. Since i started to notice and pay attention id say they've done transfers of over 200-300 Million XRP. I've always found it odd that it happens in batches of 4 and such a precise amount.
  10. Not specifically related but this was an interesting tweet I came across. This is how you work to make effective change within the system.
  11. I was trying to read it at work this morning too, probably the most traffic their webpage has had in months.
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