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  1. I wish i could post the link here but InstaReM just posted this awesome article on LinkedIn. They are promoting their appearance at Money 20/20. Sadly, the link only works on mobile for some reason, either that or im clueless. Check out this years headline for the conference... "The Relationships that are built here will shape the future of money." They go on to talk about expanding into South America and all of our Ripplenet locations, and are showcasing their "Global Real-TIme Payments demo." Maybe in the beginning we won't see lots of banks using Ripplenet. It's almost like with multihop we will see more partnerships with Ripplenet clients and they can become like a correspondent bank and process payments. It's absolutely fascinating watching all of this go down.
  2. I asked them on twitter if they will source liquidity through xrp. They probably won't answer me but it all matches up pretty well with Bob Way's explanation of market makers and anchors.
  3. Ripple Fomo is akin to a small group of children playing in the forests of california with a magnifying glass. They go up on a friday for the weekend, burn some ants, have a blast, then travel home on Sunday. Early Wednesday morning they catch the front page of the local newspaper and see "California hills ablaze in Flames!" I would not be surprised to see us shoot up to .55, normally we see some late trailing fomo kick us up another 20-25%. I also would not be surprised to see us down 20%, it's the beauty of this market, everyday is a adventure.
  4. Wow this Fincen report reads pretty well if you ask me. There is our answer on regulations. To the best of my knowledge Ripple has been deliberating and gameplanning for years to make sure their software is compliant with the stipulations that were discussed in that report.
  5. I noticed that as well about your posts, it's almost as if i had to search for the things you would post. I loved to cross check some of the articles i would find with your great work. It was fun to blow my head up with it all, now we get to sit back and watch how it all goes down. So glad to hear that your business is doing well, i hope this new year brings lots of profits and no bank statements!
  6. Have always felt like this be a bigger version of Google vs Apple.
  7. Hey @tony71 looks like you have inspired another brave soldier to ride into the dark abyss with you, check it out! I love when things like this get posted, been building my folder with screenshots of FUD. I plan to be extremely petty when xrp is the Standard!
  8. I hardly see him on xrpchat anymore. He still posts pretty often on Twitter.
  9. @Tehol_Beddict is dearly missed here. All roads lead back to Ripple it seems. Ripple offering/implementing there software suites with the likes of Temenos and CGI might actually be better than individual bank partnerships as they reach a very large user base.
  10. And yet the masses are cowering in fear. Ripple has changed everything, keep the faith everyone!
  11. Have you guys seen the order books on Coinbase Pro? It's amazing, it's really active and there is deep liquidy there. Lots and lots of coins finding new pockets today and i always think that is a good sign.
  12. We've had 10+ companies who we manage who have been targeted this year alone. I've heard insurance companies are starting to pay out for the ransom's. So of course this just perpetuates these type of attacks. Be careful out there dude, back up your data always!
  13. Im dancing in this bloodbath as we speak. I'm with you, it's quite a scary feeling, always that small voice inside my head saying "what if it goes lower?" No better feeling though when it begins to rise again. Makes you feel like the smartest person in the world.
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