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    ello Kat welcome to XRP Chat. What brought you to XRPChat?
  2. I cant wait to see all these sour pusses singing Ripples praises in the coming years, the negativity is becoming unbearable on this site.
  3. https://www.w3.org/TR/payment-handler/ pay attention to developments within the payment handler API. There is still work to be done on this front, we still need payment rails and Applications built to get us to what you are asking. Last Interledger summit was purely focused on bringing developers to the Interledger platform to help build out these applications.
  4. Do you practice that in front of your mirror every morning?
  5. I do hope something comes of Codius one of these days. I have been having a blast playing Gods Unchained, its pretty similar to MTG if you ever played that as a kid. Everything about the game is great except for when you interact with Ethereum. Yet its fascinating witnessing how transformative video games can be utilizing a blockchain. Simple smart contracts giving users control of their digital cards, just that alone gives me so many ideas. There is also a marketplace that can be viewed and if you have cards you can list for sale, it's not implemented yet so who knows how that will eventually go. I would love to see something built on xrpl that actually scales!
  6. best to check the subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/ The title states Nano X, but your post describes updating ledger nano, not sure what you are exactly referring to. Just FYI if your smartphone wont upgrade past Android 8.0 don't bother purchasing Nano X it will not pair with bluetooth.
  7. Perfectly said. Attracting Market Makers is very important, some Forex brokers are said to do 3 Trillion dollars a day on the top trading desks. We as retail speculators will probably never be able to match the liquidity needed for these mammoth payments (that is assuming those payments ever make it to XRP) Moneygram has over 100,000 "agents," or Market Makers all around the Globe. Bob Way wrote in depth about the role of MM's and how crucial it will be for the utility of XRP. Giving these market makers access to on-demand liquidity will be game changing. I still feel we are far away from having the liquidity in different countries that will be needed to process large amounts of payments, yet these developments are actual confirmation that our beloved coin will be making an impact on the world soon. Gone are the days of hope and "What If?"
  8. It will increase when more liquidity is flowing through xrapid. We have no volume at the moment.
  9. Correct me if i am wrong here please. If i understood Mr. Bob Way from his gracious time educating us on his patent, Xrapid via Market Makers WILL put upside pressure on price. He discussed this quite thoroughly in Bobs Book Club, yet i have not been able to track down his original postings. I don't think Galgitron is correct with this statement.
  10. When xrp/btc pumps look out. My estimation is that we are waiting for the final short sellers to get out of the way. We've been hit with more FUD than I've seen in 4 years the past 5 months, it seems that it has been a factor in our downtrend.
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