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  1. Everyone should take the time to watch this!!! R3 will develop a POC with Swift. Some fascinating slides in there, and lots of info on Corda Settler.
  2. We're talking about an opportunity to be apart of something that will revolutionize payments as we know it. This could turn out to be an incredible early find for all of us here. So yes as hard as it would be to watch xrp stay stagnant, I would love the longest stretch of time possible to easily accumulate more.
  3. guys come on im hoping the price goes down here not up, i really need to keep buying more.
  4. How are all these digital value systems going to interact with one another? The masterstroke in my opinion was ripples forethought to develop the Interledger Protocol.
  5. I don't know about you guys but I find this hilarious. What in the hell was he even thinking with that flow chart! I've been saving articles and screencapping comments for 2 years now. When this ****** finally starts to really fly I plan to be one petty troll!
  6. MecuryFx is going to pull their big dicks out on an entire industry... It's happening.
  7. This is one of the coolest days to be a Ripple supporter!! I can't wait to see what you come up with Wieste, I cannot think of a more deserving BELIEVER !! Congratulations if you happen to stumble across this post!
  8. I need to hurry up and get an oculus i guess. This looks really cool, vrchat x23672434827940
  9. Wow this is fantastic news, companies are starting to take notice! I have always felt one of the biggest barometers of XRP success would be watching the acquisitions of some of the early pioneers of Ripple tech. As this ball gets rolling i would not be surprised to see some of our smaller ripplenet members sell out to the big boys.
  10. christ drew take a breath, you're on fire today. Edit: I want to add that this was one of the many use cases i was hoping to see utilized. The freelance industry will be huge IMO, there are new platforms being created all the time. Making payments secure and immediate opens up opportunities we don't even know exist yet.
  11. Unfortunately we won't be able to as of right now. I signed up early on in the summer or spring of 2018, got the email a week or 2 ago for registration and sadly USA is blocked. Even if i never trade there i just like checking out the exchanges, the DX one looks great only bad thing I see is that they have a monthly fee for use. I hope this isn't something that more exchanges try to start implementing.
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