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  1. Nothing like getting likes and retweets!
  2. quetzalcoatl

    Mastercard, Cross River Bank and Ripple

    christ drew take a breath, you're on fire today. Edit: I want to add that this was one of the many use cases i was hoping to see utilized. The freelance industry will be huge IMO, there are new platforms being created all the time. Making payments secure and immediate opens up opportunities we don't even know exist yet.
  3. To be a fly on the wall eating **** there...
  4. Unfortunately we won't be able to as of right now. I signed up early on in the summer or spring of 2018, got the email a week or 2 ago for registration and sadly USA is blocked. Even if i never trade there i just like checking out the exchanges, the DX one looks great only bad thing I see is that they have a monthly fee for use. I hope this isn't something that more exchanges try to start implementing.
  5. The 2 exchanges i am the most excited to trade on aren't open to US traders. (coinfield, and DX) Hopefully it won't be long until US citizens can trade.
  6. quetzalcoatl

    Crypto-Mystery Clues Suggest Tether Has the Billions It Promised

    looks like the btc pairing has the most volume. i just worry if i open a position there might not be buyers to close it. the exchange looks pretty awesome i wish we had more users!
  7. quetzalcoatl

    Crypto-Mystery Clues Suggest Tether Has the Billions It Promised

    Sorry to bring up an old post but are you ever able to close any trades on there? The volume is almost non-existent.
  8. I feel bad now! I'm sorry man I didn't even see this until just recently. The best way to combat FUD is more research. Try to research your FUD and compare it to the many informative sources out there. The more you know about the IOV (the masterstroke) the less unsure it will make you feel.
  9. It's far too early at this point in time to make blanket statements such as this. Xrapid was just released from Beta only just a few months ago, with new members being on boarded into Ripplenet almost weekly. If you came back in 2 years and you have still not seen results from Xrapid then you could cry. No one ever told you this is an overnight get rich type of deal. Were talking about bringing changes to one of the most obstinate industries!
  10. There are many reports out there stating Betcoin selectively scams people. Be careful.
  11. quetzalcoatl

    Confusion with Listing on Kraken?

    What are you asking here I'm having a hard time understanding.
  12. quetzalcoatl

    What is significance of large transaction?

    Mostly Escrow creation and the release of the next batch of xrp from Escrow. This happens every month.
  13. quetzalcoatl

    Windows utility for XRP addicts

    Thanks man this is awesome. Going to be fun watching this thing on rallies
  14. The amount of infrastructure that is currently being built is crazy. Next time this **** pumps 2017 will look like a tiny fractal, a distant memory on the charts.