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  1. I know the Ripple escrow system. My question is does someone bought 400m XRP or its just been realesed and return to another escrow ?
  2. You can see the guy using a laptop on the bottom right is on the Coinbase website, and Coinbase/GDAX is performing a maintenance tomorrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNqAhiRRCas
  3. I dont see any like or thanks for my original post.
  4. And I have another friend working for Crédit Agricole which is testing Ripple technologie. Ripple is everywhere, this is the future
  5. I have a friend working for the french central bank (Banque de France) And I can tell you they are very interested about blockchain Blockhain + Bank = Ripple
  6. This is exactly what i did to make this number 589$ x 39 000 000 000 tokens actually in circulation = 23 000 000 000 000$ Is it wrong ?
  7. If XRP hits 589$ his market cap would be 23 000 000 000 000$, depends of the number of tokens in circulation (39B actually) Who can offer so much money in cryptocurrency ? Is it really possible ? Its more than the US GDP (around 19-20 000B) I cant imagine this.
  8. Have you heard about a hypothetical huge announcement today ? https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/04/ripple-make-huge-announcement-25th-may/
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