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  1. I have not been successful in reaching the bottom on any of my trades and I have been chasing it for far to long. I have cash to buy 10000 x XRP now but feel we will see sub 30 soon! I’m on the fence.
  2. Yes, we are very lucky. We will never see such low prices again.
  3. My intention is to accumulate more at these prices, selling well that’s for next year. We are aligned on one thing the “pros” have longe stopped posting, only lurking around, with their $30 EOY TAs
  4. In the next 5 weeks will will hit 10c. We are still in the bear 🐻 marked. After that we will never see such low prices again. EOY 10c. 2019 is the year of profits.
  5. Value over $2000? Are you an insider? Do you have any other intel to share? God bless you.
  6. When XRP reaches $1in 5 years I will probably sell my stack. Cash in, enjoy the profits.
  7. It’s not allowed to discuss XLM here!
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