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  1. Diversification within an 'asset class' is not diversification, it's speculation. This is up to individuals who have invested at different times. There is not one scenario that's fits all and I'm sorry but just because you decide to do A or B is not sound advice for others. DYOR.
  2. Most probably has been a great strategy for most of this year. However things (markets) do change. Those on the wrong side of the trade will need to cover and this will amplify price. This may or may not be the time, however fundamentally and technically I also believe the shorts are incorrect. There are some technical hurdles to prove (technically) a bottom and picking a bottom (turning point) is a fools errand. Time will tell. Keep your powder dry and most importantly preserve your capital.
  3. It’s an interesting scenario ... crypto/cash/taxes/etc The interesting thing to me is the push for crypto v cash v whatever (rocks) BUT none of the smarties have addressed how to fund society. Do we need roads? Dunno. Do we need other stuff? Should a community/collective pay for this stuff? Should individuals pay for this stuff? Should we look after the sick/poor/etc ........ I have no idea .... but the one thing I know....it’s not just about me.
  4. Hopefully you’re referring to XRP. That aside, my understanding of basic economics is that when demand outstrips supply the price will rise.
  5. Btw if u all haven’t seen the meltdown in the Eth space, u need to check it out. A thang reliant ononeperson, and if he has a meltdown... stay the course ... you will be in the winners circle.
  6. ‘Prob wishful thinking’ .... Dude, get your big boy pants on and hang on for the ride.
  7. Omg when the escrow is sold the system is fully funded. That’s when the ecosystem survives on its own merit. It will or it won’t.
  8. Inevitability ....death n taxes! When either of those happen, you’ll have a plan in place that is commensurate with your situation.
  9. Maybe ... but if Coil can do micropayments, then what's not on the table?
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