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  1. Thanks for the Bitcoin info. My misunderstanding. To be honest I never read up on bitcoin much after the MT Gox hack in 2012. I was thinking about purchasing at 15 but glad I didn't because I most defiantly would have used Mt Gox and probably would have been hacked. Anyway I stumbled upon a company that actually makes cold storage coins. This is probably what I heard about a while back and confused that with Bitcoin ATMs. They make Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc Fire and Water resistant cold storage coins. Im going to see if they will make one for XRP. check them out if your interested www.coldstoragecoins.com
  2. Are there not bitcoin ATM machines that you can exchange fiat for physical bitcoin. The idea is that the coin can digital store the value or quantity of XRP. Something much more durable then a USB drive. This is for holding or storing it, not for trading. If you want to trade you can exchange the coin and covert it back to digital or cash but only through a bank and that banks software not unsecure exchanges. The idea is to make it secure as possible. Obviously this is something that would take years to set up and banks willing to offer this service. It’s just a thought. There will be many innovations in the crypto space in the future one area being how banks will interact with it and what services they will offer.
  3. I was always concerned about keeping my XRP on Gatehub or any other exchange. I finally bought a Nano ledger and removed my XRP. I’m glad I did that after this recent hack. Even the Nano concerns me as I feel there could be some malware or hack that may steal them when I go to cash them in. I would honestly feel safer storing a Physical XRP coin in a safety deposit box or in a safe at home. The chances are much higher of being hacked at some point them my house being robbed or burning down. I’m a long time holder and what I hope by holding a physical coin long term is that one day I can walk into a bank and change it for cash or make payments. Bitcoin has a physical coin maybe XRP should have one as well They could break the coins brown by 10,000 , 1000 ,100, 10
  4. That works for me. I like it. Exchange Rapid Payments. This should maybe be updated on Bitcoin wiki.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your feed back. We all know what XRP means, the question was having Ripple Protocol in the XRP meaning still to much Ripple in the decentralized coin. Meaning would that be an issue for its success down the road. I still think it could be an issues but maybe not since most replies don't believe Banks or the SEC would see any issue with that.
  6. Im sure this may have been brought up at some point but maybe not. I wanted to hear some feedback on the idea of changing the meaning of the XRP letters. Ripple has gone through the process of separating the company Ripple from the digital asset XRP for various reasons. There is a new Logo for XRP that was voted on that separates the two identities. However we still have names like Drops and Ripples to describe XRP again linking the two together. Furthermore from what I have read it looks like XRP stands for X cross boarder, R Ripple, P, Protocol. If Ripple disappeared tomorrow we would still have XRP. Since it is Decentralized maybe we should have a vote by the community. We should maybe also try and move away from the water names as well. If we ever decided on that my pick would be ZERP or ZERPS Short and sweet. I am a long time XRP holder and I truly believe in its potential to become a standard cross border currency. For that reason I came up with a couple of meanings that may fit the letters XRP. 1. XRP Cross Reserve Pairing X for Cross, meaning cross border, R for reserve like reserve currency, P for pairing meaning XRP is used to pair all currency's. One step settle. OR 2. XRP Cross Remittance Payment
  7. Didn’t David make a statement that Ripple only gave him 60k XRP and that he wanted to take Salery. So was he buying more xrp with the salary at some point or did Ripple give him a lot more XRP after that statement. If he sold some of the 60 k that’s not much money he’s cashing in on. I would like to know his total XRP holdings along with the rest of the ripple employees.
  8. Just throwing this out there. 589 could represent a new rule proposed by the CME group back in 2014. Special price fluctuation limits. CME Group is an investor in Ripple and that’s also where Miguel Vias worked before Ripple. I think this has something to do with regulation and controlling huge price swings. I’m not able to fully understand the document or how it works but it looks to me that it could be in XRP’s favour for long term stable growth. Attached is admendemt of the original rule that you can find if you google CME Group rule 589. https://www.cftc.gov/sites/default/files/filings/orgrules/15/07/rule072415comexdcm001.pdf
  9. https://globalcoinreport.com/ripple-xrp-regulations-survival-of-fittest-results-coming-soon/
  10. I wanted to share an idea to see what people think. Xpring will invest in new startups that will use XRP and the interledger protocol to tap into new payment channels. Most of these business ideas come from proven entrepreneurs with backing to help get there business ideas moving forward. For the unproven entrepreneurs it would be great to see a business submission idea section where ideas can be evaluated. If they like the idea and the business model we can use this as a way to connect with other interested parties and discuss ways to get the project or projects moving forward. It may be a great way to share and devolpe ideas that would otherwise sit on a shelf.
  11. I see $$ signs. Money ! It defiantly has an aggressive look. Stands out ! I think it looks closer to a Chinese or Japanese symbol. The German symbol seems very different to me. Just trying to propose something different from the Ripple brand cheers !
  12. Very strange indeed. That just inspired me to come up with a chained themed symbol.
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