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  1. XRPstrong

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Just throwing this out there. 589 could represent a new rule proposed by the CME group back in 2014. Special price fluctuation limits. CME Group is an investor in Ripple and that’s also where Miguel Vias worked before Ripple. I think this has something to do with regulation and controlling huge price swings. I’m not able to fully understand the document or how it works but it looks to me that it could be in XRP’s favour for long term stable growth. Attached is admendemt of the original rule that you can find if you google CME Group rule 589. https://www.cftc.gov/sites/default/files/filings/orgrules/15/07/rule072415comexdcm001.pdf
  2. XRPstrong

    Survival of the fittest.

  3. XRPstrong

    Xpring business ideas.

    I wanted to share an idea to see what people think. Xpring will invest in new startups that will use XRP and the interledger protocol to tap into new payment channels. Most of these business ideas come from proven entrepreneurs with backing to help get there business ideas moving forward. For the unproven entrepreneurs it would be great to see a business submission idea section where ideas can be evaluated. If they like the idea and the business model we can use this as a way to connect with other interested parties and discuss ways to get the project or projects moving forward. It may be a great way to share and devolpe ideas that would otherwise sit on a shelf.
  4. XRPstrong

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    I see $$ signs. Money ! It defiantly has an aggressive look. Stands out ! I think it looks closer to a Chinese or Japanese symbol. The German symbol seems very different to me. Just trying to propose something different from the Ripple brand cheers !
  5. XRPstrong

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    Very strange indeed. That just inspired me to come up with a chained themed symbol.
  6. XRPstrong

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    Wow. Forgot to add Seconds under the description. Safe , secure, scalable, seconds.
  7. XRPstrong

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    XRP S. changed the Z to an S. Safe, Secure, Scalable.
  8. XRPstrong

    Lost Newbie ! My XRP Symbol design

    XRP S. safe, Secure, Scalable. Changed the Z to an S.
  9. XRPstrong

    What’s in a Name… or a Symbol?

    There are so many great ideas. I hope that everyone gets a fair vote. Not everyone has the same tools to put together a design. I have one last submission, just a marketing slogan for fun. I feel I have to clarify just incase. The Zero Zerper ! Zero for zero transaction cost and of course the communities name for XRP. ZERP! what a great name.
  10. XRPstrong

    Lost Newbie ! My XRP Symbol design