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  1. Yes, I joke. But it's really good news for everyone patiently waiting for this.
  2. Here's something to really mess with your head... Craig might actually be Satoshi and not be... There is a possibility he has been making a fraud of himself purposefully and covering for someone else at the same time. He does not strike me as the kind of guy who wrote the code in Bitcoin. Something to think about...Craig apparently employed and currently employs quite a few people. Any handful of them could have written code for him. He may want to just keep his staff from being harrassed.
  3. Be careful not to judge too quickly. Don't take everything at face value either. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/satoshi-saga-continues-tulip-trust-trustee-expected-to-appear-by-september-says-joseph-vaughnperling-1462467803
  4. Bitcoin was far too large project to be undertaken by a single person, unless that person was really at a savant level (unlikely). It looked like a professionally driven project of an underground startup. Bitcoin had several different pieces of technology that were brought together and it required diverse expertise. I always thought Craig Wright fit the profile of a team leader rather than a guy who is deep in the code on a daily basis. One person probably wrote code, another communicating with the public on forums, another working on algorithms and so on. For a project of its kind, there
  5. xrp

    Dating apps

    @Haydentiff Trust me, dating apps and sites are the absolute worst place to meet dateable people. The best don't dare step foot on those sites as they are fully capable of meeting people in a variety of quality venues elsewhere. Most of society has such an impatient and shortsighted "give it to me now" attitude about everything, they are demanding a "fast food" of the dating world which is exactly what Tinder is. Social events, athletic groups, conferences, Meetup events, etc -- there are so many better places to connect with like-minded people. It takes a little more effort but there is more
  6. I've worked on teams building some very large websites on Drupal. It has a lot of features built-in, however there were severe performance drawbacks and we sometimes needed to do a lot of crazy hacking around to get things customized right. To be honest it was often a very painful experience to make it work in the way that the client wanted it to work. Going with Drupal was overkill in some situations, as we could have hand-coded things faster from scratch. Other times, it was not so bad if it was just a basic website with pages of content and the client had a really fast server.
  7. xrp

    Some news

    Congrats @celticwarrior72! You earned a well respected presence here and I expect it will be the same at Santander!
  8. Some well-experienced developers attempted to create a trading bot "OMG Trade Bot Alpha" a few months ago and sent out some advance copies for testing. As far as I am aware it only had minimal features and was incomplete though. They were looking for developers to help contribute and finish it. At first glance, I saw it was several thousand lines of code deep and decided to hold off messing around until I had a little more time. You need both time and money to really do it properly.
  9. They already closed new registrations to Ripple Trade something like MONTHS AGO? Really guys, you didn't see this coming? I thought it was priced in long ago, but my mistake for assuming people could see the obvious writing on the wall. Another bump in the road. Shake out the weak hands already. Been holding since 2013.
  10. Fastest way to become a millionaire? Forget relying on XRP. Help a million people. Use your skills to build something useful that can be replicated or used by people on a mass scale.
  11. Good for you and your intellectual curiosity to learn a bit! XRP is a pretty good bet in my own personal opinion. I've been impressed with the performance of Ripple Labs since their startup days. I found Ripple around April 2013 as I was researching Bitcoin alternatives after it crashed and I was wondering what the next big competitor could be.
  12. I don't even bother trading at busy hours for this exact reason. My computer was always freezing and it was stressful so now I just buy a good position and hold long-term.
  13. MORTY, that is so EPIC!! Nice work man
  14. I was actually surprised they kept it going as long as they did. The decision makes sense when you consider the big-picture strategy and understand their pivot away from consumer-facing applications. It was just poor strategy to continue funneling staff and money into Ripple Trade, considering that there are so many gateways and apps being added to the network by other companies now. They should just release the source code to other companies to improve upon, and offer consultation and technical support to them to help build out platforms.
  15. Wow, FNetV1... kudos to you for the efforts on archiving the material! That sounds like an incredible amount of work. Hopefully it preserves some great value for future use.
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