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  1. View the entire interview with Jim Aramanda (TCH) in the right context and not the edited Twitter version Qoute: Fintechs are the real threat to the banks and not the mutual competition ABA- Jim Aramanda Why do they see the FED's attempts to build its own RTGS system as a threat? Why is Ryan Zagone still at the table with the FED when TCH / RTP has implemented Ripple? Banking Perspectives page 12/13 City bank as an example gets billions of profits from cross border payments by nostro accountant finance for smaller banks. City bank and other large banks involved in TCH are not going to hand over those profits. Faster Payments in the US, yes Ripple, no thanks
  2. XRP oriented youtubers are good for the space. If you compare it with other cryptos there is a lot of XRP information available almost daily that youtube content creators share. Whether you follow Alex Cobb, CKJ, JungleInc, DAI, CryptoEri, Brad Kimes, LoveforCrypto or one of many others, it's good that they are there and provide information about XRP / Ripple
  3. I'm pleased with the progress that has been made. People underestimate how difficult it is to grow a company, especially in a new industry such as Blockchain. Patience is the key, but that is difficult for many crypto enthusiasts.
  4. a Youtuber like Sunny Decree with 81,000 subscribers receives an average of $ 1800 per month in income. Most crypto Youtubers are BTC or ETH followers. If the market moves bearish or sideways and there is little news to report,, the number of views and the revenue decreases Create a click bait title with negative news or FUD about XRP, Tron or any other crypto with an active community and you are guaranteed a lot of views and clicks, revenues rise again. They no longer make youtube videos for the love of crypto but for the love of the $ There are perhaps a few exceptions (Crypto ERI as an example) that simply make youtube videos out of passion about crypto, but at a given point with many you see that the $ youtube revenue is more important than the passion for crypto.
  5. Bitcoin maximalist find that they play in a different league. There is only one real blockchain and that is BTC. If it is not a POW then they speak about a centralized database and not a blockchain. All forks that originate from Bitcoin and use POW are still tolerated because they can serve as a test for the real blockchain BTC. Tone Vays together with Peter Todd (well known in the BTC community) also made a video about the Ripple scam. I myself can not get angry about it anymore and nowadays I even have to smile about so much misinformation and wrong conclusions they are drawn with regard to XRP and Ripple With regard to electricity and CO2, they think they have found the solution in cooperation with Hydro power plants. Excess electricity that is already generated can then be used for the mining of BTC. In South America, a large mining company has signed a contract with a newly built hdro plant. Personally, I still see BTC as Ford's model T and new innovations in blockchain technology that do not belong to the existing vehicle; happen to be considered threatening for the survival of the vehicle especially in the eyes of the BTC community
  6. Hodor, with his Twitter message, has drawn the attention of some real hardcore Bitcoin maximalists, including Tone Vays and Vortex. Apparently they see the consumption of electricity for the BTC minning a little different than @Hodor and of course they have some compliments for XRP Tone Vays even paid attention to it through his Youtube channel. At the 1.10.00 mark
  7. Nice find @xrpmommy but I think it's an old interview. October 16, 2017 Probably something went wrong on the website of The Asian Banker and the old video was added as a new item. They later corrected that error.
  8. Amun / MVIS crypto fund ETP with 25% XRP in the crypto basket, it will be traded on an official exchange (SIX-Swiss) MVIS is part of the VanEck company,. (postponed Bitcoin ETF proposal with the SEC ) https://www.amun.com/en/index/ When you scroll down you see the crypto basket If you look at smaller funds such as Crypto20 you will see XRP ranked 9.5% , it is lower than ETH, BTC, EOS and BCH in the pdf of 30 June 2018 https://cdn.invictuscapital.com/factsheets/crypto20_201804.pdf On the website you see the current portfolio distribution of cryptos, XRP above all others at 13.5% https://crypto20.com/en/
  9. In 2013 he and Dave Kleiman had mined 1 million Bitcoin Short bitcoin, drop it on the market and the price falls. He does not lose any money but because of the enormous fall in prices, BCHABC minning is becoming more and more expensive, and his goal is to financially destroy BCHABC. The losses that he himself suffers with BCHSV are compensated by the sales of Bitcoin
  10. If you look at the cooperation between LCX-Binance and the Ripple Xpring involvement, an XRP base pair at Binance retail exchange may soon become reality. Binance may well become one of the preferred exchanges for xRapid in the near future
  11. The nr 1, 2 or 3 position is very important in my opinion. Just look at the shift in funds. BTC is usually good for 50%, ETH was usually 25 to 30% and XRP was at 5 or 6%. That is changing at most index funds, XRP rises to a share between 25 to 30%. If XRP goes on the hunt for BTC's no. 1 position, almost no single index fund can go around XRP. XRP will receive even more mainstream media attention. Many people outside of the cryptoworld have heard of Bitcoin, it would be great if XRP became just as well known. Real time usage of XRP will ultimately determine the price, but an bull run is always welcome. Brand recognition and position can play an important role for new retail investors in a bull run
  12. Quote from the article: The banking sector has seen years of overhype and experimentation surrounding distributed ledger technology, but one project led by JPMorgan Chase, the Interbank Information Network (IIN), is quietly producing results at scale Banks do not expect IIN to generate significant savings, however, either now or in the future. No match for Ripples Xcurrent 4.0 and XRP
  13. I think you (Zerpening club members) underestimate how many XRP enthusiasts there are who follow the forum every day without actually becoming active. Members of the Zerpening club are generally quite positive when it comes to the future of XRP. I think many (younger) XRP readers who have heard about the December 2017 early 2018 bull run and now have only experienced a bear market benefit from well-established forum participants with mostly a broad knowledge of XRP and Ripple. Do not hide the Zerpening club, there will always be people who have a different opinion and you can only learn from that. Make the Zerpening public to read and only give access to members that you want to allow, so you can keep the real trolls out of the door. I respect your contributions on this forum and Twitter, stay possitive and transfer that line of thinking to other people in a bear market is not easy. Have a nice day.
  14. Corridors with high volume payments and low average payment amounts are the target of Ripple such as US-Mexico. Japan-Thailand and UK-India are also perfect corridors to generate liquidity in the market and it is likely that the government of India will soon agree to the use of digital assets for international payments by financial companies A 'hub' in India alone will create a gigantic market for low average payment amounts, but with a high volume on the market in that region (Pakistan - Bangladesh). This will create liquidity in the market The liquidity will be built up by remittance and other companies (the low hanging fruit - Joelkatz ?) and not by the JP Morgans of this world. But it takes time ... patience is the magic word
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