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  1. I WOULD GET BANNED IF I SAY WHAT I HONESTLY THINK ABOUT THIS. No wonder Caracappa support this idea.... On a second tough, this is the last nail for me on xrpchat. Im done. I will actually never ever open this site anymore. This is nuthouse.
  2. Im here to balance idiotic optimism that clouded this forum to such an extend its truly religious. Im not fudster or someone who hates xrp, You need two sides, not just ULTRA HYPE POSITIVE , sorry that you just dont want to hear that, bud that is not my problem, ignore and move on. I like both positive and negative things in this space, many of you here would praise ripple even if it executed child in front of your eyes. Like get fkn serious being so naive wont help you out in making better financial decisions. Just the fact that HIGH PERCENTAGE of people here believe in TA,, is mind-blowing. You can plot all you want you wont know what the price of xrp is 5 years from now via TA.... Or that majority of people follow some XRP preachers that basically throw predictions out till something hits the mark, is acceptable .. i dont know, who is the boring one here. To me it gets boring to hype **** up the sky every damn day or connect dots till my fingers bleed. ignore me pls, use the function that you have at your disposal and stop bitching about people bitchin. FEELS
  3. Yes I know, that is the main benefit of that investment. Defensive mode off? lol
  4. Im not sure if you have some kind of brain damage, Or not, read again what i wrote. Did i said that money will be used to find better alternative to combustion engine or analyze seismic data ? I gave two examples ffs reread them again.
  5. Keep in mind : They can literally be working on bitcoin system or monero or whatever else, this is not at all exclusive to XRP. Its general... Just dont imagine now all the university researchers/students will use XRPL
  6. I bet it went with that HOW TO DOWNLOAD MORE RAM installer
  7. Dr. Strangelove, you know, the basic google thing? ......... learn to google boy
  8. And you are looking at this as a religion. I think ripple could do well even without xrp at this point. Always use price as an metric (its the real truth, even if manipulated, it doesnt matter, its the truth, you dont go to a store and say, Hey i feel like euro is undervalued , so i will pay less cause its worth more then it is atm.), Julian is not some kind of scientist with amazing talent of seeing potential, there are many smarter then him people that might look at XRP and see many reasons to not get into it. High risk/ low probability of gain. Its only as valuable as people are willing to pay for it :).
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