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  1. I need to pass this information to backend, im not going to rely on JS to tell me if user is Coil user or not. I want to know if i should allow access to premium feature on my platform or if i should also send Advertisement info in HTTP REPLY. Yhe there is a problem - I dont even want to send ad data to user if he is coil user, bud in order to know that i need to get in REQUEST something that identifies him as paying COIL USER, HOW THE HELL I ACHIEVE THIS? Any ideas?
  2. another hopium thread. epic. And its not new.
  3. Bud i get your point, im just hot headed, Sorry for that @getitdone
  4. Well , sorry that i expect some basic knowledge when we are located on a forums that is literally dedicated to cryptographic payment asset. If he would fall for this scam how much of a chance you give that he understands what he bought? (person that would fall for that stuff). Maybe it sounds harsh bud common. Should i start thread for every comment on FB/twitter about SEND THE XRP TO THIS ADDRESS scams? Is that the level we are at? And also even bad commercial is a good commercial, he linked the scam url, you never link scam urls....
  5. Pretty credible are you fuckin kidding me right now ? THERE IS EVEN A FUCKIN COMMENT IN THE CODE THAT SAY WHAT WAS USED, OTHER SITES THAT ARE SAME **** AND IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE HTTPS FFS. Are you high ? close chrome and hammer the pc down cause you should not have access to computer.
  6. Did you got scammed by them or something? Who would be retarded enough to fall for this? So redundant to post this :). Seriously anyone who invested in XRP has to have few braincells to dont fall for such obvious scam. Dont post these warnings they are worthless. Whoever falls for this DESERVES to be ****** over.
  7. You own xrp, there is majority holder, hence its in your ******* interest to know what they fuckin do with those big bags of money. Its that fuckin basic, its that fuckin basic, If you own gold, and everyone in the fuckin world drops it, sells, YOU WILL FUCKIN CARE ABOUT FUCKIN OTHERS , WHAT THEY DO WITH THEIR FUCKIN ASSETS YOU IGNORANT **** GET IT TO YOUR HEAD. Now if you invested and you dont get that point now, you should just go play minecraft and donate the every fuckin mod ever created cause you dont deserve to hold any fuckin value of any fuckin kind. ****. You just boiled a person alive. Fuckin achievement.
  8. Hahahah common this is so desperate .
  9. fuk unit testing, even if i lost 1 000 000 i would not write that ****, and you can also have error in unit test
  10. You go full orgasm over maintenence? I have a unicorn to sell you, 500000 xrp ok?
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