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  1. Thanks for share. Great find, fits together like a puzzle, its really interesting.
  2. That sentence at the end was pure destilled BS .. wow, how could someone buy that Thanks for video
  3. Whats up with everyone naming youtube videos Like This Confirmed Buy Xrp Now And I Will Stop Pressing That Capslock! God I hate it so much.
  4. After Maidan it is. Its a **** show of a state.
  5. i exploded with laughter when david was talking, he is amazing bud damn he looked like alien.
  6. BUD APOCALYPSE!!! TETHER FALL WILL TAKE DOWN GOVERNMENTS AND SPOIL THE FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY WATER IS TETHERED, OCH WHAT WILL I DOOOOOOOOO. This is what happens when people support doomsday preppers on forums.
  7. What with Noble Bank, HSBC, run on BFX etc.? I want some entertainment please elaborate...
  8. Oh my god what are you on about? You look at the chart in such a low time-frame its laughable someone TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY. Spamming and bumping just so you feel relevant still. How is this thread still not locked/moved? I dont wanna be harsh bud this guy is a doomsday prepper, Look at his post history.
  9. What is your objective with this thread? I find it funny how you try to stir up panic. I honestly cant care less if USDT collapses. Its just a tool, its gonna be changed for another tool.
  10. Thanks for link i have already seen that btw. Sorry bud that doesnt answer any of my points nor does it answer question as a whole.
  11. hypothetically : What if i manage big website(one of the biggest in the world in its category), that any modification like adding support to coil would be a big thing. How can I calculate potential worth of implementing support for COIL? Right from the start i dont know : What percentage of my visitors are subscribed to coil I dont know how much they spend per month to support websites they visit. I dont know how long they were doing this.(Its not worth to invest time to implement support for something if its just a cool thing this month.) How do i calculate from bussiness point of view if its WORTH ADDING SUPPORT FOR COIL? Am I missing something here? I cant just propose adding support for this new shiny thing called coil and expect product owners to understand the value proposition based on limited info you get form the beginning. I know its too soon, bud these are actually serious questions. Since if i add support for this I have to adjust also my website and business contracts to reward coil user with cleaner browsing experience.(no ads etc. AND THIS CAN BE **** TON OF WORK FOR BIG WEBSITE, not kidding. Its not as simple as hiding a banner.)
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