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  1. MaskedCrypto

    New to XRP - Looking forward to $589+ EOY

  2. MaskedCrypto


    Well this forum is but an interesting place to say the least , a Royal Chicken, a Hairy Beast, a Bull, A Bearable Guy and a wolf. All proclaim XRP and Rocket Ships to the moon by the end of year. Will be an interesting journey. ?
  3. MaskedCrypto

    Showcasing xRapid at Consensus 2018

    Let's just hope big deals get done by Ripple on those carpets this week.
  4. MaskedCrypto

    New to XRP - Looking forward to $589+ EOY

    That figure presents a problem, as it would clear all my debts including my mortgage. I want to see it go past $10 otherwise temptation to sell will kick in.
  5. So I been buying up XRP since Mid December missed the 0.24 with getting verified on the exchanges ? Seen the BG posts, bag hodling at a average of just over a dollar, so if it get's even close to Bearable Guys prediction - I'm very happy. Realistically though I'd be happy with just $100 EOY