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  1. 1 hour ago, King34Maine said:





    Small investors altogether have probably contributed more money than all these big names together.

    Of course small investors have a say, and it's nice to see that they're heard. Money has been thrown in all directions for some time, just to name Bill Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, then our inexistent community manager, and so on. Seems Ripple is listening, which is great.


  2. 15 hours ago, 2ndtimearound said:

    She she must have either enjoyed a promotional rate or her stuff is successful beyond dreams.

    Even Google Ads, which pays best, would hardly achieve $3.4k within a few months.

    But again, Coil payouts have been lowered the past few weeks.

    I have websites with a few hundred readers per day. Currently earns me a few drops with Coil. Basically nothing.

  3. Coil gets this 1-billion-XRP-grant from Ripple - okay, we don't know the details. Must be a very long-term deal.

    Have two websites monetized with Coil and trying to use the Coil platform for content. Still way to go, conventional ads pay many more multiples of what Coil pays.

    Coil certainly needs more momentum. Oh and they don't have control over payouts, that's done via XRPTipBot - so they depend on a third party.

    Now during the past month or so Coil made a big change with payouts. The amount of drops donated went down by a high factor. According to Coil it's now down to 100 millionths of a dollar per second.

    That's 0.0001 bucks per second. That's $0.36 per hour. Well, that wouldn't actually be too bad, would it. But for this you need a solid amount of readers who are Coil subscribers.

    We'll get there, somehow, me hopes.

    Question, is anyone out there making even a little bit of money with Coil's monetization.?

  4. It's quite a challenge to monetize with Coil. One needs a huge reader list - or depend on conventional ad monetization. 

    Of course I'd love Coil to succeed. They're currently experimenting with some different payout strategies. When you use Coil for a certain amount in a month the rate of Coil payout will decrease. This helps prevent abuse of the platform by people who idle on their own sites, but sometimes one can reach this threshold by normal usage. The rate will return to 100 millionths of a dollar per second when the subscription renews. As said, this model requires a lot of subscribed readers to see earnings, otherwise you're talking about monthly earnings in the very low dollars.

    Another option is to use the Coil.com platform for content creation. All content is monetized, whether you're a Coil subscriber or not. Currently experimenting with that.

  5. 1 hour ago, Archbob said:

    Ripple does not need to do what is in the best interests of the XRP community. Remember, XRP and Ripple are separate. Owning XRP does not mean you own shares of the company and gives you zero voting rights.

    Like any other company, they are beholden to their shareholders, not to XRP holders. This is the same with many cryptocurrencies.

    This statement doesn't make any sense since Ripple completely depends on XRP sales.

    They'd be nowhere without massive XRP sales. So there's no point about talking about a separation of the two. Of course a token holder has no rights, but that's not the point.

    Okay, they collect xCurrent and other licensing fees, hopefully so, but all the expansion depends on XRP sales.

    So what is good for the XRP community is also good for Ripple themselves - or else they already make so much money thanks to this golden token goose that they just only care for their shareholders? Not likely.

  6. 19 hours ago, Bruhne said:

    Ripple needs to trim the fat and direct its energy and intention into growing its revenue.  Diluting the circulating supply to add to its arsenal of non-profitable endeavors isn’t cutting it.  Sentiment is dead as is reflected in its tanking valuation. Get it together, Ripple.  The issuance of xrp to fund your operations is destroying this project.  Simplify your operations and cut your expenses.  Redefine your objectives. And stop diluting our market.  I’ve been around xrp longer than most of you can imagine, so please spare me the bs replies.  After all, I’m still in the money on xrp and only bringing up a serious concern of mine.  

    Also, how much dilution is projected to occur in q3?

    What’s the ratio of dilution to xrapid  utility?  How much is it losing favor or adding favor to utility?  

    You guys need to get desperate with your operations.  You’re getting too fat feasting on all that xrp.  Take a fast and trim the fat.  Everyone of us will thank you.

    Well said OP. 

    Agree that many ventures are not core responsibilities of Ripple, especially the philanthropist ones. They can do that once they settled, not as a startup. Money's much too loose in their pockets. 


  7. 2 hours ago, Spekul8 said:

    I am cracking up. XRP entire operation is financed from selling XRP and people want them to stop it. 

    LOL+LMAO= I fallen and I cant get up. 

    If you can't suffer seeing the price go down, stop the bleeding and cut your losses short.   If you dont' blame ONLY yourself you held it to levels you did not consider. lower prices bring lower prices. 

    So you're saying all is on track and that's the way it's planned all along and supposed to be.

  8. Get the discussion going that Ripple hears it loud and clearly. Comment on Ripple diehard loyalists Twitter posts, etc.

    Their golden donkey ******** money is neither sustainable nor beneficial to the building up of a strong and resilient ecosystem.

    Much funds are thrown around in irresponsible ways - I don't mind how much Bill Clinton cost last year and Ellens African animals and so forth, but money just sits too loosely in their pockets.

    They hype - then milk the market. Again and again.

    Plus they've become quite quiet, sensing the backlash?

    High time them moving ahead in more responsible ways. Can't hear the apologetic talk anymore, such as but they have no obligation, they can do what they want... no, they can't. They have serious obligations.

  9. 18 hours ago, crypto_deus said:

    All right folks, let's dive into #UBRI initiative and see what is it all about. I see a lot of ******** and idiotic comments passing by about this UBRI initative. Let's see what kind of jobs are going to be created. I'm going to expand this topic as I go (I just started to look into this out of curiosity)...


    Excellent stuff, excellent research, thanks much for this confidence booster!

  10. 17 hours ago, Caracappa said:

    TU in Delft has a blockchain lab, and they reported the cooperation with Ripple in june 2018 in the news section which explains what they are doing.


    It's mainly a long term and behind the curtains thing, not to create a product tomorrow. It's like challenging students in the 90's to research what else you can do with that thing called the internet. 

    As RL has said many times before, they are interested into getting blockchain more mainstream so eventually the entire ecosystem can benefit from it.

    Yeah but no update since then and no replies by people in charge whom I try to contact.

  11. Some time ago Ripple announced the same with Delft TU - highly recognized tech university. 

    Tried several times to have a conversation with the person in charge at the university. Ended nowhere. Not sure if it was a one-time publicity stunt to say hey we contribute to research. Nothing seems to have come to fruition from this donation...

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