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  1. How could all this NOT matter, much thanks for the aggregate collection, @LeonidasH!
  2. An idea not sued is an idea not relevant.
  3. Doesn't seem to be much life in zerps at all, lately... The only way up (price-wise) I see as a reaction to bulls waking up... The use cases Brad's been selling us for some time seem distant, or at least there's no increase of traction whatever to be observed on the Ledger. Again, it's also a matter of belief whether you'll hang in there or not. I hope, think and assume that much is going on behind the scenes. Hey it's complicated what Ripple tries to achieve. But of course it's also time to not close one's eyes to potential red flags.
  4. Maybe the delay only concerns leverage trading?!
  5. It's very simple to do. XRP are in the hot wallet, user just can repeat a small transaction from same wallet to prove where funds came from. Or Conbase just discovered the black XRP hole.
  6. This site is live since ages, yet no one has a clue whether trading is active... Lemme watch paint dry meanwhile...
  7. Was worried a bit that Europeans wanna isolate Saudi Arabian financial markets (which might not be a bad thing after all), but better for Ripple is this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-28/eu-states-said-to-object-to-dirty-money-list-after-u-s-outrage
  8. Thailand's financial regulator SEC kicked out BCH, ETC, LTC. At least some countries are acting. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/finance/1636910/sec-bars-3-cryptocurrencies-from-icos-trading-pairs
  9. Bull season officially opened. There's still pain ahead, but as @cmbartley says this overdue Conbase listing legitimizes XRP in the eyes of many bigger players. Also the BTC maxis lose their last security FUD argument. Not expecting much of a price move in the short term, but medium- to longer term this solidifies the highway fundament XRP is built for and on.
  10. Of course - to me another bullish sign how well ahead Ripple is.
  11. They all try to copy / paste Ripple / XRP. Get as much insights and infos as possible and try doing by themselves. Makes me even more bullish about Ripple.
  12. Great sign of crypto getting closer to mainstream. Also, a few years down the road we'll be using one single portable device for all needs. Connect a keyboard and screen and your mobile phone will serve as the main computer, for everything.
  13. Hmmm... some fallout must have happened, Ripple wouldn't just let go of him.
  14. SBI sure loves PDFs, a 52-page manual... Looks great though, interested myself in this storage.
  15. Well, the only counter-poison is xRapid in action...
  16. Haven't seen any results yet of the first Ripple university blockchain funding round... Trying to arrange an interview since many months with one university chosen last year... No response. You'd expect though that funds are handled responsibly...
  17. I think she's a hardcore feminist, simple as that...
  18. No buyers' interest in escrow releases so far...
  19. Would be interesting to know how many funds are lost due to exchange hacks, or people losing their keys, damaged USBs, hardware breakdowns, passing away without informing anyone... Shouldn't be surprised if 2. causes more damage.
  20. Good backgrounder interview with Euro Exim Bank, they don't just seem to be all smoke and mirror: https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/posts/euro-exim-graham-bright-xcurrent-xrapid-ripple-interview/amp/ Excerpt:
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