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  1. 24 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

    It’s definitely nonsense.   :) 

    The bold is WHY it is nonsense.   Your conspiracy theory is NOT the only explanation.  If you think it is then you haven’t understood much at all about this market.


    This is certainly a good and possible explanation although it depends on what you consider good news.  I think it’s good news when Ripplenet grows and when UK creates regulatory certainty etc.   

    But others won’t consider it good news until the final pieces of the whole puzzle are in place and utility at volume becomes fully apparent.  The thing about that is unfortunately by then the market has started to wake up and bargains aren’t as much available.

    I’m really tired of seeing close minded conspiracy theorists dead certain that Ripple are pulling strings and controlling price when there are plenty of other more rational explanations.  It’s like saying that it’s obvious the Sun revolves around the Earth because you can see it doing so.  But the reality is more subtle than short simplistic answers.


    Others get tired of the unwavering apologists always having an excuse for everything Ripple does. Face it, XRP is or was financing most of Ripple's operations. And of course the earth is flat, depending on where you're looking from.

  2. 2 hours ago, googie said:

    1. Ripple "announcements" will have no impact on the price of XRP - Moneygram for example was a significant partnership and did nothing.

    2. It is not in Ripple's interest for any announcement to have an impact on the price of XRP - it suggests they have an element of control over the price.

    I rather think that good news actually WOULD have an impact on price, but they counter-sell XRP to level out price again. Of course you can say this is nonsense, it's however the only logical explanation as of why good news have no impact whatsoever on price.

  3. 4 hours ago, Hodor said:

    I just went to some length to describe why I won't comment:  My silence is not positive or negative; it's me not getting into price discussions. 


    In the end, isn't price what it's all about? Or strictly altruistic motives?

    Of course, this is the real challenge, talking about price, expectations, vision vs. reality, etc. And this is were some issues start and cracks appear that hopefully are solved over time. But just ignore it? Or are you saying that everything is perfectly going according to plan?

    Or are you mainly a chronicler? Then it would be helpful to point that out, because it could be misleading to folks who are newer to it.

    In fact, it makes no sense to talk about crypto and not about prices involved, because in the end that's what it's all about. Ripple's and XRP's success are measured by numbers, not by flowery visions.

    Understanding price movements and fluctuations are also important in the whole context. Crypto without price analysis, it's like a body without bones.

  4. 1 minute ago, Hodor said:

    Ha!  Well, I do have an immediate answer, but I will not share it; it's up to each individual investor to make that particular decision on their own.  :JC_thinking:

    Here's what I will say:

    IMO XRP is the best choice among every crypto that I know of, from a standpoint of utility and fundamental value of its use cases. 

    Of course, yes, but given the current trend?

  5. 1 hour ago, King34Maine said:





    Small investors altogether have probably contributed more money than all these big names together.

    Of course small investors have a say, and it's nice to see that they're heard. Money has been thrown in all directions for some time, just to name Bill Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, then our inexistent community manager, and so on. Seems Ripple is listening, which is great.


  6. 15 hours ago, 2ndtimearound said:

    She she must have either enjoyed a promotional rate or her stuff is successful beyond dreams.

    Even Google Ads, which pays best, would hardly achieve $3.4k within a few months.

    But again, Coil payouts have been lowered the past few weeks.

    I have websites with a few hundred readers per day. Currently earns me a few drops with Coil. Basically nothing.

  7. Coil gets this 1-billion-XRP-grant from Ripple - okay, we don't know the details. Must be a very long-term deal.

    Have two websites monetized with Coil and trying to use the Coil platform for content. Still way to go, conventional ads pay many more multiples of what Coil pays.

    Coil certainly needs more momentum. Oh and they don't have control over payouts, that's done via XRPTipBot - so they depend on a third party.

    Now during the past month or so Coil made a big change with payouts. The amount of drops donated went down by a high factor. According to Coil it's now down to 100 millionths of a dollar per second.

    That's 0.0001 bucks per second. That's $0.36 per hour. Well, that wouldn't actually be too bad, would it. But for this you need a solid amount of readers who are Coil subscribers.

    We'll get there, somehow, me hopes.

    Question, is anyone out there making even a little bit of money with Coil's monetization.?

  8. It's quite a challenge to monetize with Coil. One needs a huge reader list - or depend on conventional ad monetization. 

    Of course I'd love Coil to succeed. They're currently experimenting with some different payout strategies. When you use Coil for a certain amount in a month the rate of Coil payout will decrease. This helps prevent abuse of the platform by people who idle on their own sites, but sometimes one can reach this threshold by normal usage. The rate will return to 100 millionths of a dollar per second when the subscription renews. As said, this model requires a lot of subscribed readers to see earnings, otherwise you're talking about monthly earnings in the very low dollars.

    Another option is to use the Coil.com platform for content creation. All content is monetized, whether you're a Coil subscriber or not. Currently experimenting with that.

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