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  1. 16 hours ago, Munkibyte said:

    No, my wallet was not imported from anywhere else. I created the account on Gatehub a couple years ago, imported Bitcoin, traded for XRP, put in the Gatehub wallet, set up all the security, then have never went back in until I get the email from Gatehub saying I was hacked.

    So you used the own GateHub wallet, not the Ripple Ledger with secret key?

  2. GateHub's explanation after the last hack in 2017:


    No funds were stolen from the user wallets. Gatehub discovered that a criminal had exploited a flaw in an auxiliary deposit processing service all transactions were honoured in full. True there are claims that funds went missing but that was from personal account hacking.


  3. 1 hour ago, JohnS0N said:

    Hey guys, I joined just because of this. First I would like to express that I feel for all of you who lost their XRPs. 

    Second, I logged into my account and my XRPs are still there. Since GH was recommended by ripple and because we actually get our keys I thought it would be better having my Zerps with them than on a nano (could get physically stolen, burned in a fire, etc.)... however it seems I was completely wrong.

    I've now ordered a Nano S, but it will take a few days to arrive. Can someone please suggest the safest step to secure the XRP? Should I move them from GH to an exchange for the moment until the ledger arrives? What is the best thing to do at the moment?

    If you don't have access to another exchange or storage method, sure change the password, and make it a long one. I'd also create a new account / address and move the funds there.

  4. 12 hours ago, cjeremys2 said:

    Nonetheless it's already a lost cause since Gatehub will technically not take responsibility on this matter as clearly the victims like myself don't have proof that Gatehub's system has been compromised, hence no compensation/refund. 

    This is horrible and I feel with all you guys. Why should GH not be responsible? I'd try to find peace of mind now, in the past GH was responsive and they covered hacks (into their own wallet). I received an email from them upon my inquire whether, as a response to these hacks, they plan additional security measures. This is also devastating for them. So they say wait until we respond again once we know what's going on.

    Not much transparency so far, but this is early days. Don't forget, Ripple recommends GH, this exchange should not fail.

    Yet, what's worrying is that first hacks were reported end of May, and like @kanaas here only two days ago! So GateHub doesn't seem to have a clue for now what's going on.

  5. So... no impact on escrow sales, the way I read this?

    Might they be more confident that escrow holdings finally start selling?

    Also could mean a new cash-positive level reached, giving Ripple the confidence to not have to depend on XRP sales.

    The quicker those programmatic sales are gone, the better for the overall ecosystem to develop and find its fair value. Let's be honest, for Ripple those programmatic sales are like printing money out of thin air. That's neither sustainable not building trust.

    But what they announce in this latest post, that's building trust.

  6. 9 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

    Its not a rumour.  It is a tweet from the Bank of Thailand which has significant news content.  The problem is that is a bit ambiguous which maybe to do with langauge difficulties.

    Let's stay accurate. You seem to have a bit of a flexible relationship with facts. Already in the beginning of this thread a wrong fact, SCB is not Thailand's largest bank.

    And here you suddenly make it the Bank of Thailand, which of course it is not. And right below you post a tweet about a news item - InstaReM - that I already posted in this thread earlier on.

    Keep doing what you love doing. For the benefit of everyone try to stay with facts, it makes this forum a so much better place.

  7. SCB is Thailand's third-largest commercial bank, yet here's another interesting hint:


    KBank is Thailand's second largest:


    Announcing InstaReM’s partnership with KBank, Prajit Nanu, co–founder and CEO of InstaReM said, 

    “We are delighted to be working together with KBank to power their outward remittances. This relationship further cements InstaReM’s position as a leading provider for cross–border transactions. With InstaReM, KBank clients will be able to realize faster turnarounds, while providing certainty on delivery times and payout amounts.” 

    According to its press release, InstaReM already powers payments for three of the top ten Southeast Asian Banks and leading financial institutions across the globe. This news follows InstaReM’s initial Series C round which saw participation from Beacon Venture Capital, KBank’s VC arm, the round later closed at US$ 59 million.

    InstaReM, as we know, is RippleNet partner for Southeast Asia.

  8. 4 hours ago, Dymac said:

    Does anyone else find it really strange how Tiffany Hayden, huge Ripple and XRP supporter and GF of Nik Bougalis who is a Ripple employee, hold XRP and runs a Node now supports XLM, holds XLM, now supports Jed McCaleb, and runs a Stellar Node? Not to mention, DS was just sticking up for the Stellar Network going down on Twitter and the fact that Jed stopped selling his XRP. Strange times I must say. 

    Where do you find such XLM hints? Was checking her recent Twitter history, didn't find any...

  9. 1 minute ago, SilverSailor said:

    denverks, from the same article "The partnership combines Ria’s resources with Ripple’s network of 200+ financial institutions. For customers this would mean increased efficiency, speed, transparency and efficiency. It would also mean better visibility and end to end tracking. In addition to money transfers Ria now also offers bill payments, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, and money orders. The partnership has the potential to significantly reduce transaction costs for all of these transactions. RippleNet customers will benefit from Euronet’s Digital Integrated Payments Cloud and access to Ria’s global fintech ecosystem, enabling cross-border payments both ways.



    The network effect.

  10. 3 hours ago, fiik said:

    does thread get an award for longest title?

    You deserve an award for the most obscure avatar :P - what is it? A cosmic flesh hole? Dentist closeup?

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