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  1. I think the reality is much simpler. A disgruntled or any former employee with access to these earlier accounts, when security measures were different to the levels now. Simple as that. Just doesn't sound plausible what Enej tries to explain.
  2. Of course GH is liable. Or they'll go offline soon and that's the last we'll have seen from them.
  3. That's just plain insulting, without even knowing yet what's going on. No way for them to escape responsibility, this coordinated attack must origin somehow from within GH.
  4. If you don't have access to another exchange or storage method, sure change the password, and make it a long one. I'd also create a new account / address and move the funds there.
  5. This is horrible and I feel with all you guys. Why should GH not be responsible? I'd try to find peace of mind now, in the past GH was responsive and they covered hacks (into their own wallet). I received an email from them upon my inquire whether, as a response to these hacks, they plan additional security measures. This is also devastating for them. So they say wait until we respond again once we know what's going on. Not much transparency so far, but this is early days. Don't forget, Ripple recommends GH, this exchange should not fail. Yet, what's worrying is that first hacks were reported end of May, and like @kanaas here only two days ago! So GateHub doesn't seem to have a clue for now what's going on.
  6. So... no impact on escrow sales, the way I read this? Might they be more confident that escrow holdings finally start selling? Also could mean a new cash-positive level reached, giving Ripple the confidence to not have to depend on XRP sales. The quicker those programmatic sales are gone, the better for the overall ecosystem to develop and find its fair value. Let's be honest, for Ripple those programmatic sales are like printing money out of thin air. That's neither sustainable not building trust. But what they announce in this latest post, that's building trust.
  7. They "may". Could. Perhaps. Possibly. Who knows. More ambiguity and obscurity instead of just addressing the issues at stake, for god's sake. They really had enough time so far. Most be politically motivated indecision. Don't forget, those bailed out banks fear change.
  8. panmores


    SEC most likely will keep on issuing confusing, contradicting and restrictive guidelines, so nothing to see, move on.
  9. Let's stay accurate. You seem to have a bit of a flexible relationship with facts. Already in the beginning of this thread a wrong fact, SCB is not Thailand's largest bank. And here you suddenly make it the Bank of Thailand, which of course it is not. And right below you post a tweet about a news item - InstaReM - that I already posted in this thread earlier on. Keep doing what you love doing. For the benefit of everyone try to stay with facts, it makes this forum a so much better place.
  10. SCB is Thailand's third-largest commercial bank, yet here's another interesting hint: http://fintechnews.sg/30835/thailand/instarem-kasikornbank/ KBank is Thailand's second largest: InstaReM, as we know, is RippleNet partner for Southeast Asia.
  11. Where do you find such XLM hints? Was checking her recent Twitter history, didn't find any...
  12. Fantastic stuff, thanks Brad. Glad to see a sign of life of yours! You speak with such a clarity, so precise and concise, love it.
  13. Love what he's doing, but am a bit old school and if you confirm rumors and shill and don't retract not once, not twice, but more often, well, then I'm out.
  14. Article doesn't mention a source, no single fact, nothing. Plain rubbish.
  15. "The big dog, Swell..." First time not in S.F. this year, but in Singapore. Looking very much forward to that November event...
  16. So... instead of investing in the Ripple ecosystem, Kitao-san now wants Ripple's money, and to please him Ripple welcomes him to the board of directors?!
  17. Ripple would own the world by now if all the suggestive hyping they practice were true.
  18. Thanks team @Allvor - how's your going-to-market progressing? Any live clients yet? Project update report?
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