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  1. 3 hours ago, plutopark said:

    I noticed over the last 36 hours that the character of orders in the Order Books has changed. No longer are uptrends and downtrends driven by 50 - 100 BTC orders that magically appear and disappear, always a few bids below or above the orders that are actually being executed. Now, the Order books are filled with 200 - 600 BTC orders about a penny below and above, to about 600 - 2000+ BTC orders about 2 cents below and above. These orders are not disappearing, whether the market is going up, or down. The whole market seems to have suddenly changed. I don't know what is caused this, other than leaked secret news that is pending, Consensus, or whatever. Has anyone else noticed this? Any comments?

    So let this new reality kick in...

  2. 13 minutes ago, JoelKatz said:

    I am sorry that wound up misleading people. Let me explain what happened:

    Originally, we were going to have three demos at consensus. XRP to ETH using ILP, Banking payments using XRP/paychan under ILP, and a demo of a future vision of a micropayment system over ILP.

    We were also going to do several corporation partnership/strategy announcements, including the lockup and the new exchanges and so on at consensus.

    It reached the point where there just weren't slots for all the demos or time to do the releases. And it wouldn't have given people time to track us down to discuss new partnerships and so on if those announcements motivated them to talk to us. Also, we expected everyone else to announce at consensus, so we might have gotten lost in the noise.

    So the strategy changed. We announced more things before consensus and at some point, we just decided to announce pretty much everything before consensus to go in consensus on a high with everyone already wanting to talk to us about what we were doing.

    The strategy, I think, worked well. We did enter consensus with a high level of excitement. Lots of people wanted to work for us, and we had lots of high-level talks with all kinds of people. We had lots of companies offer to run validators in lots of jurisdictions. It was awesome.

    But the downside was that we didn't announce very much new at consensus, though that was the original plan.

    Again, I apologize for misleading people. That was totally my fault. I was really excited about we had coming and really couldn't resist sharing my enthusiasm. I'd say I'll be more careful in the future, but I think that would be kind of a sad thing. Know that I will always try to be completely honest and say only what I genuinely believe but that sometimes things will change and that is beyond my control.

    Misunderstandings, yes, and a bit of miscalculations.

    With all the focus on Consensus at least one "official" statement about what's in progress would certainly have been welcomed.

    But sure especially your CEO was overly busy, planning for the next announcements, and boy I hope they come soon.

    Thanks for a great event, loved Ripple's confident presentations.

  3. 1 minute ago, sonic said:

    Exactly.  My concern (not accusation or FUD) is if an insider is dumping a lot it will show lack of support.  Zuckerberg committed to not selling any shares for 1 year after lockup period of Facebook IPO - that built confidence (and showed great wisdom!) 

    @joelkatz said at one stage that Ripple employees have very strict rules regarding selling XRP and somewhat less strict rules regarding buying XRP. So I doubt Ripple staff themselves can avoid disclosure, yet as we all know there are many possible avenues to circumvent rules and regulations.

  4. 41 minutes ago, sonic said:

    Been in Crypto trading a while.  new to XRP Chat.  The elephant in the room, based on trading patterns, is that someone (or group) is dumping big time and that is artificially holding down the price.  Given the strange distribution (yeah 50b escrow is a start but lot's still floating around.) I think the smart money sees that insiders are taking profits.  Nothing wrong with that but they run the risk of turning off investors at a serious inflection point in altcoin perception.  Seems really obvious to me what is happening. 

    One solution is a clear statement / transparency from major holders about selling. this happens in regulated markets where 5% owners have to report transactions.  There is no lockout, either.  So much criticism about XRP is about the 60% hold of asset in their pocket and escrow is step in right direction, more disclosure would go a long way.

    Someones with lots of tokens are filling up their cash war chest. Nothing else possible. Unlikely that they'd reinvest the money in XRP.

    More disclosure, as you say, would go a very long way. This is turning off many potential investors.

  5. The only logical explanation would be someone siphoning off funds by selling larger amounts of XRP to build up cash (reserves), because there is serious money flowing into XRP, it just gets diverted.

    Money can't just disappear.

  6. 1 minute ago, PlanK said:



    Thanks, I take it from that Capital gains for an individual investor is 0%.  

    I may have found my new retirement destination for part of the year. :beach:


    I wonder how they would feel if I started moving large sums of $US dollars over?

    Depends how large.

    All you'd have to do worst case is fill out a form saying it's for investment, no further questions asked.

    It's more difficult though to move money outside of Thailand again. Moving in? No problem.

  7. 6 minutes ago, T8493 said:

    These two exchanges have their addresses listed on their websites.

    These are mailbox addresses where the companies are registered, that doesn't necessarily mean people are working there. I was mentioning "office address."

    Most important: very happy with the service GateHub is delivering, glad to be their customer.

  8. Agree the system can be misleading at first.

    Problem is the low liquidity. You're always paying a considerable fiat premium at GateHub. This should change over time as liquidity improves.

    Or you're "patient," choose an entry time with no wild swings, and can get the trades you want.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Trippy said:

    It seems like a good setup, but the exchange rates are not all that great. If I'd taken more care I would be 20-30 zerps better off by using a different exchange for my purchase.

    (And when we get to $1000 USD a zerp, that'll be a lot of cash!)

    That has to do with the low liquidity.

  10. I'm sure many are willing to chip in something for additional server resources?

    Lively discussion is one part, more serious information in threads another part. Both are essential to this site.

  11. Not least chatbox is a nice tool to increase traffic for xrpchat.com.

    On top of it, who wouldn't want @JoelKatz et al communicate directly with XRPists.

    Closing the box does more harm than good to this site, unfortunately.

    Bring it back @karlos

    Your statement is strong and understood, time to move forward and bring back the great energy chatbox delivered.

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