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  1. @joelkatz didn't say anything that could compromise his position in any way. He's too clever for that and stays above topic. All is speculation and read into a few words that could mean anything. But more importantly, he is a most valuable member of the community and his chat appearances are always of substance and very informative. Plus, he seems to be a very nice and polite person, never ever bragging, even though he would have many reasons to do so. So in this sense, shouting out loud what hasn't been said, making him feel uncomfortable might do us all a disservice if he decides to shun the forum for fear of being misinterpreted and pushed into a corner.
  2. Clean and minimalist crypto live news, kind of handy for a daily quick overview: https://cryptoking.org
  3. Count me in, whatever it takes. Can't contribute much tech but other knowledge that's fundamental to mitigate risk and make such a venture successful.
  4. With cryptos becoming more popular there should be a consumer cold wallet out soon. A secure plug-and-play device. Would be surprised if not.
  5. That would be the first central bank in the Ripple network. Still demonstration phase, nothing final signed. Yet good news.
  6. Is there any case of stolen XRP reported with 2FA on?
  7. $1,000,000,000, that's I think what your trust is set for.
  8. You have to set up an account and get it verified with proof or residence. Once your account is up and running the system is easy to use. You can either send USD or EUR.
  9. Exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!
  10. Not the easiest of processes. I wish there was a more simple "cold" solution coming up.
  11. Gosh, this is embarrassing, just made a huge fool of myself. Thanks all, just opened my eyes. All's fine. Wouldn't mind if mods delete this thread.
  12. Honestly, I don't see the answer in mentioned thread. EUR Change was charged on Trade deals, meaning I did not use Exchange to acquire XRP, but Trade. If I agree to a specific price for a Trade deal, why should there be a EUR Change surcharge?
  13. I can understand the OP's unease when the markets move fast and there is no response, yet GateHub must be so busy right now trying to scale operations, am sure they do their best.
  14. Which easiest-to-use cold wallet would you recommend? There are several listed.
  15. Well you would expect it's all encrypted?
  16. Is there also such a Change charge when trading back to EUR or BTC?
  17. What is this EUR Change charge issued by the exchange? It amounts to about 7% of the transaction fee. It's not mentioned in the fees. Is it something inherent to the system? Apologies if I'm missing something basic, appreciate your feedback.
  18. Ripple is not focused on the U.S. market, they're hedging globally.
  19. Hi Enej A phone support number would certainly be welcome. Or at least a GateHub support chat function? Instant feedback can be of great value in these interesting times.
  20. Thank you. So you're saying this is due to low volume at this exchange and it could improve over time? Somewhere you also said that GateHub has a new UI upcoming, hope more transparency is embedded so that users get the relevant prices and values.
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