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  1. Cool down guys! Huobi can take months 'till they go live, it's all speculation.
  2. Seems to be a big trader platform, might add a percent or two of liquidity!
  3. More liquidity, more distribution, reaching out to remote corners of the system... win-win!
  4. Fluctuates massively, sometimes it's even more euros than dollars. Only serves as an approximate value.
  5. Amazing detail and dedication, as always, much appreciated. Of essence it breakup of the correlation between BTC and XRP movements. Once XRP is able to stand on its own feet without reacting wildly to the (still) king of all we have a winner and the future leader and leit-currency of cryptos.
  6. "that it may consider..." Still some way to go, but we'll get there eventually!
  7. A bit very esoteric to me, yet I fully hope your positions make you very rich!
  8. Yeah Ripple has a knack for reposting old news...
  9. Try sending @enej of GateHub an xrpchat message, he'll respond.
  10. Did you try logging out of GateHub and try again? You have other sites synced with Google Authenticator? If so, disable them quickly, reinstall the app and enable again.
  11. Misunderstandings, yes, and a bit of miscalculations. With all the focus on Consensus at least one "official" statement about what's in progress would certainly have been welcomed. But sure especially your CEO was overly busy, planning for the next announcements, and boy I hope they come soon. Thanks for a great event, loved Ripple's confident presentations.
  12. He said it in the zerpbox / chatbox.
  13. @joelkatz said at one stage that Ripple employees have very strict rules regarding selling XRP and somewhat less strict rules regarding buying XRP. So I doubt Ripple staff themselves can avoid disclosure, yet as we all know there are many possible avenues to circumvent rules and regulations.
  14. Someones with lots of tokens are filling up their cash war chest. Nothing else possible. Unlikely that they'd reinvest the money in XRP. More disclosure, as you say, would go a very long way. This is turning off many potential investors.
  15. The only logical explanation would be someone siphoning off funds by selling larger amounts of XRP to build up cash (reserves), because there is serious money flowing into XRP, it just gets diverted. Money can't just disappear.
  16. Still don't feel confident to do it, gosh, this really is brinkmanship...
  17. One minute posting difference making such a difference.
  18. Depends how large. All you'd have to do worst case is fill out a form saying it's for investment, no further questions asked. It's more difficult though to move money outside of Thailand again. Moving in? No problem.
  19. Submitted my registration and received the confirmation within a few minutes... Prices about as Korea with a hefty premium.
  20. https://www.set.or.th/en/regulations/tax/tax_p1.html
  21. These are mailbox addresses where the companies are registered, that doesn't necessarily mean people are working there. I was mentioning "office address." Most important: very happy with the service GateHub is delivering, glad to be their customer.
  22. It's mentioned "all serious exchanges." None of them seems to have an office address listed? Can't just knock on their door. It's all cyberspace. Strange.
  23. Agree the system can be misleading at first. Problem is the low liquidity. You're always paying a considerable fiat premium at GateHub. This should change over time as liquidity improves. Or you're "patient," choose an entry time with no wild swings, and can get the trades you want.
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