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  1. This "mother of all XRP channels" of course deserves mention! Still trying to find the correct mix so that's not just TA - maybe mix with one or two relevant news items: https://coil.com/p/cryptoking/XRP-TA-9-27-19-From-BTC-bully-to-XRP-bulls-when-/FD7DkV3lV
  2. Good day everyone Starting to post short daily XRP TA overviews, condensed to a few essentials. We all know it's not perfect science, yet there's something to these curves and lines and algorithms. Tune in now and then, should provide the daily basics in a 1-minute read. Here's the first one - and lemme know what to add, which TAs to follow or any other feedback / input: https://coil.com/p/panmores/XRP-TA-9-26-19-What-s-up-after-BTC-s-fat-tumble-One-last-XRP-fishing-wick-/CCcRH5mw7 Thanks!
  3. Libra is a great wake up call for bankers. They should respond to these challenges. And look who offers them a turnkey solution??
  4. If there is one person the universe needs, it's David. He's absolutely humble and modest, politely forthcoming and, well, an absolute Einstein of our times - and no social drinking. Guess that's key to keep that splendid mind he has. David's the treasure Ripple has to take most care of - he's invaluable, really. Could get any salary he wants, anywhere. David sticking with all his energy, mind and heart to Ripple and XRP - that, to me, is if not the main reason to believe in the project.
  5. Altogether the inefficient corridors and unbanked are probably a market larger than the playing field of the established banks. Whatever competition comes along, I think Ripple gave up some time ago trying to confront the biggest names in banking and finances heads on. These might join, however, eventually, if the Ripple concept proves right.
  6. Looks like a copy / paste from Ripple playbook, except keywords we wish missing... If this is as good as it sounds, then you might consider selling XRP at the current $0.27-something-high for good. What's the caveat?
  7. Interesting, yet he makes unmistakably clear that regulation has to be firm and first before adopting any new tech.
  8. Maybe a stand's stand stands for a standement, eh statement...
  9. Creating real deep liquidity markets... Breanne, you make my Sunday
  10. Others get tired of the unwavering apologists always having an excuse for everything Ripple does. Face it, XRP is or was financing most of Ripple's operations. And of course the earth is flat, depending on where you're looking from.
  11. I rather think that good news actually WOULD have an impact on price, but they counter-sell XRP to level out price again. Of course you can say this is nonsense, it's however the only logical explanation as of why good news have no impact whatsoever on price.
  12. https://cryptoking.org/pre-swell-what-is-ripples-investment-and-acquisition-strategy/
  13. No, if possible your opinion, @Hodor, not Ripple-approved quotes. Especially what you make of this Dharma tweet?
  14. @Hodor can you weigh in here, regarding Dharma's tweet confirmation that they receive xPring funding but are not actively developing any XRP solutions - and maybe an update about Mercury FX and EuroExim bank and their progress with xRapid?
  15. Is it now cool to make fun of what everyone cares about? Point is that all the positive developments seem to have zero impact on the price - developments no other crypto project has.
  16. In the end, isn't price what it's all about? Or strictly altruistic motives? Of course, this is the real challenge, talking about price, expectations, vision vs. reality, etc. And this is were some issues start and cracks appear that hopefully are solved over time. But just ignore it? Or are you saying that everything is perfectly going according to plan? Or are you mainly a chronicler? Then it would be helpful to point that out, because it could be misleading to folks who are newer to it. In fact, it makes no sense to talk about crypto and not about prices involved, because in the end that's what it's all about. Ripple's and XRP's success are measured by numbers, not by flowery visions. Understanding price movements and fluctuations are also important in the whole context. Crypto without price analysis, it's like a body without bones.
  17. So what are you saying is Ripple's message these gullible miss?
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