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  1. 11 hours ago, Panopticon said:

    Pointless thread. Ripple has virtually stopped selling for months now.

    How can you be so sure about this? Just because they say so? What about the big chunks each month not going back into escrow?

    They also never told us before that - even with no insitutional sales - that they'll keep back large amounts of XRP for whatever purposes.

    TBH, Brad seems likeable as a person, but more and more not like the kind of guy who stands for integrity, transparency and trustworthiness.

    End of 2018 he proclaimed that Ripple by now is running in the black without depending on XRP sales. Should we go on listing the, well, untruths?

  2. These massive holdings - Chris Larsen's and a few others' as well - cloud the whole XRP and Ripple space somewhat.And of other tokens as well. That's the nature of crypto and founders. To them it doesn't make much difference whether one XRP costs a few cents or a few dollars. At whatever value, with these amounts of holdings they hit the jackpot day in, day out. 

    These holdings should be given back into the pool and distributed to create and foster the space.


  3. 18 minutes ago, SquaryBone said:

    They want juicy stories, just like tabloids. Why wouldn't they do "research" and stumble upon some fake docs and "an (anonymous) employee" confirming the news? Don't know how come but it makes me think about bg123 which was also anonymous and "an insider" or "someone in the know".

    If the news is true some people high up the ranks will probably know way ahead of us and would certainly be stacking aggressively. I don't see that in the market so imma go with the conclusion that it's yet another fake.

    OMG can't you people read? I give up.

  4. 13 hours ago, peanut56 said:

    Is this XRP Chat or Donald Trump's twitter history???????


    Information has come out from shady websites and eventually proven true. Information has come out and also proven to be untrue. We just have to wait and see. It could be tomorrow or it could eight months.

    Again, https://siamblockchain.com is not a shady website, they're Thailand's largest dedicated crypto and blockchain site and were invited by Ripple to the recent Singapore event. They received the press release from Ripple's comms partner in Asia, dated February 18.

    Faiz Ahmad, head of Global Transaction Services (GTS) at Bank of America, and Ed Metzger, CTO of OnePay FX at Santander, are quoted in the presser. And of course Brad.

    There's too much at stake for that comms company to just spread nonsense. But if some anonymous keyboard warriors prefer to ignore what's right before their eyes, so be it. 

    Of course it's more than awkward having to retract the whole story, one gets an easy target. Move on, it'll be confirmed rather sooner than later.

  5. https://cryptoking.org/bank-of-america-joins-ripplenet/

    Ripple today will announce that The Bank of America Merril Lynch has joined its global blockchain payments network RippleNet to power instant global payments using blockchain technology to make cross-border payments instant, cheap and reliable. The initial rollout will cover cross-border payments between the US and Mexico, with plans to expand into Europe, Latin America, The Middle East and Asia. The Bank of America is transacting with Santander in Mexico, a subsidiary of Spain’s largest bank, Banco Santander.

  6. 6 minutes ago, DirectorCoulson said:

    If you check twitter you can see the xrpcommunity trying to talk this positive.

    For me it is another failure of ripple leadership and lies of executives. Brad garlington needs to resign immediately. Mrs madigan should be the new CEO. the sec should arrest lying CEO'S. More people bought in again because of news like MG uses xrpe.

    I bought because of the 'statement' of brad tookmyhouse major banks eoy 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 

    Rip my invested money

    Corridor liquidity is not where it should be. Maybe MGI sees clear benefits of the tech and has to act faster than Ripple can provide solutions for.

    Both solutions can run alongside each other. The better, faster, cheaper one shall win.

  7. Interesting. CP Group is a huge conglomerate with their hands in every honey pot. They also run the country's 7-11 shops and have countless investments all over Asia.

    SCB is way ahead, yet CP is a huge player and whatever they launch succeeds. So more power away from banks, more power to newcomers.

  8. 1 hour ago, ed1 said:


    What David is referring to is the fact that since the inception of Ripple Labs the financing predominantly came from VC and private rounds. The first time you see any significant financing (above 1M USD) via XRP happens 4.5 years after company's start, sometime in mid-late 2017. At that point Ripple already had more than 150 employees and 100+ banks/FIs on board. The XRP ledger had separately been working for more than 5 years.

    So they literally built the company with VC financing and licensing revenues. Now if their business is seen as a promising business and people saw XRP as a potentially valuable asset in that model and wanted to buy more XRP on the market after mid 2017, there's no reason for Ripple to not sell. But that's not an ICO. \\

    For the last 2 years has Ripple sales been negligible? I don't know. I would think it would have some effect. But what I do know from the market reports is that Ripple has cut on its retail sales of XRP in the last quarter and we have slumped back to one of the lowest XRP values over the last 2 years, so this whole argument about Ripple crashing the price via XRP sales doesn't really seem to make sense.


    These markets are a lot about psychology. The markets punish XRP for the assumption that Ripple was dumping on them. Takes a lot to rebuild trust. 

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