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  1. Just received an email from the agency handling Ripple comms - BaML announcement likely to be shelved to a later date. Guess we'll have to wait.
  2. Rubbish, this website was invited to Swell and got first-hand info.
  3. Sorry folks, got an email from highups telling me in no unclear words to take the post down... More soon!
  4. https://cryptoking.org/bank-of-america-joins-ripplenet/ Ripple today will announce that The Bank of America Merril Lynch has joined its global blockchain payments network RippleNet to power instant global payments using blockchain technology to make cross-border payments instant, cheap and reliable. The initial rollout will cover cross-border payments between the US and Mexico, with plans to expand into Europe, Latin America, The Middle East and Asia. The Bank of America is transacting with Santander in Mexico, a subsidiary of Spain’s largest bank, Banco Santander.
  5. Corridor liquidity is not where it should be. Maybe MGI sees clear benefits of the tech and has to act faster than Ripple can provide solutions for. Both solutions can run alongside each other. The better, faster, cheaper one shall win.
  6. https://decrypt.co/19635/moneygram-shuns-ripple-xrp-in-latest-settlement-product Closing words:
  7. Very little money for a 5% stake. Wonder why.
  8. Sooo... has this SEC XRPL node been established meanwhile?
  9. With difficulties for the common folks to get their hands on early IPO shares zerps could be something lik B-shares. Certainly wouldn't mind Ripple going public asap. Would signal regulation is all clear.
  10. Interesting. CP Group is a huge conglomerate with their hands in every honey pot. They also run the country's 7-11 shops and have countless investments all over Asia. SCB is way ahead, yet CP is a huge player and whatever they launch succeeds. So more power away from banks, more power to newcomers.
  11. Coil platform still doesn't allow to embed a tweet properly. How do they want to make inroads if even the basics don't work.
  12. These markets are a lot about psychology. The markets punish XRP for the assumption that Ripple was dumping on them. Takes a lot to rebuild trust.
  13. I have trouble believing David about this. No startup is swimming in cash after such a short time. Of course XRP sales are a golden cash cow for Ripple. Of course Ripple sales tanked the price.
  14. Wonderful stuff, what a great mind, thanks for posting!
  15. Yes but Apple et al also offer the distribution and easy acces. Giants like Radiohead tried to do it by themselves. Won't work.
  16. Why would I pay XRP for songs when for a few cents I get all the Apple and other music offerings in the world? Doom doom doom.
  17. Masterful work @LeonidasH - for SWELL 2020 they have to book London's Olympic Stadium!
  18. Rubbing my eyes after sleepless weekend and mixing up 0s... thanks, of course the escrow yo-yo will go up again. So this whole thread is a non-event.
  19. Wow, someone picked up the first whole escrow lot? That'd be a key moment...
  20. Nice work. Is a map possible with the active ODL corridors in display?
  21. Aren't most big exchanges storing tokens in air-gapped different geo-locations? Even GateHub's own air-gapped wallets seemed save whereas ledger wallets were not. Also, compared to fiat thefts from banks, it would be interesting to know how much fiat is stolen from bank accounts compared to tokens stolen from crypto exchanges. Add the hardware component of hardware wallets. Okay, you have a 24-word key to restore should the hardware wallet fail. The major risk with exchanges is that they might go out of business, for whatever reason.
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