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  1. Mostly these postures are signs of insecurity.
  2. Miguel was quite outspoken, if not confrontative and slightly aggressive, at panel talks before he went into hibernation. We can only speculate what made him make that U-turn. Maybe something personal that's not to be shared publicly.
  3. Most amazing work @jbjnr, huge kudos!
  4. Ripple execs are wonderful at ignoring what hodlers might be worrying about.
  5. OMG the level of intel in here is deplorable. Is it FT approved / embedded / affiliated or not? https://ftalphaville.ft.com The ones complaining about FUD turn into fudsters themselves.
  6. Financial Times' Alphaville is as real as it gets: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FT_Alphaville
  7. How can you be so sure about this? Just because they say so? What about the big chunks each month not going back into escrow? They also never told us before that - even with no insitutional sales - that they'll keep back large amounts of XRP for whatever purposes. TBH, Brad seems likeable as a person, but more and more not like the kind of guy who stands for integrity, transparency and trustworthiness. End of 2018 he proclaimed that Ripple by now is running in the black without depending on XRP sales. Should we go on listing the, well, untruths?
  8. Weird... Bank of America press release recalled, 450+ recalled, XRP price recalled...
  9. All me cares is crossing that critical point towards network effect with status quo implosion.
  10. Nice read. https://fortune.com/2020/02/26/ripple-banking-cryptocurrency-breakthrough/
  11. These massive holdings - Chris Larsen's and a few others' as well - cloud the whole XRP and Ripple space somewhat.And of other tokens as well. That's the nature of crypto and founders. To them it doesn't make much difference whether one XRP costs a few cents or a few dollars. At whatever value, with these amounts of holdings they hit the jackpot day in, day out. These holdings should be given back into the pool and distributed to create and foster the space.
  12. As we're all here for the tech, let's try to avoid the noise and start preparing for that Vegas party some day...
  13. Again, https://siamblockchain.com is not a shady website, they're Thailand's largest dedicated crypto and blockchain site and were invited by Ripple to the recent Singapore event. They received the press release from Ripple's comms partner in Asia, dated February 18. Faiz Ahmad, head of Global Transaction Services (GTS) at Bank of America, and Ed Metzger, CTO of OnePay FX at Santander, are quoted in the presser. And of course Brad. There's too much at stake for that comms company to just spread nonsense. But if some anonymous keyboard warriors prefer to ignore what's right before their eyes, so be it. Of course it's more than awkward having to retract the whole story, one gets an easy target. Move on, it'll be confirmed rather sooner than later.
  14. Shut your cute little mouth @nakedzzrp before you expose any more garbage. Siam Blockhain is the largest crypto website in the kingdom and has been invited to Swell. Shady in the eyes of you living of course in the center of the world, not so shady for people in the know.
  15. Well check my posting history before insulting honest people.
  16. Just received an email from the agency handling Ripple comms - BaML announcement likely to be shelved to a later date. Guess we'll have to wait.
  17. Rubbish, this website was invited to Swell and got first-hand info.
  18. Sorry folks, got an email from highups telling me in no unclear words to take the post down... More soon!
  19. https://cryptoking.org/bank-of-america-joins-ripplenet/ Ripple today will announce that The Bank of America Merril Lynch has joined its global blockchain payments network RippleNet to power instant global payments using blockchain technology to make cross-border payments instant, cheap and reliable. The initial rollout will cover cross-border payments between the US and Mexico, with plans to expand into Europe, Latin America, The Middle East and Asia. The Bank of America is transacting with Santander in Mexico, a subsidiary of Spain’s largest bank, Banco Santander.
  20. Corridor liquidity is not where it should be. Maybe MGI sees clear benefits of the tech and has to act faster than Ripple can provide solutions for. Both solutions can run alongside each other. The better, faster, cheaper one shall win.
  21. https://decrypt.co/19635/moneygram-shuns-ripple-xrp-in-latest-settlement-product Closing words:
  22. Very little money for a 5% stake. Wonder why.
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