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  1. 11 hours ago, WuWei said:

     and that the current price will be meaningless over the long haul. As always, we'll see..... 

    The notion that price doesn't matter of course is absurd. While I agree that over the long haul everything gets forgotten, consider this:

    The whole business model of Ripple is based on prices and price calculations. Of course a higher token price increases liquidity and facilitates implementations whereas a lower and lower token price keeps away potential market makers and customers who'd bet on the future of this tech.

    Still to this day it looks like no escrow sales. All that's taken from escrows is used by Ripple to get cash and grow the ecosystem. The day someone starts picking up escrow lots validates the whole project. And of course this will increase the price massively.

    Add the many assurances given by Bradley that use cases matter... well, obviously they don't or what? Seems like coins having nothing but a whitepaper fare better overall?

    I bet that a higher token price will accelerate adoption of Ripple tech. The low token price really is a stigma and big hinderance to make progress.

    So yes, current price matters very much. Perhaps not to apologetic Ripple devotees - and believe me I understand their position.

  2. 19 minutes ago, strikerjax said:


    Love the content but not sure of the font. I prefer the cleaner look, right now it looks like everything on the page is in block letters.



    That's welcome input, thanks. Giving it a try. Site's now on Arial font, shoudl make for cleaner layout and easier reading.

  3. Thanks all - and yeah that fat finger :D

    Received an interesting feedback about font and layout of the site which don't work for the reader. This site's design is based on the legendary Drudge Report.

    What do you guys think? Here's how it'd look with Arial font - so much cleaner (well, like every other site):




  4. 5 minutes ago, hamasugu said:

    This source is this article.


    And David said it on this Twitter URL.


    Thanks, that's what I found as well. So I think the FXCoin report is not correct by stating David stated that, nevertheless David reveals a most interesting insight.

  5. 38 minutes ago, Lamberth said:

    Finally they are saying this out loud! Marketing is everything in this space.

    That's exactly the point. Marketing. And branding. Most people seem unimpressed by XRPs' clear advantages. The old dog remains king. 

    Branding XRP as the real thing, and 90% of pre-liftoff work and market acceptance is done.

    Of course this takes a whole department to build and polish the image and reputation of XRP.

    Instead, Ripple is building silently. Too busy to be distracted by such marketing talk, me wants to believe. At least, such marketing would help. It's not just about technical and economical advantages, so much is about perception and emotion.

  6. 5 hours ago, nakedzzrp said:

    Kitao is just all talk and bad looking slides

    Agree, mostly. The true visionary keeps building silently and once it's ready, boom. Why alert the competition? Why all the hype and promises before anything gets done? We must understand Japanese corporates and banks are sitting on huge amounts of cash and have to do something with it. To me it looks like much window-dressing. Would love to be proven wrong by Kitao-shiller. Two years and counting shilling, not much real-world effect.

  7. 6 hours ago, enrique11 said:

    It's not "I M grr" or "im grr", with a hard 'g' which I always thought. It's "image err" with a soft 'g'. Very very few people would get that 'img' in 'imgur' would come from a filename extension, '.img' and so it is pronounced as 'image'. 

    The correct way of pronouncing is like 'immature" - you'll be understood.

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