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  1. That's welcome input, thanks. Giving it a try. Site's now on Arial font, shoudl make for cleaner layout and easier reading.
  2. Excellent points @Dogowner5, glad to update the Weekly. And to finally learn I was mislead the whole time about that blink
  3. Thanks all - and yeah that fat finger Received an interesting feedback about font and layout of the site which don't work for the reader. This site's design is based on the legendary Drudge Report. What do you guys think? Here's how it'd look with Arial font - so much cleaner (well, like every other site):
  4. Despite the new normal and lockdowns, Ripple and XRP keep moving ahead. There are signs the eagerly awaited Thai baht ODL corridor is about to move out of the regulator’s sandbox. And why is a former Merrill Lynch broker all in on XRP? What does he know we don’t know? And learn why a Ripple pioneer says XRP’s value is tied to its liquidity. This and more in the new XRP Weekly: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/
  5. Great input, thanks. Will find its place in the next Weekly Report
  6. Haha, thanks! Guess that was a snippet from... well... November 2020's report?
  7. Hope you find some interesting tidbits in here. Much you have already seen, some might be new. It's a wrap-up of XRP and Ripple news over the past week: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-may-29-2020-steady-odl-growth/ The Weekly Report takes the "glass is half full"-approach. Of course more controversial topics are not ignored as you'll see, but overall the Weekly Report should give a general overview of how much progress Ripple and XRP are making. With focus on XRP. I plan to publish this aggregated report every Friday. Fingers crossed the news flow will be interesting, if not exciting.
  8. Thanks, that's what I found as well. So I think the FXCoin report is not correct by stating David stated that, nevertheless David reveals a most interesting insight.
  9. Interesting report, thanks @hamasugu Can't find any quote however by David confirming that ODL spending on the EUR / USD pair increased by $ 1.5 million a day, as the report says. David vaguely hinted at it on Twitter. Where did David say this?
  10. That's exactly the point. Marketing. And branding. Most people seem unimpressed by XRPs' clear advantages. The old dog remains king. Branding XRP as the real thing, and 90% of pre-liftoff work and market acceptance is done. Of course this takes a whole department to build and polish the image and reputation of XRP. Instead, Ripple is building silently. Too busy to be distracted by such marketing talk, me wants to believe. At least, such marketing would help. It's not just about technical and economical advantages, so much is about perception and emotion.
  11. You tried, and that's great. You showed real passion - and then disappeard all of a sudden. Any chance to share what went wrong? Why you decided to pull the plug?
  12. Genius David. He and Eri are the reasons why I still enjoy this space. Thanks for posting this interesting link @solodeji
  13. Agree, mostly. The true visionary keeps building silently and once it's ready, boom. Why alert the competition? Why all the hype and promises before anything gets done? We must understand Japanese corporates and banks are sitting on huge amounts of cash and have to do something with it. To me it looks like much window-dressing. Would love to be proven wrong by Kitao-shiller. Two years and counting shilling, not much real-world effect.
  14. Kitao... so many ideas and Ripple board seat... I wonder what the real deal with him is.
  15. The "enterprise adoption" mentioned in the title, wouldn't that refer to enterprises adopting XRP for cross-border payments? You're not saying that refers to BTC Markets. I'd love to know who those enterprises are, @Trisky.
  16. This is good news yet it's kind of empty talk without giving names. Another unspecific "dozens of banks"...
  17. The correct way of pronouncing is like 'immature" - you'll be understood.
  18. Can't Coil, with such deep XRP pockets, aim a bit higher? Who the **** uses Imgur?
  19. Hodor went camping, with XRPTrump and Cory - Miguel about to join 'em.
  20. Yeah me knows, yet this is his message:
  21. There's no XRP involved, yet. Thai regulator hasn't yet given the green light. Spoke about this with Arthit directly, so take it from the horse's mouth.
  22. Instead of Q1 Market Report we get repostings on Twitter - don't complain, Ripple is working hard for hodlers' future!
  23. Well @enrique11, many of Ripple's partner so far come from questionable countries. Partnerships in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand (which is a defacto dictatorship under the disguise of (faked) elections), the Philippines with their strongman Duterte, etc. So China is no exception. I'm a firm believer in the poisoned dollar bill. Change by economics and trade and business infiltration is far more plausible than change by economic pressure, boycotts and sanctions.
  24. Well Miguel wrote those reports first, and he disappeared. Cory as well who co-authored: disappeared. Right, they're looking for that report writer. Seriously, I was always more interested in RippleNet updates about new members, initiatives, goals, etc., in those reports. The XRP figures don't say much and aren't that reliable. So maybe Ripple's dropping the reports altogether in times of clandestine pre-IPO preparations.
  25. And... surprise! Coil is still alive... somewhat. Hey they're sitting on 1b coins... and not much happening.
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