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  1. Great investigative work as always by Leonidas. Meanwhile, is it wrong to expect some settlement bits any day? No filings for weeks, just silence - but I'd expect some XRP price appreciation before any deal between Ripple and the SEC. Which is lacking.
  2. They seem popular - 43.550 truslines set and max 20.000.000 tokens payout (1 per 1 XRP, limit at 1k XRP). So if every address would have 1k XRP, limit has long been reached.
  3. People have different talents. No one is a one-man show. Not a nice way to respond - imagine the OP has legitimate plans? And of course no one succeeds as a one-man show.
  4. MGI stock doesn't do too well anymore and CEO Alex Holmes absent from Twitter basically since parting with Ripple. There's another story we don't know of. Yet.
  5. You mean genius like in this genius? Or asked else: is gold status in this forum the end of the road?
  6. I saw at least two different formats to have an XRP address with destination tag written in one line. Is there a standard format for this, so that the optional tag/memo field does not have to be used?
  7. Add Digital Asset Investor, before this SEC saga his content was so so, now he's mostly on fire.
  8. Apologies - didn't pop up under New Topics. A thought that crossed my mind: why didn't Clayton, Hinman & Co. push own U.S. technology? I reckon they and the establishment tried to get into Ripple somehow. But Ripple already had a corporate and governance structure, very different to BTC and the Ethereum Foundation, today's ConsenSys. And it wouldn't have been so easy to get XRP - or Ripple shares for that - like it was to accumulate ETH, I mean nobody knows who the whales are. With the Ether folks it was easier to get involved somehow - while Ripple already had a clear direction and vision, there was no space for establishment forces within Ripple and their strategy. That's why Ripple got punished. I find no other explanation why else they chose to move against the U.S. company. But hey, looks like they shot themselves in the feet.
  9. Still lots of jargon in it, but this is an important video by Blockchain Backer. I would have wished he's telling what a movement is already behind XRP. Hey the XRP army is no more curse word and the fact that none of the Hinmans and Claytons and Buterins and Lubins say a word about this mess, this says it all. SEC vs. Ripple case will be over soon. But not those gentlemen's problems. Some XRP soldiers will make sure of this. Share it - it's a different voice than Jeremy Hogan's and John Deaton's - and no less important:
  10. Settlement incoming. The storm after the lull. Only losses ahead for SEC. XRP soon the chosen, verified, proper, institutional and only US-approved coin.
  11. Maybe a look at this chart explains the vibrancy of the project - it's lot of smoke and mirrors.
  12. Otherwise you open your account in Xumm and recover the zerpies there...
  13. I wouldn't touch Solo, however tempting it looks! The exchange is basically a scam, which has been mentioned before. Try to sell Solo. Was really difficult some months ago. The related exchange Coinfield looks like mainly doing wash trading. I tried to unload some Solo, boy was that difficult! You get easily locked out for some time if you delete an order. What started as a promising project looks like a scam today. Careful with their promises, might be a last exit scam attempt before everything crashes there. But this airdrop might change things a bit and they get their act together.
  14. Wanted to say feels like end of 2017 all over, but looks different BG is back on many stages, smiling, confident... something's in the works.
  15. It once was a privilege to be American.
  16. There are monkeys and Monkis. From what I can tell, these guys seem eager and serious and have a unique product. It's a creative world I also don't really understand like the OP, but what the heck, there are new fascinating worlds opening up. I thought NFTs disappear in a whiff. Now marketplaces are opening up, artists find new sources of income, and and and.
  17. Without BG and CL selling huge amounts regularly XRP probably wouldn't have gotten in the SEC crossfire. Still, there's no real case.
  18. OP, it's self-explanatory, not? So many red flags. Recommend to do basic research before entering crypto.
  19. ... which involves re-listings, IPO, U.S. market access for RippleNet... patience has never been easier.
  20. There's an app update, did you try that?
  21. So senator Toomey has some questions for the record for Gensler. Some of the questions put Gensler in a tight spot. Pressure on the SEC's seemingly intentional ambiguity in the crypto space grows. Game over soon or just more of the same? Some of the questions are relevant for Ripple. https://cryptoking.org/crypto-senator-toomey-drives-sec-chair-gensler-into-a-corner/
  22. This is a delicate stage of the trial, discovery nearly finished, I reckon Brad had to weigh his words very carefully. Of course he could be much more pointed and aggressive. Why wasn't he? Kind of face-saving for the SEC. No need to humiliate them any further before they sign to those settlement terms. it's not important how you win, but that you win. No need to play for emotions.
  23. To me this Denied by Judge Netburn supports Ripple's position. She wrote that “because the preclearance process does not consider whether an asset is a security, (Ripple has) not shown that such individual trading decisions bear on the issues in this case.”
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