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  1. Splendid work. Any word about exchange holdings? Will exchanges automatically take part in this airdrop - or will there be a new list of participants?
  2. Ripple is basically taken hostage by SEC. This whole case looks like a charade. Must confess, in the beginning I thought the SEC has some smoking gun.
  3. Which makes the SEC case even weirder, knowing the whole team is about to be substituted - and launching the case in the very last minute with no one of the old team being around. Just shows how erratic they act. As for your second point, of course the SEC case matters to any potential Ripple client. First off: Bradley's and Chris' reputation is tainted, without being found guilty, and the company at odds with regulators isn't a very positive signal at all even to the outside world.
  4. Ripple is under much more pressure, SEC doesn't care really and can drag this on. Would be surprised if Ripple signs up more clients while this is ongoing. The 15 they mentioned probably had everything presigned already.
  5. If the acting chair Allison Herren Lee takes to liberty to unilaterally change laws 180° while the case is just about to start, given this arbitrary action there will be much more of the unexpected. Looks like the SEC is living in a bubble. About high times someone puts them in their place.
  6. This Lee policy change is as abrupt as was Clayton's case weird by being filed last minute. Too much intransparent arbitrary action by this state body.
  7. Fishy stuff indeed! Wouldn't worry too much. The only worry is how long it takes until we peacefully can stop worrying.
  8. Give it a try! Crypto Eri said the other day when she posted the first videos she had 12 viewers or so. Without trying you never find out whether there's a response. But expecting good cashflow is very ambitious, it takes a lot to monetize content. If you proved truly original content, then nothing will stop you.
  9. Just to be clear @SquaryBone this 12x yoy number doesn't make any sense and sounds like fuzzy math, more cheap shilling by Ripple. Not good! So be it for more transparency coming, then I welcome this SEC move even though it's too arbitrary and without solid basis.
  10. Ripple says ODL increased 12-fold year-on-year. Not getting your point. Or you mean just because ODL disappeared from Utility Scan there is no more ODL?
  11. Contrary to Ripple's big initial lie that escrows are only sold, not touched by Ripple (they siphon off huge amounts each month), one would assume that some of the hundreds of millions of XRP Ripple takes off escrow end up as incentives / bonuses / payouts for execs. So it hardly is a fixed amount, Brad has likely huge control over the additional XRP he's getting regularly - which of course is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. So he can make sure to never run out of own XRP liquidity.
  12. If we just had some reliable (independent) source for that "ODL experienced 12x year-over-year growth" which keeps popping up since recently.
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