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  1. Could well be that Jed is a whistleblower and enjoys some sort of protection.
  2. First and foremost we're a conditioned "average" of what surrounds us. Even our gender, you might have thought it's biological? Mostly our gender awareness is what we've been taught, trained and shown. Freedom of thought? Nice concept, but purely based on what we know, therefore very limited. Thinking outside of one's boundaries, that might be a first step towards not only personal freedom, but also freedom from anything doctrine, maxi - or self-illusion.
  3. Some interesting Hugo Philion thoughts on the matters shared on Discord.
  4. That an unrealistic airdrop procedure is presented to exchange holders.
  5. Seems that Polkadot developers have chosen a different path for launching Kusama - at least that what the listing on major exchanges suggests. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kusama/markets/ It would furthermore dilute SGB value if Flare transfers SGB to all the participating Spark airdrop exchanges, whether they participate in the SGB airdrop or not. Anyway, Flare Network doesn't owe anyone anything. Hugo Philion, even though he's most likely pissed due to all the criticism on Discord right now, might think of something.
  6. My take is that, with all the well-deserved kudos and praise, this is a half-baked "solution" offered by Flare. Hugo Philion says on Discord he reckons that exchanges will see the value of the product and adopt/airdrop. Not so sure about this approach. So far only Bitrue gave the green light, others show the cold shoulder amazingly quickly, within a day or so. And if exchanges are not aboard then forget about the value-building of the token. It will be a speculative toy fueling hopium. Flare should have coordinated this move in the background to prepare for uptake. Now it even seems that the Flare airdrop is burdensome for exchanges, they don't want to go through the same experience again. Of course the Kusama parallels are tempting. Not sure how exactly that canary network was planned and incepted. Flare would be advised to offer exchanges and holders an $SGB airdrop option different from the Flare airdrop. Again, all that matters is whether exchanges are aboard and the token can be traded and has liquidity. All this should not jeopardize Flare in any way, on the contrary Spark will be widely available from onset. SGB will be a niche something.
  7. Quite contrary to the infamous peanut butter manifest, Ripple's trying to do everything...
  8. On another note, has Gensler said anything since taking over the helm of the agency? What's he doing? Foster the status quo? Democrats... more liberal?! What a madhouse the official U.S. have become.
  9. Maybe it's impossible to be objective as an XRP hodler, it just seems unlikely at this stage (after the judges' surprisingly clear nod to the issues raised by Ripple) that there comes a judicial u-turn. But what do I know. And even if Ripple loses the security case - do we really care about the individuals' cases - the setback would not alter the global vision and footprint much. Ripple might be forced to change headquarters. A good thing. Little strikes fell big oaks.
  10. Three of the many juicy tidbits: "As the Court is now well aware from the SEC’s repeated, unsuccessful attempts to resist discovery..." Regarding Hinman and Ethererum Foundation contacts: "There is reason to think that he did indeed speak with third parties both before and after his speech." Hinman's statements "suggest through their precise tailoring that Mr. Hinman indeed has personal knowledge about the SEC’s discussions with market participants about bitcoin and ether – that this Court has previously ruled are relevant and the proper subject of discovery"
  11. Looks like Hinman siding with Ripple - clearly says in 2018 SEC didn't have a clue what's a security and what not
  12. Anyone any clue what happened to the 1b XRP that R3 got from Ripple? Dumped or part of a future XRP ecosystem?
  13. SEC's legal work seems plain sloppy. Hard to believe that this would escape the judges.
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