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  1. Without BG and CL selling huge amounts regularly XRP probably wouldn't have gotten in the SEC crossfire. Still, there's no real case.
  2. OP, it's self-explanatory, not? So many red flags. Recommend to do basic research before entering crypto.
  3. ... which involves re-listings, IPO, U.S. market access for RippleNet... patience has never been easier.
  4. There's an app update, did you try that?
  5. So senator Toomey has some questions for the record for Gensler. Some of the questions put Gensler in a tight spot. Pressure on the SEC's seemingly intentional ambiguity in the crypto space grows. Game over soon or just more of the same? Some of the questions are relevant for Ripple. https://cryptoking.org/crypto-senator-toomey-drives-sec-chair-gensler-into-a-corner/
  6. This is a delicate stage of the trial, discovery nearly finished, I reckon Brad had to weigh his words very carefully. Of course he could be much more pointed and aggressive. Why wasn't he? Kind of face-saving for the SEC. No need to humiliate them any further before they sign to those settlement terms. it's not important how you win, but that you win. No need to play for emotions.
  7. To me this Denied by Judge Netburn supports Ripple's position. She wrote that “because the preclearance process does not consider whether an asset is a security, (Ripple has) not shown that such individual trading decisions bear on the issues in this case.”
  8. Lest not for forget, the current confidence in the Ripple camp is in no small part thanks to social network sleuths like DAI, Crypto Eri and others who connect the dots with videos and documents. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that the Hinman speech was the product of collaboration between crypto groups, law firms and the SEC?? Before it was more of an assumption and hearsay. The vested interests and conflicts of interest now seem provable in court - and explain the lack of clarity. SEC never intended to provide clarity. That's the real story here making Ripple's position very strong. But if they head to trial - the whole thing might hang in the balance until Supreme Court. And that takes years and years.
  9. Ripple is looking for a Customer Senior Success Manager in China. To my knowledge this is the first China job offer since some time. Looks like this important market could get more traction. https://cryptoking.org/ripples-china-expansion/
  10. It will be lots of yada yada yada with pre-prepared answers. Gensler can say in his speech that the U.S. have the world's most important financial system and that his commission works proactively with market participants. It's a ritual. Should we really care about what he says? No. Internet brought the freer flow of information and could not be stopped. Now we witness the freer flow of value. Try stopping it. In the end you harm yourself. The U.S. even have a president who hardly can speak a coherent sentence if not reading from the prompter. What U.S. leader? What U.S. values? The world moves on.
  11. Dedicated this topic to the cause: https://cryptoking.org/coinbases-offers-free-international-money-transfers-using-xrp/ Can't be unintentional, or can it. Not sure when exactly this information went live.
  12. In all fairness, there's also sketchy behavior that did not foster confidence in the Ripple execs' sale of these huge amounts of XRP. When you're at the brink of building up a global vision, why selling out personal holdings? It looks and smells and tastes like an exit strategy. Also, whenever there was a peak in price Brad went live on CNBC and talked price - only for the price to tank again. I reckon Ripple execs won't talk price action again.
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