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  1. "Ripple" is still listed on their website's frontpage: https://www.earthport.com
  2. So checked again whether Earthport does have any ongoing project with Ripple. Here, to my surprise, the answer: "I have double checked on this and there are no current projects in place with Ripple. Should there be any future projects we can share publicly I will make sure to let you know." Key maybe is that "we can share publicly"... Unlikely that the collaboration has reached a dead end.
  3. Yeah it was me who contacted Tim Masih. He promised to talk to the "wider team" about current Ripple collaborations. Haven't heard back since last week though, sending him a reminder.
  4. APIs = trojan horses. Pressure might grow from within SWIFT member banks to collaborate with Ripple. There's also a risk of market fragmentation with many players contributing bits and pieces in and to payment chains.
  5. Three years is an eternity in fintech and cryptoland. What happened since? How would CL say it today? How would he say it differently?
  6. Soon™ Couldn't resist... Thanks for sharing, looking forward to!
  7. That's a good reply, but sharing details about progress can also create a competitive advantage.
  8. panmores

    Ellipal Cold Wallet

    Which air-gapped software wallet you're thinking of?
  9. I'm not saying ACH delivers what RippleNet can deliver, just wanted to cool down some hotheads who saw Ripple working with PNB Paribas. Of course such a big name takes it step by step. Let's see, maybe this gets a response?
  10. There was some jubilation about this news item, that BNP Paribas teaming up with Earthport has Ripple under the hood: https://www.earthport.com/news-insights/news/bnp-paribas-selects-earthport-for-cross-border-payments/ But no. Got a clarification from Tim Masih, head of PR at Earthport: "I can confirm that our ACH is our own offering and not in collaboration with Ripple. We operate our own global banking network. This video is the easiest way to understand it: https://vimeo.com/144494561" Thought this is of interest. After all the hyping from Ripple themselves it's time to deliver. Competition's heating up, even though not with the exactly same, but similar solution(s).
  11. By API. Swift is betting heavily on APIs, according to its CEO: https://www.thebanker.com/video/v/5837560933001/swift-s-gottfried-leibbrandt-the-scope-for-apis-in-banking-view-from-sibos-2018 Meaning Swift is willing to become dependent on 3rd party actors. So be it. But I doubt they integrate with RippleNet. Too good to be true.
  12. Or Nikon cameras with Sony sensors or iPhones with Samsung screens, and and. Would be nice though to get it confirmed.
  13. As said, to sow doubt and distrust! Santander is a Ripple poster kid, so Swift starts playing dirty. Which - again - to me is a good sign. Shows their despair.
  14. Or it's a desperate act of Swift to publish this info. There's no similar news item about gpi and a single bank in their recent news stream. Why do they explicitly report about Santander? Of course Swift aims to sow distrust and doubt. And of course Santander is using gpi. They're a Swift member, why shouldn't they use what Swift offers to members? To me this is good news. It shows Swift's growing desperation.