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  1. Introducing myself - Young Catholic dude

    Nice intro and welcome!
  2. My take on Brad’s livestream Q&A

    Fine analysis, to the point. So yes, Monica chose the Coinbase question (name dropping n° 1), and then there was no need for Brad really to mention Amazon (name dropping n° 2). We're in good hands, and actually Monica seems pretty cool.
  3. XRP: Momentum Building

    Hodor, THE Ripple XRP chronologist! Great work, as always!
  4. Payment failed some ripples gone

    No, in no way was it meant condescending, on the contrary! As Ledger Nano S is considered to be the top choice for a hard wallet, I am surprised something like this can happen in the first place, so thank you for mentioning it!
  5. Payment failed some ripples gone

    Wow, that's encouraging...
  6. Interesting timing!

    Might keep markets down a bit, but in the long run certainly a good development.
  7. This might have been discussed in detail in the past, but can block header just be "lost"? What are the implications of missing block headers?
  8. Oh, still concept and very early stages. Good luck to them! Competition makes Ripple only better.
  9. They lack a token to solve the liquidity issues?
  10. (Quora) Stefan Thomas on Bitcoin

    Why, me wonders, why he refers to "online purchases"... Just saying!
  11. "Just ask me where my money is"... all of it, Hodor?!