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  1. So the number of global banks is about 25,000, now take half of them. Five years, that's roughly 260 weeks, that would equal partnership with nearly 50 banks per week on average. Maybe Brad's math is better than mine, that's a steep goal and might be achieved if whole groups of banks join.
  2. Eggs in the wrong basket?

    Ripple has the clearer vision and better team. Clear case. Next?
  3. Bit of a silly first post. Sankei Biz has 100k Twitter followers, they're certainly not one of the many WordPress sites popping up all over giving crypto a bad name.
  4. "Tencent investing XRP" is fake news

    Amazing, a ****** website puts out some ****** news and the company mentioned itself even feels the urge to release a statement. Can ripplenews.tech be blocked somehow?
  5. Fireside chat with Ripple - Citi

    Amazon Pay legit?
  6. Fireside chat with Ripple - Citi

    That Citi sends its https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-mclaughlin-7b627a3/ on stage with Ripple is not the worst of signs.
  7. Fireside chat with Ripple - Citi

    First Citi Ripple connection to hear of? Thanks for posting @Sim_Tron!
  8. I should have been more careful in posting the thread, agreed, but being used to funny uses of English as a resident of a third-world non-English speaking country this lapse didn't even cross my mind, and I couldn't bother less about a fantasy price prediction. Yet again, the point the tweet made is valid and deserves further thought. Appreciate the deep thoughts some replies provide, going to great lengths, even bringing up the important topic of "velocity" again, which has been dormant in here for quite a while. Again, apologies, am more careful next time, yet that's no reason to look down on fellow earthlings who might not master one of this beautiful planet's languages perfectly well.
  9. I beg your pardon? One can mind the tweet's proper use of English, yet the point made is valid and deserves to be discussed. It's not about a $100 value or whatever, question is whether a higher-valued XRP is in the interest of banks.
  10. Brad in Singapore

    Yeah at yesterday's SCB talk he needed a bit to warm up, since then he's on fire. Sure Brad has also extensively been coached to become such a messenger, but hey he brings it over with such verve and clarity, what better brand ambassador to wish for.
  11. Brad in Singapore

    "... we're signing up more than a bank a week now..." Lots going on we don't know of!
  12. Doesn't really matter whether the case is heard in California or New York, or does it. R3's judicial "home turf Manhattan," it takes some fantasy to come up with something like this...