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  1. Yeah it's especially unfortunate because the DT option is provide but will end up in a sure loss of funds - as long as exchange systems are not updated to accept AccountDelete. Shared this with Wietse, strangely he sees no point in taking down the DT option for now.
  2. Works like a breeze with Xumm app and the AccountDelete feature on this site: https://xumm.community But DON'T forward the remaining 15 XRP to an exchange address with Destination Tag. Most exchanges cannot yet accept an AccountDelete transaction, meaninng the Destination Tag gets omitted and the funds are lost if the exchange is not willing to recover the 15 zerps for you. As the destination address, only use an XRP account address without Destination Tag.
  3. Crypto Eri is doing the best job in the whole XRP universe. And she's charming and never aggressive. Even when appalled, she keeps her smile. She should be hired by Ripple as a community manager - because her careful, solid and unwavering approach to deciphering what's going on in the ecosystem is of so much more value to the community and investors than many of Ripple's posts and alerts. Of course those are two different playing levels and fields. Yet Crypto Eri is a reason to keep peace of mind while hodling on to your zerps.
  4. The notion that price doesn't matter of course is absurd. While I agree that over the long haul everything gets forgotten, consider this: The whole business model of Ripple is based on prices and price calculations. Of course a higher token price increases liquidity and facilitates implementations whereas a lower and lower token price keeps away potential market makers and customers who'd bet on the future of this tech. Still to this day it looks like no escrow sales. All that's taken from escrows is used by Ripple to get cash and grow the ecosystem. The day someone starts picking up escrow lots validates the whole project. And of course this will increase the price massively. Add the many assurances given by Bradley that use cases matter... well, obviously they don't or what? Seems like coins having nothing but a whitepaper fare better overall? I bet that a higher token price will accelerate adoption of Ripple tech. The low token price really is a stigma and big hinderance to make progress. So yes, current price matters very much. Perhaps not to apologetic Ripple devotees - and believe me I understand their position.
  5. Could pass for a Woody Harrelson lookalike - great stuff!
  6. Here's the XRP and Ripple week in review, with a detour to Thailand where Ripple seems quite popular: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-19-2020-are-3-of-thailands-top-5-banks-ripplenet-users/
  7. Chillin' over here... let's hope the Weekly is more constructive than divisive. That ODL reset certainly proves to be divisive.
  8. Here's the new XRP Weekly Report issue, examining why the reset of ODL makes sense - and if you haven't seen Brad's latest video yet, he offers an interesting look back and ahead: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-12-2020-why-ripples-odl-reset-is-not-a-bad-thing/
  9. So who leaked all the XRP user email addresses?
  10. Is it possible to kind of mask ODL transactions? Now it's all out in the open, which is certainly not liked by companies participating in ODL. They prefer privacy. It's like bank transactions being visible. No bank and no customer would like that. Could enhanced "privacy" measures be a reason for ODL volume's dive?
  11. That's welcome input, thanks. Giving it a try. Site's now on Arial font, shoudl make for cleaner layout and easier reading.
  12. Excellent points @Dogowner5, glad to update the Weekly. And to finally learn I was mislead the whole time about that blink
  13. Thanks all - and yeah that fat finger Received an interesting feedback about font and layout of the site which don't work for the reader. This site's design is based on the legendary Drudge Report. What do you guys think? Here's how it'd look with Arial font - so much cleaner (well, like every other site):
  14. Despite the new normal and lockdowns, Ripple and XRP keep moving ahead. There are signs the eagerly awaited Thai baht ODL corridor is about to move out of the regulator’s sandbox. And why is a former Merrill Lynch broker all in on XRP? What does he know we don’t know? And learn why a Ripple pioneer says XRP’s value is tied to its liquidity. This and more in the new XRP Weekly: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/
  15. Great input, thanks. Will find its place in the next Weekly Report
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