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  1. OP you might have a look at Nexo as well, they're more like a custodian, are supporting the airdrop and seem quite established. Or, yes, Bithumb: https://twitter.com/BithumbOfficial/status/1328948390038736899
  2. Well... lets refer to the exchanges that confirmed participation, may be noteworthy to reach out and ask about that second airdrop you mention.
  3. Any clue what that could mean for exchange holdings?
  4. They could report on the reuse of promotional videos, how efficient it is. What else? Maybe David's ankle. Oh and no more RippleDrops? Maybe the name was too telling.
  5. OMG what a heart attacker! Hope you're mentally fine again OP, worse could have happened. Those systems are unforgiving.
  6. Or asked else, could a super majority of validators be added overnight and hijack the ledger.
  7. Where did you read ODL is now the fastest groing service at Ripple? Not here. https://twitter.com/bgarlinghouse/status/1294047059083816960
  8. So... how are they masking ODL, @Julian_Williams?
  9. Eight days ago? That's pretty damn fresh. Or did I miss Ripple real-world, rollout, bank and ODL news?! There are none, it's like the abandoned ship. All we get is UBRI stuff - right, that might ripe into real-world use cases, in more than a few years down the road. But as the faithful in here say, don't push them, they're working hard - and yes, regulation is a *****.
  10. No green light yet by the Thai regulators.
  11. Thanks for the blurb @LeonidasH, excellent stuff!
  12. Thanks for all your hard work Leonidas! Would it be possible to include a short blurb of the blog's content together with the link in future posts? It kind of feels like click bait having to click the link each time, but of course it's understood if you have your own reasons for only posting the link.
  13. Really tried hard figuring out what this token is about, guess the quote above explains it in a nutshell.
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