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  1. Weirdest post ever on XRP Chat award please.
  2. Oh, didn't CZ just tweet that one Dogecoin wallet holds 25% of all the token? It's too obvious how they try to manipulate the XRP market.
  3. Let's take it as a badge of honor, the intentionally wrong market cap calculation. Once XRP reaches fair value they can twist and insult reality as much as they want, won't be possible anymore to artificially blow up their own coins.
  4. Clayton is done - guess no Bloomberg and no CNBC will invite him anymore. Floods of negative comments have certainly gone noticed. Next step: I hope a kind of Deaton guy goes on a mission against Clayton, Hinman & Co.
  5. Strange... in 2017 Binance didn't own CMC yet, so why would old and new owners both try to belittle XRP? Let's assume it's fear. We'll get them with love and dedication.
  6. If I remember correctly the only other case where this MOU was applied by the SEC was by the same lawyer leading the SEC case against Ripple - the same lawyer that wrongfully insisted in the same hearing that Ripple was told earlier on they'll use the MOU avenue. How much patience does the court have?
  7. Yeah and now Galaxy just bought BitGo - they gonna be a huge market player, having to love and accept all the coins. https://www.wsj.com/articles/galaxy-digital-to-buy-bitgo-in-crypto-sectors-first-1-billion-deal-11620212281
  8. Why would they respond, they get so many complaints. But please share if you hear from them. Gangsters, if you ask me.
  9. Try selling Solo for USDT or XRP on the exchange, prices will always adjust downwards, after three deleted orders you're blacklisted for 6 hours. It's mostly wash trading, not real. Started as a good idea but still not a single tokenized asset... of course no reputable name wants to deal with them.
  10. Try to swap Solo on the Dex, poor price and poor liquidity. Solo and its exchange CoinField seem shady. Looks like mainly wash trading is going on on the exchange, order books look scammy. I don't, but in case you're sitting on Solo you probably learned of it the hard way.
  11. He's the one who has to show off with a diamond watch. Kind of says it all.
  12. Doesn't look like a very lively Github page... guess Flare will do what Codius was supposed to do.
  13. Well the SEC lawyer got caught lying red handed by pretending Ripple was previously informed about the use of MOUs... An initial letter used a completely unrelated wording with no hint whatsoever what they're about to do in secret. The lawyer should be reprimanded for twisting facts and the truth. But as others observed, Judge Netburn didn't question one argument by the SEC but raised several questions when Ripple reps were making their case. Or maybe she plays this for the audience to not be seen s too partisan against the big bully in the room.
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