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  1. panmores

    Swell is Here

    No Swell without a good ole countdown.
  2. But as a security, the token would become a kind of shares, big money could be all over XRP and designated exchanges and market makers supply the liquidity?
  3. Great work, thanks! My question, however, was about the plan B. Not whether XRP will be declared a security or not. Not interested in more speculation. The question posed is: What viable options Ripple could be working on to offset any potential XRP disruption.
  4. This is an important topic with daily new developments and many new factors, hints and opinions playing in, but please put me on the Ignore List so you can avoid this topic altogether.
  5. As some pointed out already, there could be benefits in XRP being declared a security. To begin with, XRP does not grant voting rights in Ripple, nor does Ripple pay out money to XRP holders, like some other security tokens that have ICOed. XRP is a utility token, through and through. But who knows about the powers that be within the SEC? My main worry is that XRP being declared a security would create gaps / friction within the payment chains. XRP couldn't perform the way supposed to perform originally. Ripple must be working on a plan B to counter any such worries and potentially disrupting developments. How could XRP still do what they're supposed to do should they be declared a security?
  6. Conbase and Ripple are all about personal politics. Or Brad and Brian know something we don't know.
  7. panmores

    David Schwartz is all over the place!!

    And yet he's totally humble, non-confrontational and absolutely dedicated. Take a wild guess how much other companies are offering him, yet he stays with Ripple.
  8. panmores

    Asheesh Birla: 1000 customers in 2 years!!

    Asheesh says "for the next 1,000 customers..." Doesn't include the probably 200 or so they already have 😎
  9. panmores

    Buzzword Bingo

    Buy the dip.
  10. panmores

    Ripple Drop Episode One

    Great stuff! Well made, nice inside views!
  11. panmores

    "Here's some cryptocurrency. Now please use it."

    This Pooper piece isn't too bad, it's close to being objective. There are issues that have to be sorted out, and even every Ripple XRP fanboy has to agree to that. I wish Brad would meet Pooper.
  12. panmores

    SBI is going live next week.

    Wouldn't expect much of a reaction, Japanese who wanted to buy XRP already bought XRP. But certainly valuable in the longer run, not to mention facilitated institutional access to the XRP pool.
  13. panmores

    One Pay FX Commercial Add

    Me likes the exclusivity branding, "Only at Santander..." - will make other banks jealous.
  14. panmores

    SBI group presentation June 28th 2018

    Sweet. SBI as the largest outside R3 shareholder telling R3 to cosy up to Ripple. Totally Japanese and non-confrontational, and might hopefully work. A year ago a similar PDF was released, with more generous timings, looks like finally the products go to market (soon).