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  1. Wonderful stuff, what a great mind, thanks for posting!
  2. Yes but Apple et al also offer the distribution and easy acces. Giants like Radiohead tried to do it by themselves. Won't work.
  3. Why would I pay XRP for songs when for a few cents I get all the Apple and other music offerings in the world? Doom doom doom.
  4. Masterful work @LeonidasH - for SWELL 2020 they have to book London's Olympic Stadium!
  5. Rubbing my eyes after sleepless weekend and mixing up 0s... thanks, of course the escrow yo-yo will go up again. So this whole thread is a non-event.
  6. Wow, someone picked up the first whole escrow lot? That'd be a key moment...
  7. Nice work. Is a map possible with the active ODL corridors in display?
  8. Aren't most big exchanges storing tokens in air-gapped different geo-locations? Even GateHub's own air-gapped wallets seemed save whereas ledger wallets were not. Also, compared to fiat thefts from banks, it would be interesting to know how much fiat is stolen from bank accounts compared to tokens stolen from crypto exchanges. Add the hardware component of hardware wallets. Okay, you have a 24-word key to restore should the hardware wallet fail. The major risk with exchanges is that they might go out of business, for whatever reason.
  9. They're early this year! Great to learn that programmatic sales, which for sure had a big impact on market psychology, are (for now) a thing of the past - and that market perception has an impact on Ripple's acting. Yet, still no escrow sale and the wording is quite opaque what happens to the chunk each month they don't return to escrow: Any ideas what "operating wallets" refer to? In the course of this year this is likely more than $1b taken out from escrows. Eagerly awaiting the day those escrows are picked up in FOMO hurry.
  10. But a paper wallet you also have to download from somewhere...
  11. Allow me to highlight today's Daily XRP Brief: So what about Sologenic? It's the new bull on Wall Street, says one analyst. It's Plus Ripple solving the global liquidity trap - and trader CryptHawk nailed the recent XRP moves to the cent, quite amazing. This and more in today's Daily XRP Brief.
  12. Will miss your precise and concise writups, @Hodor even though I think you were too politically correct, if you know what I mean Say, did the change come with your CoinField win to fly to Malta? Best of luck, enjoy Malta and thanks again for all your work! ... while me continues these humble XRP Briefs - quite different from the master's work! Today's XRP Brief 10/14/19 - CoinField announces XRPL project and XRP breaks long-term descending channel
  13. And still not moving north??
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