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  1. I know it sounds ridiculous that XRP could be $10.. let alone $100+ by the end of the year.. but we must not forget: XRP had a 37,000% price increase at it's ATH in 2017. And that's without xRapid, solely speculation/retail investors. Now imagine what the volume will do to the price once xRapid actually goes live (not just "available for commercial use") by big banks, which Brad already confirmed will happen by EOY. Have faith lol! Anything is possible, maybe i'm a little too optimistic, but XRP's utilization has so much potential to give us another "37,000%+" increase that will be
  2. That's awesome! You are pretty close when you think about it, although we are still under a dollar - a $30-$40 EOY price prediction for XRP is very conservative and realistic.
  3. This is new information to me, even though I’ve been using Bitstamp for almost a year. When you file the FBAR, what exactly is asked? Since it’s not taxes as you say, do we have to pay money or is it just something we have to file with info?
  4. The concern here isn’t of the IRS lol.. I think it’s more so for the people around you in your life who discover your new found wealth. Pay your taxes, everyone!!
  5. Yes I too told close friends and non-close people about XRP and made it obvious that I’m in it, and now I am realizing that this probably wasn’t the BEST idea.
  6. Smart move! It’s so underwhelming when people on here say they’ll sell 50% of their holdings at $2 (actual post). There’s a great possibility of XRP being worth hundreds, thousands even, one day. It’s already surpassed $3 just on speculation alone, utilization will be a beast on it’s own.
  7. Hypothetical question: let’s assume xRapid goes live, as planned, and by the end of 2018 theres a massive bulletin and XRP is $1,000? What would you do? How would you feel? Are you able to somehow pull out of that escrow?
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